Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 47 , TROST GROUP PTE LTD aids companies in their development, utilising innovative methods such as TROST Learning and TROST Play. With an abundance of experience under its belt, it is guaranteed that TROSTwill provide an unmatched service. Indeed, TROST has cultivated an effective and highly popular method for learning and engagement – one that has been used by organisations such as Microsoft, Singtel and SingaporeManagement University. Since 2011 TROST GROUP PTE LTD has been serving clients across Singapore. The learning and engagement design consultancy creates innovative learning experiences, collaborating with its clients in order to create opportunities for awareness, engagement, and development. It has had the privilege of working with clients across the globe – predominantly in the Asia Pacific region – both in the private and public sectors. Moreover, TROST’s mission is simple, to enlighten, engage and empower as many minds, teams and leaders as it can. It does this in the hopes that it can push its clients to be more purpose-driven, people-centred, future-ready, and inspired to make a positive difference to others and to the world. Boasting an extensive portfolio, TROST has benefitted from working with great consulting and training partners as well as associates and has received the majority of its clients through referrals. Henceforth, TROST has worked with a range of companies, including Shell, Citibank, and Singtel. The company has also delved into working with government ministries, agencies, and statutory boards – its portfolio has accumulated prestigious clients such as Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry, Best Learning & Engagement Design Consultancy 2022 Infocomm Media Development Authority, Energy Market Authority and Civil Service College. As TROST works with clients that harbour such immense platforms, it is imperative that its team of staff conducts itself with a great level of professionalism and grace. Indeed, TROST ensures that each member works collaboratively, to their own strengths, and in a dynamic manner. The workplace has been designed to work harmoniously, seamlessly, in a way that guarantees efficiency. Simply, it practices what it preaches, operating in a way that reflects its teachings. Every aspect of the company works around its motto, ‘We Play to Learn and We Learn to Play,’ and this includes its team. However, the Covid-19 pandemic has served to be a learning curve for the company and has served as a call that change is the only constant and that it needs to relook into the future of learning and working. TROST has had to shift away from traditional methods, and instead, it has moved towards digitisation. In turn, this has manifested into an enormous challenge for the company and has been a steep learning curve which it has been forced to navigate in a short amount of time. In spite of this, the transition from face-to-face interactions to online sessions has enabled the company to continue its work with its clients, allowing them to engage effectively with TROST’s sessions. Going forward, TROST plans to continue exploring, creating, and building its own digital platform, which will allow it to customise its services in accordance with its clients’ requirements. Furthermore, the development of its own technology will enhance the company’s online presence. It is with this in mind, that TROST is striving to continuously innovate, introducing new methods of consulting. However, as much as it is focusing on digitisation, TROST is still evolving its inperson services. Contact: Terence Tan Company: TROST GROUP PTE LTD Web Address: Feb22147