Singapore Awards 2022

52 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Diamonds, rubies, emeralds, sapphires – the list of Arte Oro’s collection is endless. Established in Singapore, the company creates opulent, bespoke jewellery items for a high-endmarket – including royalty. The company’s work delicately tells the stories of those that commission them through tailored designs and glistening jewels and are suitable and, more importantly, durable enough to be passed down through future generations. Arte Oro, meaning ‘art of gold’ in Italian, provides an immaculate, bespoke jewellery service that is inspired by artisan jewellers in bygone eras to renowned families, such as the famed Medici dynasty.From the sourcing and acquisition of gemstones and diamonds to adornment, Arte Oro ensures the relationship between the jeweller and client is highly personal and transparent. Its key priority is always working with the client in mind, exceeding expectations, and building trust. Not only does it ensure the highest level of quality, but it also devotes itself to translating the clients’ stories into sparkling jewellery items, bringing their visions to life. Arte Oro handles each piece with the utmost care and attention, as it has been entrusted with designing pieces that will remain with the client for life. Therefore, the company identifies itself as one of the best diamond and gem connoisseurs in Singapore – an opinion that is echoed by its clients. Over the upcoming year the company will be working on expanding its range in the hopes that this will make beautiful jewellery available to a wider audience at an affordable rate. The range will consist of a plethora of minimalist diamond jewelleries and some of Arte Oro signature pieces. Arte Oro aims to create pieces that have a deep significance and have the potential to be maintained as heirloom pieces. Arte Oro can credit a great amount of its success to its team. From its suppliers to its distributors, to its partners and consultants, the company simply would not exist without its backing. Indeed, Dmitry, Ofer, Rita, Adrien, Elisa, Sahil, Jacopo, Ah Zhong, and Tin are noted for their contributions to the company, without whom the company would not be able to run smoothly. During the recruitment process, the company searches for people that are team players – people who will be able to integrate without much assistance. Moreover, it is attracted to those who can follow briefs and still be innovative within those limits as it believes that they are a rare breed. Of course, the company searches for patience –patience to see a whole project through its ups and downs. The Covid-19 pandemic shaped the company. In 2019, when the pandemic first came into light around the globe, Arte Oro prepared itself to delve into a new normal. However, this time quickly became a time for revaluation – the company underwent a major restructure. The team doubled, it began work on Arte Oro 2.0, and moved into a new office space. In addition, this turbulent period served as an excellent time for idea development and company evolution. Throughout 2020 and 2021, the business slowly got back on track, and has recently seen an influx in the number of important clients from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and even have internal staff that work for the members of the Royal Family. It is with this growth in mind that Arte Oro is planning on expanding its business to Geneva, Switzerland during the early months of 2022. Contact: Danilo Giannoni Company: Arte Oro Web Address: Best Gemstones & Bespoke Jewellery Services Provider 2022