Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 43 , Rightmen Security Services, a security services and consultation company that offers a roster of incredibly diligent and effective professionals as security staff for its clients, alongside exemplary technological securitymeasures, and security consultation services, has made itself a cornerstone of modern business for its clients. Critically, by keeping their best interests inmind and their people’s safety at heart, it defends its client’s business assets and overall safety with efficacy and discretion, adding value to everything it touches as a result. A security services consultancy with a difference, Rightmen Security Services builds on its experience in the industry, adopting a ‘people first’ approach in order to ensure that its customer remains at the forefront of its priority list. Fundamentally – having found its start in 2011 – it prioritises training, welfare, and benefits for each of its staff, aiding in providing the best security services possible as well as progressing their individual careers, allowing them to provide a highly satisfactory security solution. Over the years it has been in operation, it has worked for a wide variety of different clients, with each of its staff coming from all different walks of life and able to provide security personnel from Chief Security Officers and Senior Supervisors to Security Officers and Events specific Security Officers. Additionally, by taking into account its staff’s wide diversity of experiences and knowledges, it can assign the right person to the job every time. Together, its security personnel form a conglomerate of some of the most effective and well-versed minds in the industry, able to Most Innovative Security Planning Consultancy 2022 rise to the challenge of anything its clients might put before it, and keeping communications open within the company to ensure that each staff member can approach their colleagues for advice. Its provision of all manner of professionals in this way equips its clients with well-versed, empathic, and diligent individuals with all the right tools under their belts to be able to succeed in the task at hand; it also arms its staff with all relevant knowledge through its regular briefing session, in-house refresher training, and an after-action post-mortem that allows its professionals to pick up invaluable constructive criticism to be able to improve their work in the future. As well as the provision of personnel, Rightmen Security Services also offers security technology. Critically, it is aware that in a world wherein the traditional is becoming more and more obsolete, security is one of the many industries pushing for more innovations that will allow it to keep up with the exponential curve of current technological trends. Thus, it is working hard to improve the technologies it can offer its customers, implementing modern and contemporary processes such as the Visitor Management System, Real Time Clocking System, Attendance Monitoring through iREP mobile applications, and remote CCTV in order to keep itself ahead of the game. With increased userintuitiveness, real-time data relay, increased accessibility, and more, it makes sure Rightmen Security Services’ staff can work smarter. In this field, security consultation is also an invaluable service that Rightmen Security Services offers its clients, recognising that threats may arise at any time and that security planning and implementation are important aspects of setting up operations of any kind in the modern world. Failure to implement such contingency plans threaten to bring any business to a standstill as they try and grapple with how to deal with the aftermath, something which can be handled quickly and efficiently by mitigating the threat before it even has time to emerge, adding value to any business with its quality advice and technologically aided diligence. Consequentially, each of its clients is more ready than ever to face the challenges of the emerging digital age, and it is excited to see where its continued ingenuity can take its industry in the future. Company: Rightmen Security Services Contact: Genie Woo Website: Dec21448