Singapore Awards 2022

32 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Snooker is a sport played around the world, and one inwhich quality is clear to those who are looking for it. Cueist147 was established by Thomas Tay to set new standards in a field he loves dearly. In the Singapore Business Awards 2022, the team’s commitment to quality secured theman astonishing win. We caught up with Thomas to discover howhis passion for the industry has proven to be such a vital factor in thriving in this niche market. When it came to establishing Cueist147 in Singapore, it was clear that passion would have to lead the way for Thomas Tay. His dream was to offer a service that was unparallel throughout the country, with products that were second to none. The aim was always to create a one-stop-shop that could hold its own against international competition. The results speak for themselves. Built from a love of the sport, the top priority at all times for the Cueist147 team has always been quality. The industry offers a wealth of different options, for people from every background and skillset. Cueist147 offers the best that this incredible market has to offer. For Mr. Tay, the hours of investment undertaken have resulted in the sort of shop he has always wanted to go to. Before a customer even sees a product on the shelves of Cueist147, it has undergone incredibly rigorous research that accounts for every part of the supply chain. From sourcing and selecting shafts and exotic woods, to handing over designs to the ultimate craftsmen in the sector, Cueist147 brings together the best of what the industry has to offer. Mr. Tay oversees every step of the process thoroughly to ensure consistency and the highest possible standards at all times. Far from just a businessman wanting to make a profit in the sector, Mr. Tay is an avid snooker player himself, and knows the investment that goes into providing a product worthy of a snooker enthusiast. In many ways, the barometer for success is not simply whether or not people buy the product, but whether or not it reaches the high standards he has set for them. An impressive repertoire of different professionals have worked with Mr. Tay to ensure the quality is worthy of showcasing within Cueist147. Over the years, Mr. Tay has worked closely with Singapore National players such as Mr. Kingsley Ang and Mr. Marvin Lim, he has conferred with Mr. Elliot Slessor from the UK and Mr. Rory Thor from Malaysia. Not forgetting Ms Silver Tan whose role is players psychology and mental specialist. Perhaps most important is his close business relationship with Mr. David Coutts, one of the finest cuemakers that the UK has to offer. His unique knowledge and expertise has been the beating heart of Cueist147 and has made the business into the thriving success that it is today. When looking at Singapore, it’s clear that Snooker is not the first game of choice for many. Having a specialised shop such as this, however, is key to sustaining the high standards that the game demands and creating a place where young talent can turn to. For the cue community in Singapore, Cueist147 is a godsent because of its commitment to quality at all times. For those looking for something special, this is the place to go. Company: Cueist147 Name: Thomas Tay Email: [email protected] Best Billiard Cues & Accessories Retailer 2022