Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 35 , Led by award winning International Production Designer and Creative Director, Patrick Larsen, Studio Bound is taking the creative industry by storm. Working with some of the best-known names in the business, including Universal Studios, Puy Du Fou, ResortsWorld and the Rio Olympic Games, the Singapore based company has cultivated an extensive and highly impressive portfolio. 2022 is set to be an action-packed year as the company has numerous plans up its sleeve. Studio Bound is a multi-disciplinary creative group that works to create spectacular and innovative experiences for a plethora of industries. Whilst its main focus is on designing scenography and sets for commercial theatre and live shows, it has also garnered extensive experience in designing broadcast television sets, theme park attractions, graphic design, projection mapping and multimedia content, as well as character and costume design. Its range of services are broad, but its devotion to quality and creativity remains consistent throughout the company, and as a result it has attracted numerous prestigious clients. Indeed, Studio Bound has had the pleasure of cutting its teeth on high-profile international projects, working with worldrenowned entertainment companies and events management titans. A small sample of its diverse portfolio includes the production design for Singapore National Day parade 2019, the production design for the opening and closing ceremony of Dubai Expo 2020, and set design for Amystika, a new Las Vegas show by creators Franco Dragone and internationally known magician, Criss Angel, Moreover, the company design the sets for the BBC broadcast at the 2016 Rio Best Multi-Disciplinary Creative Group 2022 Olympics as well as the 2017 and 2018 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament, and the CCTV sets at Vancouver Winter Olympics. Founded and led by the Emmy award-winning International Production Designer and Creative Director, Patrick Larsen, the company’s success should serve as no surprise. Working across numerous industries, for the past 20 years, he has been designing sets and environments for global entertainment brands and television networks including: Universal Studios, BBC Sport, NBC and CNN to name a few. Be it in theatre, on television, or for live events, Larsen is notable for his ability to develop fresh, creative, and aesthetically innovative results. As such, this dedication to the craft has spread throughout the Studio Bound team. Comprised of world class designers from USA, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, each detail is crafted to the highest calibre of quality. Of course, creativity is a field that requires collaboration, discussion, and personal engagement in order to consistently stay inspired and up to speed on all the latest design and entertainment trends. The Covid-19 pandemic had an enormous impact on the theatre and live events industry, forcing companies around the world to cancel and postpone shows. For many theatre companies, the pandemic proved to be near fatal, dramatically cutting their income. Studio Bound found itself to be one of the lucky few, remaining busy throughout the peak of the virus. In an attempt to help the industry find its feet, in 2020 Studio Bound collaborate with Las Vegas show producers The Velvet Crane and Dragone to launch a project in Las Vegas called RISE, a socially distant theatre experience concept that aimed to bring the entertainment industry back to life. Additionally, the company introduced new working procedures that moved towards a virtual studio where each team member continued to work remotely, leveraging a variety of digital tools like such as online meeting applications, cloud storage and digital file sharing applications. Throughout 2022 Studio Bound will be working on numerous collaborations and projects, including designing the sets for the Closing Ceremony for Dubai Expo 2020 under the direction of Five Currents, the show’s producers. Furthermore, the company will be working again with celebrated director and show creator, Franco Dragone, on the creative content for several outdoor shows at a popular resort destination in Vietnam as well as many other projects that are waiting in the pipeline to be announced in the upcoming year. Contact: Patrick Larsen Company: Studio Bound Web Address: Jan22083 Amystika: The Secret Revealed (Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas 2022) Produced by DRAGONE and CRISS ANGEL - Directed by FRANCO DRAGONE Production design by Studio Bound