Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 41 , A software as a service provider for the financial industry, Azentio Software has secured itself as an invaluable friend of its client’s businesses since its introduction to the market. Although this was relatively recent – having only found its feet in 2020 – it has quickly garnered the trust and faith of professionals across all segments of its market, providing reliable and user intuitive solutions that help them transform their businesses for the better at every turn. With a slogan of ‘transcend together’, it is easy to see the proof behind Azentio Software’s claim of making collaboration with its clients a core belief that drives its business. Serving the banking, insurance, and financial services industries and the mid-market ERP segment with an entire range of innovation-led products, it believes in a culture of excellence to be implemented at every turn, refusing to settle for second best in any of its operations. Fundamentally, it offers a road to digital transformation for its clients, with digital strategies that will transform the business for the better and improve the financial services industry in the macro scale as a result. Committed to excellence, it serves the core operations of a business with modern, digital solutions to contemporary needs, its deep domain knowledge and solutions in the financial services industry extending across all manner of industry verticals from insurance to retail, and even corporate lending, anti-money-laundering, and asset management. Additionally, Azentio serves mid-market enterprises with diligence and grace, working hard across all manner of borders in order to make itself an indispensable Best Mid-Market Finance Software Solutions - Asia Pacific business partner for clients in the Middle East, Africa, Asian Pacific, and India, granting access to its comprehensive ERP solution and facilitating positive corporate change. A relatively young company, Azentio was set up in 2020. However, its youth has not stopped the climb to the top it is currently undergoing, and it cannot in any way be described as a greenhorn company thanks to the knowledge that remains in its ranks from its background of being carved out from a 3i infotech and global information company. Wholly owned and funded by Apax, its products offer a wholesale and holistic approach to financial transformation. Critically, beginning with its Kastle offering, it is able to provide universal banking to its clients. This, alongside its Premia Astra Core Insurance, Amlock financial crime detection and management solution, MFund Plus wealth and asset management, Orion enterprise resource planning, and Factor SQL factoring solution, has allowed it to corner the market in a huge swathe of financial logistics software solutions. Therefore, it’s no wonder why it has managed to garner the trust of over 800 different worldwide companies. Located in over 65 different countries, with offices in over 12 different countries, and staffed by an incredible team of over 2000 professionals, Azentio has been able to secure its position as a cornerstone of industry and a long-term friend of its client’s enterprise. Consequentially, its growth has been vastly bolstered by the reviews and referrals its clients leave, speaking to the empathic and diligent efforts of its team and the watertight nature of its software solutions, gaining additional notoriety through naturalistic growth that it forecasts will only continue in the coming year. Company: Azentio Software Contact: Vivek Chandrashekhar Website: Dec21582