Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 31 , Woodcraft Interior Design, a company that has made a name for itself with its form-fitting interior design solutions, creates beautiful, bespoke, and tailored spaces for its clients. With a strict dedication to bringing its client’s dreams to life through hard work and tenacity, its designers and the craftspeople operating out of its in-house carpentry workshopmake its client’s visions a reality in a way that is both aesthetically stunning and able to fit seamlessly around the needs of their day-to-day lives. When it comes to interior design, everyone has a different idea of what it means. Whether they’re a fan of transitional interiors, traditional ones, minimalistic areas, or mid-century modern spaces, Woodcraft Interior Design recognises that no two people have the same aesthetic sensibilities, and so it has committed itself to being able to respect this and reflect this accordingly. Fundamentally, it is an interior design firm committed to transforming a space into the client’s ideal home, one that both perfectly fits their stylistic desires and that will fit seamlessly around the requirements of their everyday life, combining form and function into a seamless dance. Its team, the minds behind making this happen, are each experience, talented designers and project managers who are more than capable of making any project happen, no matter how challenging. Moreover, they provide functional designs with tailored design servicers in order to produce precision in their interior spaces, ensuring that wherever a client turns, they can have the chance to pick up on the small details and miniscule nods that show just how much every project is a true labour of Best Residential Interior Design Firm 2022 love between the team and the customer. Its lasting impression – both with its client-focused service and its design results – will withstand the test of time, and it is pleased to say that over the years it has made its clients into friends of the business, with each of them going on to recommend it to family, friends, and peers through both word of mouth and written review. Additionally, this carefully assembled team is made up of much more than just designers. With craftspeople, contractors, and suppliers also making up the ranks of the Woodcraft Interior Design family, each are well suited to carrying out their tasks and excited to do so, putting in the utmost quality, care, and attention into every element in order to produce the most incredible end result. Another element setting itself apart from its competition is its in-house carpentry workshop. Whilst many of its competitors have to outsource such things, it is proud to say that it does not have to, nor will it; instead, its own dedicated crafters work hard to design and create carpentry products that contain the love and care that a client can always expect from Woodcraft Interior Design. Proud to be its region’s steadfast, diligent, and comprehensive one-stopsolution service provider, its factory-price carpentry and bespoke operations have made it a favourite amongst its industry, and it is excited to see what fresh projects and new clients the new year will surely bring. Company: Woodcraft Interior Design Contact: Andy Wong Website: Dec21319