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Singapore Business Awards 2022 PieStudio: Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 Featuring: Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company 2022 – Singapore Wealth Management Advisor of the Year 2022: Elaine Foo NewDimensions Capital is a well-established, premier asset management firmwhich empowers high net worth individuals, families and corporations to realise their aspirations and achieve their lifelong goals. Founder, Elaine Foo brings over two decades’ experience in wealthmanagement, and in light of her success within the Singapore Business Awards 2022.

2 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Welcome to the APAC Singapore Business Awards 2021. APAC Insider is honoured to host the Singapore Business Awards for a fifth consecutive year and is proudly calling all businesses from across the Singapore landscape. Whether you are from a large conglomerate or small independent business, we look to honour anyone who has excelled in their sector. Despite it being one of the smallest countries in Southeast Asia, Singapore boasts unparalleled experience in various trend setting industries such as eCommerce, Fintech, and Digital Healthcare, and it’s no surprise that Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best places to do business. The Singapore Business Awards 2022 will once again cast a shining light on the tireless efforts of businesses and individuals that strive to help this vibrant country’s economy grow. Sif Brookes, Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. 4. New Dimensions Capital: Wealth Management Advisor of the Year 2022: Elaine Foo 8. City Chain Stores: Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 12. PieStudio: Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 14. Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company 2022 – Singapore & Most Innovative Family Photography Studio 2022: PieStudio 16. BRIDGES RECRUITMENT: Most Trusted Multi- Industry Recruitment Agency 2022 17. Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd: Most Trusted Accounting & Tax Services Provider 2022 18. SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd: Best in Culinary & Hospitality Talent Development 2022 19. Power Technologies Private Limited: Best Thermal Monitoring Solutions Provider 2022 20. FRISCKids: Best Children’s Sports Development Company 2022 21. AEROGON: Best Aviation Technology & Logistics Company 2022 22. JET Corporate Development: Most Engaging People Development Workshops Provider 2022 23. Arbiters Inc Law Corporation: Best Medical Negligence Firm - Singapore 2022 24. Amaris Consulting: 2022’s Best Independent Technology Consulting Firm Contents Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Rebecca Scotland, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer Gabriel Muers, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 3 , 25. Healy Consultants Group PLC: Business Consultancy of the Year 2022 26. Adventus Singapore Pte Ltd: Most Innovative IT Solutions Provider 2022 27. SC Coaching Asia Pte Ltd: Best Leadership Coaching Service - Asia 28. Now Communications Group Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Virtual Marketing Events Company 2022 29. TLS Asia: Best Hotel Supplies Company - Southeast Asia 30. Rajwin & Yong LLP: Most Trusted Building & Construction Law Specialists 2022 31. Woodcraft Interior Design: Best Residential Interior Design Firm 2022 32. Cueist147: Best Billiard Cues & Accessories Retailer 2022 33. Wow! Gadgets Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Automotive Accessories Distributor 2022 34. Laiye: Best Global AI-Powered Automation Solutions Provider 2022 35. Studio Bound: Best Multi-Disciplinary Creative Group 2022 36. Coaching Go Where: Best Leadership Training Company 2022 37. Bio-X Global Pte Ltd: Best Sustainable Agricultural Biotechnology Firm 2022 38. Intrinseque Health Pte Ltd: Best Global Clinical Development Support Organisation 2022 39. Atlas Relocation Services Pte Ltd: Best Emerging Relocation Company - Southeast Asia 40. Network Box (SIN) Pte Ltd: Best Value IT Security Network 2022 41. Azentio Software: Best Mid-Market Finance Software Solutions - Asia Pacific 42. Scala Asia Pacific: Best Digital Signage Solutions Provider 2022 43. Rightmen Security Services: Most Innovative Security Planning Consultancy 2022 44. Skylink Group Holdings Pte Ltd: Most Trusted Automotive Dealership Company 2022 45. GATES PCM Integrated Service Pte Ltd: Most Trusted Security Services Provider 2022 46. The Secret Garden: Leading Halal Eatery of the Year 2022 47. TROST GROUP PTE LTD: Best Learning & Engagement Design Consultancy 2022 48. NatureThings: Best Fresh Produce Home Growing Platform 2022 49. Rev-Mantra Pte Ltd: Best Boutique Hospitality & Travel Tech Consulting Firm 2022 50. Nue Shape Pte Ltd: Most Client-Focused Beauty Treatment Salon 2022 52. Arte Oro: Best Gemstones & Bespoke Jewellery Services Provider 2022

4 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 New Dimensions Capital’s interests lie in helping clients navigate the complexities of wealth management to ensure their family benefits for generations to come. It does this by analysing the family’s financial dynamics and providing fresh perspectives on family wealth management, delivered through unparalleled client service and independent, bespoke financial solutions. It specialises in the set-up and operation of family offices and manages all the administration work for the client as their single point of contact, liaising with their private banks on their behalf and negotiating preferential rates. Drawing on its global network, the company is able to recommend bespoke solutions, which often are not available to the public. Through New Dimensions Capital, clients also have access to its in-depth research on new opportunities from around the globe. NewDimensions Capital is a well-established, premier asset management firmwhich empowers high net worth individuals, families and corporations to realise their aspirations and achieve their lifelong goals. Founder, Elaine Foo brings over two decades’ experience inwealthmanagement, and in light of her success within the Singapore Business Awards 2022, we take a closer look at her career and the company. Wealth Management Advisor of the Year 2022: Elaine Foo New Dimensions Capital was founded by Elaine Foo, an experienced wealth manager who has worked in the industry for over 20 years, and was recognised for her contributions to the finance industry with the Excellence in Finance Leaders FiNext award in 2020. She is an alumnus of the University of London, with a Bachelor of Science (Hon) degree and a major in Finance. She began her career in the wealth management industry in 2001, having worked with reputed banks like UBS, Julius Baer, and Morgan Stanley. She has dedicated her career to succession and legacy planning of ultra-high net worth families in the South East Asia and Greater China regions, and is regarded as the most trusted advisor of these families. In 2018, Elaine co-founded WHE Family Office, a single family office, which focuses on impact investing and philanthropy, and she also founded Hesed Partners in 2019, which is a management consultancy firm for private transactions. Elaine firmly believes in maintaining the highest level of integrity when engaging with clients. In her opinion, wealth management advisory clients should have access to unbiased, independent advice and an objective approach to their investment allocations. The pursuit to meet the needs of clients was the key inspiration in her founding of New Dimensions Capital. Indeed, in New Dimensions Capital, Elaine has designed an industry-leading business which takes the time to build relationships with clients in order to fully understand their vision for the short- and long-term. Every service the company provides has been crafted to help the client meet these objectives. Firstly, the family office service protects the client’s family’s wealth for generations. For a client who has successfully built and maintained their wealth, setting up a family office ensures that this wealth is secured for years to come. New Dimensions Capital handles all aspects of administration on the client’s behalf, including account opening and internet access, and works with tax advisors and other specialists to help them achieve their objectives. In terms of the wealth management service, the Dec21444

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 5 , company works with individuals, families and corporates to help build, preserve and manage their wealth. It supports goals-based wealth planning that evolves with the client’s changing needs. After defining their life goals, it will devise a completely personalised wealth strategy to create an enduring legacy, helping them to navigate complex markets to build a diverse portfolio of investments that will help grow their wealth and protect it against uncertain futures and risks. Once each strategy is agreed, the client can leave the rest to New Dimensions Capital. The company is the client’s single point of contact for all banking and investment transactions. It also has the advantage of being able to negotiate banking and investment fees on the client’s behalf. The investment management service opens up a world of financial instruments to the client. Being independent of all institutions, New Dimensions Capital is free to curate the right investment vehicles from across the globe to help the client meet their financial goals. It makes those careful selections after understanding their current financial profile and risk, along with their future goals and aspirations. The company will review the client’s portfolio with them regularly and make adjustments where necessary to keep their investments aligned with their goals. With regards to the private market access solutions service, clients can draw on the company’s extensive global network to diversify their investment strategy. Through its specialised contacts, it is able to offer exclusive investment opportunities that are not available in the public marketplace. New Dimensions Capital will help the client analyse and assess these offers to ascertain if they are the right fit for their current portfolio and financial goals. New Dimensions Capital’s research service constantly unveils new possibilities for clients. It combines its expertise

6 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 in financial management and markets with its in-depth understanding of current affairs and the impact this may have on the client’s investment portfolio. It constantly seeks out new offerings, analysing companies, industries, markets and the world’s economies so it can help the client to make the right decisions and identify attractive opportunities across major asset classes and geographies. Lastly, New Dimensions Capital’s sustainable investing solutions service aligns the client’s investments with their values. It helps them to grow their wealth not only with the right investment and wealth planning strategies, but ensures that each decision made is in alignment with their values. The company selects investment vehicles from around the world, making it easy for it to create an investment portfolio tailored the causes the client believes in and to avoid those that go against their values while still meeting their financial goals. Through customised insights and analysis, the New Dimensions Capital research team can help the client factor in environmental and social impact considerations into their investment criteria and avoid investments that generate revenue from objectionable activities, sectors and geographies. It can focus on enterprises dedicated to solving domestic or global sustainability issues so that the client’s investments have a positive social or environmental impact. Overall, it’s easy to see what makes New Dimensions Capital the outstanding company it is and how Elaine has achieved such success as APAC Insider’s Wealth Management Advisor of the Year 2022. Being a highly experienced and dedicated professional who seeks to deliver only the best possible services to her clients, Elaine intends to continue leading New Dimensions Capital with passion and excellence to consistently provide outstanding client experiences and maintain its significant impact on the industry. Company: New Dimensions Capital Contact: Elaine Foo Email: [email protected] Website:

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 7 ,

8 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , Established in 1985, City Chain Stores is a company whose founder – Stelux Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong company founded in 1963 – has been listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange Mainboard since 1972, giving it a background of business excellence and corporate pedigree that has served it in hitting the ground running. Fundamentally, Stelux boasts a number of mid-range and famous Swiss watch brands, being a timepiece sales company that has garnered the attention of a myriad of suppliers and designers as a great place through which to sell their wares over the time it has been in operation. Selling Universal Genève, Cyma, Solvil et Titus and Catena, it commands significant regional respect in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mainland China, especially with those heavily involved in watch retail on a professional or collectible level. Furthermore, being a renowned subsidiary of Stelux Holdings, City Chain Stores has managed A fast-growing company with historical pedigree, modern excellence, and a contemporary dedication to excellence, City Chain Stores is making itself the watch retailer of the future with every product it brings on board. With a variety of in-person stores across its region – of three different types frommulti-brand tomono-brand concepts – and a growing ecommerce section that has further found its footing in the past 18months, this renowned watch retailer promises to take its brands and its customers into the bright future of digitally enabled, innovative modern retail. Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 to gain footholds across a variety of different locations. Currently, it holds physical locations in its 3 lines of retail chain stores, the first offering mid-price range multi-brand watches, the second of which – Seiko Boutiques – offering luxury watches like Grand Seiko and Credor, and the third of which is a mono-brand Solvil et Titus watch store. The foot traffic and clientele attracted to each of these stores allows it access to a wide cross section of its market segment, able to cater to people looking for an above average yet affordable watch as well as those looking for something extra special for their collection. Alongside its branded store chains, of course, this company has also made itself a front-runner when it comes to ecommerce stores with a presence in a number of thirdparty ecommerce spaces online that widen its reach even further, giving truly comprehensive market access. Today, City Chain Stores is an ingrained professional voice when it comes to the discussion of watch sales. Its sales acumen, product quality, customer service, and accessibility through online and offline spaces have secured its place in the industry as one of the foremost entities on the market, gaining renown amongst its peers and its clients alike as it grows its reputation. Additionally, considering itself dedicated to the service of all watch-lovers, its promises to use its entrenched position in the industry to better it for all stakeholders. Critically, in terms of the work this company carries out, many crucial decisions are led by Alan Chia as the regional General Manager of City Chain Stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Consulting with other managerial position holders within the company, Alan wishes to see City Chain Stores succeed, researching, developing, and implementing a variety of different business strategies alongside his peers in order to secure this future. After all, this continuous improvement of itself and its services is something it holds a strict dedication to following through on. This is all in the name of giving back to the industry it loves so much, serving the clients of City Chain Stores who are both passionate and considerate, willing to wait until the best product comes along before dedicating themselves to a purchase. Thus, City Chain Stores wishes to prove to them that it has been – and remains to be – this option, able to satisfy the hankering of watch lovers who love collecting watches, or love to purchase the best quality product possible from one of the most trustworthy sources available to them. It proves its acumen time and time again, and its clients’ reviews and referrals reflect this, many of them coming back many more times after the fact and securing it a vast pool of return business from people who quickly become friends of the company. Additionally, its fashion-savvy watches are built with exquisite craftsmanship in mind, nothing being allowed to leave its stores or storage without having undergone rigorous quality testing first, ensuring the excellence of the mechanism, the lack of blemishes on the watch face or band, and the quality of the piece’s construction. After this evaluation is done, its experts are happy to let Dec21715

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 9 Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022

10 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , the piece go to its new owner. Each watch arrives safely and in perfection condition in this manner, and it fulfils the watchpurchasing needs of a myriad of different people across its target market as a direct result, its stores also offering a repairs and maintenance service from its expert technicians. This is something that – above all else – sets it apart from its peers. Whilst it’s excellence in terms of quality and customer service are both things to write home about, so to speak, its maintenance and repairs service are something incredibly unique in the industry, as having an in-house technical team on hand to provide such a thing is incredibly rare in watch sales. Therefore, it has been able to set itself head and shoulders above its competition and be able to truly mean it when it calls itself a ‘one-stopshop’ for watch and timepiece needs, breathing a new lease of life into the damaged and older pieces and selling the newest, latest, and greatest pieces in line with current fashion trends and popular styles. It also operates with a timeless class and elegance when it comes to serving its customers, making sure it values itself most strictly on its ability to provide for a customer’s wants and needs above all else, keeping itself an agile and adaptive name in the field despite the relative age of its business. Due to this, it reassures its clients that despite being an older firm, it has not stagnated, nor will it. Instead, it keeps itself abreast of all new trends and paradigms, exploring market shifts and dynamics so that it may serve the current needs of the modern watch shopper. In this way, as well as market trends, it also keeps track of the developments in modern technology. Like so many industries and sectors all over the world, the watch sales and creation industry are experiencing a current exponential boom in technological prowess and emphasis, with the popularity of the smart watches driving up the demand for Smart features and other elements being incorporated into classic timepieces. However, it keeping an eye on this doesn’t mean it is letting go of the timeless commitment to brilliant watches that fuelled its beginnings all those years ago, recognising that a big part of why clients trust it is that it has built a reputation of trust with them regarding the quality of their bespoke and bigbrand watch sales. This is what has ensured its development alongside its parent company after all, the dedication and professional acumen of the minds behind Stelux still felt in the knowledge implemented by City Chain Stores on a daily basis. Thus, internally, it has developed a healthy dynamic and a good rapport between the team. Something that has always been vitally important to City Chain Stores has been managing a carefully controlled and exemplary environment within the staff it recruits, ensuring everyone gets along and is on the same page vis-àvis the business and its goals. Its growth, both as a company in the macro scale and as individual teams, is something born out of the excellence of the products and processes, yes, but all of this is only made possible through the respect that the team show one another. After all, the staff of any business is the backbone and powerhouse both. City Chain Stores respects and recognises this, hiring those with the right attitudes and listening to its team members when it comes to discussions of compatibility and work ethic, their dedication to the company being well-recognised with an open ear and open mind. Therefore, its turnover rate is low and its profit margins are high, with each staff member excited to work together and work for its customers, helping each client who walks through its doors or visits its website to find the perfect product for them. Each staff member’s dedication to the watch sales business allows them to get to know the clients on a personal level, too, carrying their own unique perspectives on the different elements of each brand and piece in the City Chain Stores from the band to the mechanism itself. Fundamentally, it is manned by experts. Each can guide a client towards a watch that will fit the recipient’s style, sensibilities, and budget, serving mass-market consumers which nowadays look for function, form, and fashion, teasing out

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 11 the information that will allow the representative to introduce them to new styles or brands. Over the past 18 months, with the pandemic in full swing, this dedication has not changed. No, it has merely switched lanes slightly; as lockdowns hit and in-person stores were becoming less viable as a primary source of income, City Chain Stores pivoted towards funnelling more effort into its ecommerce solutions. Aligning with the new prevailing digital trend – as it predicts that more shopping than ever before will continue to be done online even after the outbreak has settled – it has been focusing on connecting with customers old and new alike through its online platform. Using social media, online advertising, and SEO to its advantage, what could it hope to gain? Well, in short, it stands to gain access to a wide swathe of new customers who previously wouldn’t have found it, perhaps due to lack of proximity to the inperson stores, amongst a variety of other reasons. Its comprehensive CRM program in both Singapore and Malaysia is also allowing it to bolster its online and remote capabilities, with connections being formed between it and its amazingly loyal customers on a daily basis through real, meaningful human connection. Showing its clients how this old dog can indeed learn new tricks, the invaluable brands it offers such as the 1862-founded Swiss brand Cyma have lauded its efforts to craft a new online world for watch sales as incredible, as well as effective. Critically, each brand it sells stands to gain from its perseverance regarding moving into the new age, allowing them to get their watches out to the eyes and collections of people that previously would not have been able to enjoy the brilliance of their wares. Teamwork being the key to success, the front-line retail staff and the more behind-the-scenes roles of those maintaining the ecommerce channels are both equally important. Working with technical excellence, flexibility, ethics, and professional agility, each of its staff members are adept at working outside of their comfort zones and going above and beyond to meet client demands, specifications, and requirements, as well as contacting and maintaining relationships with the brands City Chain Stores sells. Moreover, with the recent struggles and tumult that the world has been going through thanks to Covid19’s impact on supply lines, it is currently responding to a change in its industry wherein malls and brand owners are pivoting away from the multi-brand concept to a mono-brand concept, its team allowing it to continue to do so with sophistication. Having embraced a deeper understanding of its customers and their needs, it has come out with a stronger bond with its customers than ever, able to serve them more effectively and win their patronage, aiming to offer yet more strong product offerings from its brands in the future and grow as a result. Company: City Chain Stores Contact: Faye Koh Website:

12 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , Capturing those magic moments has become commonplace as technology has become open to all. It’s rare for an event to happen without selfies or recordings or photos to share with friends and family. Whilst delightful, PieStudio offers the next level when it comes to sharing those memories. Through careful framing, expert pacing and an eye and ear for what looks best, they can create a stunning experience in and of itself that evokes what happened. The team at PieStudio offer photography and videography services for all kinds of special occasions and corporate events. Their talents have seen them do everything from humble profiles and family portraits to corporate videos showcasing the story of how a business has thrived over the year. No matter what the challenge, the team’s technical knowledge opens the doors to a wealth of opportunities for clients that has been embraced by numerous industries. From wedding ceremonies to wine tasting, the breadth of If a picture tells a thousand words, imagine what a video could do! More than recording those important moments that can’t be repeated, the teamat PieStudio have made it their mission to capture the essence of those memories on video so that they can be enjoyed again and again. Through sight and sound, they have delighted hundreds of clients in a wealth of different situations. We take a closer look at how this impressive teamhas achieved success in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2022. Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 work that the PieStudio team undertakes is exceptional. They have an enviable portfolio that demonstrates their passion and ability to offer a turnkey solution to their clients. Often the team are invited to capture moments which are priceless or of immense personal importance. Taking care of clients throughout the process is therefore a necessity. An experienced production team ensures that no matter what the project, they always meet their client’s unique requirements. It’s not enough to simply capture those special moments. The PieStudio team go above and beyond to deliver excellence in every respect. No two businesses are the same, and so the PieStudio team often meet up for a free consultation in order to determine what approach will work best for their desired outcome. The success of a client’s project is a success for PieStudio too. Over the years, the team have developed many affordable packages that are competitively priced, which ensures each project is of the utmost quality and can be planned as efficiently as possible. By getting involved right from the start, the team can begin work almost immediately and carefully tailor their approach to the needs of the moment. Since opening their doors, the team at PieStudio have been proud to work with some incredibly high-profile clients including Cathay Cineplexes, Kucina Italian Restaurant and RCM Academy. Alongside their projects for individuals, each of these brought their own unique challenges and demanded a unique approach to produce the best possible production. At every stage, the PieStudio team set people who might not be naturals in front of a camera at ease and ensured that when they were captured on camera, they were always seen at their very best. To achieve this relaxed, yet productive attitude has not been easy. Every member of staff has had to work incredibly hard, combining the desires of a creative vision with the practical concerns of bringing it to life. Every project begins with nothing but a concepts, but the results are breath-taking visuals that Dec21723

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 13 Most Innovative Videography Studio 2022 have delighted many over the years. Key to this success is a positive work ethic, experience, and good organisational skills. With such a broad array of projects undertaken, it’s easy to see how team members develop effectively. The work is fast-paced, with time being valued incredibly highly. Throughout a project, the crew forms a close-knit group who are supportive at all times. This means that team members are not simply limited to their roles, but will help wherever it is needed most. Instilling these values from the top of the organisation has been crucial to the way in which the business has developed. During the pandemic, many people have discovered that video is an incredibly effective way of connecting with an audience. During the COVID-19 pandemic, with people locked inside, it has offered a way of presenting the outside world in a safe and secure way. For those in the property industry, the expertise of the PieStudio team has been invaluable. Their property showcase videos have allowed them to inform viewers about the distinct characteristics of housing available on the market. Real estate agencies have a unique set of criteria for success and few are better equipped for the task than the team at PieStudio. This market growth was not anticipated, but has become a major part of what the team has done. This is due, in no small part, to the restrictions forced by the pandemic over the last couple of years. Weddings, corporate events and major occasions were all curtailed incredibly swiftly. The team at PieStudio have adapted to adhere to safe distancing guidelines and best practices, while working tirelessly to ensure that none of their output has been compromised. For them, quality is the priority at all times. The future seems bright for the PieStudio team, with their skill unparalleled within the market, and their passion for the visual arts undiminished. When it comes to capturing those special occasions in a way that tells the story as intimately and affectionately as possible, there are few finer. The way in which the team can connect with their viewers is a powerful tool indeed, and an invaluable one to those who have used their services. We look forward to the movie magic they will conjure up in the years to come. Company: PieStudio Name: Britaney Chitty Email: [email protected] Web Address:

14 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , After just two years in the industry, Pivot Tree Consultancy and Creatives Pte Ltd has built a robust reputation through taking on marketing challenges head-on as a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing and consultancy needs. The company has a strong founding vision to support entrepreneurs - breathing life into their business again - through comprehensive consultancy services that enables existing businesses to sustain client base and expand broadly towards potential customers. Managing Director Bob Hafiz states, “PIVOT stands for People, Inclusion, Vitality, Oneness, and Trust. We believe that our most important clients are our team members; hence, we take good care of our internal team. In turn, every team member takes good care of each and every client we have. We take our work Recently launched in 2020, Pivot Tree Consultancy and Creatives Pte Ltd has been recognised as Singapore’s Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company and accredited as theMost Innovative Family Photography Studio (PieStudio) within APAC Insiders Singapore Business Awards 2022. Steadily expanding to increase the scope of its services, Pivot Tree aims to develop revolutionary solutions to diminish any issues encountered within businesses, with client satisfaction as the fundamental priority. Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company 2022 – Singapore & Most Innovative Family Photography Studio 2022: PieStudio seriously but make sure to have fun while doing it. A young and stress-free work environment helps in the incubation of fresh, strong, and impactful ideas - what our clients deserve, and what our clients get.” Pivot Tree is highly regarded and respected for its immensely creative services such as advertising, consultancy, content writing, corporate branding, graphic design, leads generation, photography, SEO, social media, videography, virtual assistance and web & app development. In addition to that, the company has an in-house production team, PieStudio, composed of videographers, photographers and editors who have recently won recognition as The Most Innovative Family Photography Studio of 2022. For Pivot Tree, supporting clients in their digital marketing venture is more than a job; it’s a passion, and it’s fronted by extraordinarily diligent and hardworking individuals who ensure fantastic results within a timely manner and at competitive, cost-effective prices. Pivot Tree is composed of exceptionally talented and highly skilled individuals that produce unmatched and highquality for its clients. Bob continues from this by stating, “Genius with a hint of crazy, the Pivot Tree group is composed of individuals who are well-versed in both creatives and branding and consultancy. Our dynamic team always enjoys a healthy amount of fun at work, making the office culture stressfree. This also provides for a positive atmosphere, conducive for work.” Moreover, the company aims to provide exceptionally developed solutions, going above and beyond to provide upfront and transparent provisions with the addition of after-care support – a comprehensive package that keeps Pivot Tree afoot of the industry. An overwhelming recognition and appreciation from its clients as the leading and most innovative digital marketing company in its sector of expertise. Since its foundation, Pivot Tree has enabled fellow Singaporeborn companies to bounce back stronger as a brand and establishment due to the substantial efforts of Pivot Tree’s effective and impactful digital marketing strategies. Established in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob explains, “The founders believed that there were opportunities that were much greater than the effects and fear that the pandemic was creating. So, they rose to the challenge of the global situation and started an organisation with the core objective of helping other organisations bounce back from the negative effects of Dec21601 Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 15 Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd COVID-19,” states Bob. Over the past two years, the company has exceeded expectations and successfully built a solid reputation and established its brand as a trusted marketing consultancy partner. Marketing itself to a wide selection of clients and organisations continually attracts both SMEs and MNCs through its comprehensive and competitively priced packages. The company’s ability to focus and fuse ideas through its inhouse team of specialised and highly trained experts allows Pivot Tree to establish its name as a firm to be reckoned with and will inevitably continue growing as a company and concerning its service to a broader selection of clients across Singapore and other neighbouring Asian countries in the upcoming years. Bob builds on this idea and explains, “While we may be considered as ‘young blood’ in the industry, the list of companies we have partnered with will show how strong of a force we are. We are always happy to share that every member of our team is in-house, making everyone easily accessible to the clients and providing the client’s confidence that the individuals in charge of their projects are all ready to hold accountability for the progress of the work.” By 2022, Pivot Tree plans to expand and grow with a vision to branch out towards additional organisations in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. With the whole world at its fingertips, Pivot Tree is scaling the industry and towering over with imminent success. Company Name: Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd Contact Name: Bob Hafiz Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]

16 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , Most Trusted MultiIndustry Recruitment Agency 2022 For both companies and jobseekers, finding the perfect match can be incredibly complicated and time consuming. BRIDGES RECRUITMENTmakes the hunting process simple – its effective solutions work to streamline the recruitment process, making it easier for its clients to find that perfect role or candidate. Across a plethora of industries, the company has changed the lives of many, shaping businesses and supplying people with jobs they’ll love. Backed by a total of 10 years of local recruitment experience, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT was founded in 2018. It was created with the mission to provide its clients with valuable and driven employees for their organisation. The Singapore based company specialises in human resources solutions for permanent and fixed-term staffing from entrylevel to management positions. From start-ups to multinational companies, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT works with clients of all sizes, providing tailored solutions that provide short and long-term results. Through bespoke, engaging sessions, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT endeavours to deliver the right people to the right organisation across various industries. Henceforth, it is within these sessions that the company’s team of experts work to identify the needs of both the client and candidate, as with this information, it can then guarantee a perfect fit. Be it an entry-level position, or a management role, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT treats each role with passion and enthusiasm – it wants its clients to succeed. After all, its clients are the key motivator within its mission, ‘to be a future focused and adaptive recruitment agency that aspires to provide clients with valuable and driven employees for their organisation.’ Yan Kai Soh, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT’s Managing Director, has worked across numerous industries. However, for the better part of four years he has served BRIDGES RECRUITMENT with professionalism and determination, ultimately turning the company into an industry leader. A member of the Association of Trade & Commerce Singapore and an associate member of the Singapore Business Federation, Yan Kai Soh strives to push the company to the next level, believing that there is always room for improvement and evolution. Encapsulating this mindset, on the company’s website he is quoted as saying, ‘Keeping our focus on improvements is vital for us to be more efficient and effective.’ As a result, he leads the team towards innovation, success, and client-centricity. Indeed, the BRIDGES RECRUITMENT team has been built upon a solid foundation of transparency, care, and dedication. It is imperative that each staff member is focused, constantly pushing to exceed expectations, and willing to go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. When searching for new team members, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT is drawn to candidates that thrive in a fast-paced, target-driven environment. In addition, it is vital that prospective staff members are service oriented, and are confident with all manners of communication, whether it is via a phone call or an email. BRIDGES RECRUITMENT offers a wide array of benefits, including both office and homebased options, a competitive tier-based commission, and quarterly incentives. Over the years, the company has collected numerous accolades, and has been repeatedly recognised for its excellent service. Most recently, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT was awarded Association of Trade & Commerce Singapore’s SME500 Award 2021, for its perseverance and outstanding service over the past year. Therefore, APAC Insider’s Most Trusted MultiIndustry Recruitment Agency 2022 will fit in perfectly with the company’s extensive collection. BRIDGES RECRUITMENT is advanced, dynamic, and – most importantly – effective. Its solutions have changed the fates of both businesses and jobseekers across Singapore, henceforth, BRIDGES RECRUITMENT is incredibly deserving of this title. Contact: Soh Yan Kai Company: BRIDGES RECRUITMENT Web Address: https://www. Jan22182

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 17 , Dec21296 Most Trusted Accounting & Tax Services Provider 2022 For nearly a decade, Ascend Corporate Service Pte LTD has provided company incorporation, corporate secretary, professional accounting, taxation, GST, payroll, and other business advisory services. Recognised for its efforts within the accounting sector, ACS has been namedMost Trusted Accounting and Tax Services Provider within the Singapore Business Awards. Since its establishment in 2013, Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd has been offering a value-added service to its clients with a mission to be the top accounts and business consultancy group in Singapore. Having recently received national recognition, ACS is heading toward becoming the most prominent firm in Southeast Asia. Officially registered nearly ten years ago within Singapore, ACS is an accounting firm that provides business-related advice and services to local small and medium-sized enterprises as well as other foreign companies, gradually expanding its reputation across the globe. ACS is known for its customercentric approach to business, allowing the firm to build, grow, and maintain thorough recognition. “We always put our clients first and provide necessary professional advice to our clients for their decision making. Which not only successfully serves our clients, but also broadens our reputation and attracts more clients,” enthuses its Director, Ken Wang. Putting clients first has been the core of the company since its inception. It entirely reflects the essence and original intention of its professional business whilst providing a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, ACS makes it so that its clients feel respected, understood and cared for in the company of professional team members, thus creating a bond that allows the customer to feel more like a priority and less like a number and name on a billing sheet. For ACS, acquiring clients is usually done through clients, partner referrals, and social media marketing which is formed upon the information that the company offers free accounting and tax issuing consultancy on its 24-hour online response system. Moreover, ACS can complete tasks and assignments within a fitted timeline, providing transparent and affordable pricing without yearly increases. Currently, Singapore’s accounting industry is going through a digital transformation, with its government strongly supporting local SMEs to proceed with a modern evolution. The progression is done by pushing forward grants, which will improve work productivity overall. However, like any plan, some challenges need to be overcome, with the first being the actual procedure of transforming digitally. “The key challenge is to solve working procedures restructure, human resource re-allocation and make sure its results comply with local laws. Consequently, it improves not only a companies’ work productivity but also local authorities can accept its outcome,” explains Ken. However, due to Covid-19, digitalisation became essential to those who worked from home and adapted to the modern industry. Due to this, there have been several opportunities for ACS, starting with cost consideration. “During the pandemic period, some companies’ revenue has been dropped dramatically, so cost saving is a top consideration for those companies. Therefore, there is an opportunity for firms like us because our price level is at a lower-middle level in this industry, which is attractive to those who would like to save the compliance cost for their operation,” explains Ken. Additionally, due to the practice of social distancing, ACS was prompted to establish a new working pattern that catered to and aligned with the current social status and regulations. Thus, ACS launched an online meeting and remote verification system that has aided in work productivity – an idea that otherwise wouldn’t have been utilised if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. A silver lining in all the chaos. Over the next year, ACS will be focusing on developing and upgrading its corporate services lines and recruiting talent to establish credible and accountable teams to cover these lines, essentially to serve its clients more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, ACS is looking to build relationships with corporate services providers from around the globe – leading the industry, one client at a time. Company: Ascend Corporate Service Pte. Ltd. Name: Ken Wang Web Address: www.Ascendacca.Com

18 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , The hospitality sector thrives on upholding the highest standards for its stakeholders, with this approach ensuring that customers and clients always receive impeccable service. The key tomaintaining these standards is SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd (SHATEC), a teaching facility established nearly forty years ago by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA). Recently named the Best in Culinary and Hospitality Talent Development, SHATEC has maintained a continuous pipeline of talent for its hotel members and the hospital industry since its inception. Highly regarded for its supreme excellence within hospitality education, SHATEC was founded in 1983 as ‘a school for the industry by the industry’ before structured education in hotel management came to Singapore. It became the region’s first dedicated hotel school, committed to training new entrants and developing professionals to the next level. SHATEC firmly believes that individuals can become successful professionals if given the right stimuli and a caring environment – a place where people can thrive, achieve their goals and discover their passions and talents all under the same roof. Now a highly respected institution, SHATEC has always worked to achieve the clear aims of training fresh school leavers and career-switchers for the hotel and F&B sectors. Cultivating the right attitude and proficiency in new areas allows SHATEC to produce graduates with strong employment outcomes who are ready for the workplace. As the progenitor of hospitality education, SHATEC holds a unique position within the landscape. Nearly four decades of operation has seen over 30,000 alumni spread all over the world, contributing to the hospitality and culinary sectors. The success of the institute’s approach to education is evident, from the building of deep technical competencies, to the development of leadership potential in the sector with a strong focus on character building and personal betterment for trainees. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has been maneuvering through many complex challenges over recent years. In the wake of these troubles, SHATEC has been the approved training provider for the Enhanced Training Support Package (ETSP) as well as SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). These major achievements further cemented SHATEC’s standing as an industry school, where the institute was able to support the learning needs of employees from sectors most affected during the pandemic. Ms Margaret Heng, Chief Executive, explains, “We are embracing innovation in line with addressing the need for skills upgrading or re-skilling within the hospitality and tourism industry, which is largely impacted by low tourist footfalls. Also, in line with the nationwide movement to support affected industries, we were able to update our processes and roll out a suite of short training courses to participants promptly, fully implemented with digital tools to conduct home-based learning sessions.” Adapting to modern trends is essential to educating the next generation of hospitality staff. The need to ensure personalized and seamless services remains paramount, and ever more challenging as standards continue to rise. The training faculty at SHATEC closely monitors the evolving landscape in order to ensure currency of the teaching programs. SHATEC also plays a vital role alongside the Singapore Hotel Association, supporting the hospitality industry in necessary transformations including productivity initiatives, leadership development, human resource strategies, and job redesign. Learning and development programs for new entrants and mid-career professionals alike allow the workforce to prepare better and adapt successfully to hotel transformation. In addition to these efforts, SHATEC is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (APacCHRIE), serving as the Country Representative in promoting institutional advancement for hospitality and tourism education. SHATEC successfully hosted the first fully virtual APacCHRIE Conference and Youth Conference to close to 400 attendees worldwide, an impressive achievement within the industry and the local community. For SHATEC, the possibilities of innovation and transformation are endless. With the new year underway, SHATEC has designed a plan of initiatives set to position the school as the industry and corporate partner of choice for training and advisory, elevating its role in developing future industry leaders and spearheading industry transformation. Recognised internationally as an innovative leader within the hospitality education landscape, the SHATEC brand will remain an icon in culinary and hospitality talent development in Asia and beyond. Company Name: SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd Contact Name: Tan Yu Yu Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Best in Culinary & Hospitality Talent Development 2022 SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd Ms Margaret Heng Chief Executive, SHATEC Executive Director, SHA