Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 17 , Dec21296 Most Trusted Accounting & Tax Services Provider 2022 For nearly a decade, Ascend Corporate Service Pte LTD has provided company incorporation, corporate secretary, professional accounting, taxation, GST, payroll, and other business advisory services. Recognised for its efforts within the accounting sector, ACS has been namedMost Trusted Accounting and Tax Services Provider within the Singapore Business Awards. Since its establishment in 2013, Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd has been offering a value-added service to its clients with a mission to be the top accounts and business consultancy group in Singapore. Having recently received national recognition, ACS is heading toward becoming the most prominent firm in Southeast Asia. Officially registered nearly ten years ago within Singapore, ACS is an accounting firm that provides business-related advice and services to local small and medium-sized enterprises as well as other foreign companies, gradually expanding its reputation across the globe. ACS is known for its customercentric approach to business, allowing the firm to build, grow, and maintain thorough recognition. “We always put our clients first and provide necessary professional advice to our clients for their decision making. Which not only successfully serves our clients, but also broadens our reputation and attracts more clients,” enthuses its Director, Ken Wang. Putting clients first has been the core of the company since its inception. It entirely reflects the essence and original intention of its professional business whilst providing a competitive advantage in the market. Additionally, ACS makes it so that its clients feel respected, understood and cared for in the company of professional team members, thus creating a bond that allows the customer to feel more like a priority and less like a number and name on a billing sheet. For ACS, acquiring clients is usually done through clients, partner referrals, and social media marketing which is formed upon the information that the company offers free accounting and tax issuing consultancy on its 24-hour online response system. Moreover, ACS can complete tasks and assignments within a fitted timeline, providing transparent and affordable pricing without yearly increases. Currently, Singapore’s accounting industry is going through a digital transformation, with its government strongly supporting local SMEs to proceed with a modern evolution. The progression is done by pushing forward grants, which will improve work productivity overall. However, like any plan, some challenges need to be overcome, with the first being the actual procedure of transforming digitally. “The key challenge is to solve working procedures restructure, human resource re-allocation and make sure its results comply with local laws. Consequently, it improves not only a companies’ work productivity but also local authorities can accept its outcome,” explains Ken. However, due to Covid-19, digitalisation became essential to those who worked from home and adapted to the modern industry. Due to this, there have been several opportunities for ACS, starting with cost consideration. “During the pandemic period, some companies’ revenue has been dropped dramatically, so cost saving is a top consideration for those companies. Therefore, there is an opportunity for firms like us because our price level is at a lower-middle level in this industry, which is attractive to those who would like to save the compliance cost for their operation,” explains Ken. Additionally, due to the practice of social distancing, ACS was prompted to establish a new working pattern that catered to and aligned with the current social status and regulations. Thus, ACS launched an online meeting and remote verification system that has aided in work productivity – an idea that otherwise wouldn’t have been utilised if it hadn’t been for the pandemic. A silver lining in all the chaos. Over the next year, ACS will be focusing on developing and upgrading its corporate services lines and recruiting talent to establish credible and accountable teams to cover these lines, essentially to serve its clients more efficiently and effectively. Moreover, ACS is looking to build relationships with corporate services providers from around the globe – leading the industry, one client at a time. Company: Ascend Corporate Service Pte. Ltd. Name: Ken Wang Web Address: www.Ascendacca.Com