Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 29 , TLS Asia, a company supplying an industry that is emerging fromone of the most difficult periods it has known in a very long time has made itself a profound business partner and friend to hotels and hospitality professionals all across the ASEAN region. In short, its efforts have made it a cornerstone of the future of the industry, and it has taken this responsibility in its stride in order to continue providing better andmore efficiently handled product and project management for its peers, happy to share its knowledge and excellence with its fellows in order to improve everyone’s ability to serve the most important person in the equation: the end customer. The hospitality industry on the macro scale is one that has faced a variety of challenges over the past 18 months. On the macro scale, the pandemic has ensured the closure of many establishments, either temporarily or for good; but in any case, it has been shown the need for great project management in times of stress, not to mention even better procurement services. This is where TLS Asia can step up to the plate to help. Fundamentally, this Singapore based company – with offices in Malaysia, Thailand & Vietnam – began its operations in this way, sourcing, procuring, and managing projects and product development for the hospitality industry in its region, and gained increased notoriety through the excellence with which it accomplished major projects. As an approved vendor, TLS Asia has worked with top renowned 4 to 5 Star hotels throughout SEA. Having built up an incredible network of partners thanks to its continually impressive customer service, it now has direct access to the production facilities and new marketing channels being developed all across Southeast Asia, making it a friend and Best Hotel Supplies Company - Southeast Asia business partner across a variety of verticals. Currently, it is able to supply a wide range of products and services requested by hotels and resorts at incredibly competitive prices, focusing on its domain knowledge in order to supply department directors from front office to security, guest rooms, and housekeeping, consolidating purchases from all corners of the map. Its development of such strong long-term business connections, all of whom are firm believers in the quality and efficiency of this company’s logistical talents, are what has secured it as such a cornerstone of hospitality, after all. Critically, a large element of what has made this possible is its staff; TLS Asia boasts a contingent of talented and dedicated people who display high levels of teamwork, tenacity, and focus, delivering exemplary results thanks to the years of hospitality knowledge beneath each of their belts. Moreover, it was to be expected that TLS Asia would be a company at the fore of the hospitality industry’s fight to survive the pandemic. What it did not expect, however, was being invited to give corporate and community qualified talks related to sleep wellness and the makings of a good mattress from a hospitality standpoint. As they aim to educate and to share their vast knowledge and experience. TLS Asia – headed by former General Manager of a giant American bedding brand, therefore, formed a new department in response in order to supply bedding, furniture, accessories, and more to residents and property developers during this period, just one example of it bending over backward to meet customer demands, proud to share the outstanding quality of its hotelier products with the wider industry. Company: TLS Asia Contact: Elvin Chong Website: Dec21492