Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 11 the information that will allow the representative to introduce them to new styles or brands. Over the past 18 months, with the pandemic in full swing, this dedication has not changed. No, it has merely switched lanes slightly; as lockdowns hit and in-person stores were becoming less viable as a primary source of income, City Chain Stores pivoted towards funnelling more effort into its ecommerce solutions. Aligning with the new prevailing digital trend – as it predicts that more shopping than ever before will continue to be done online even after the outbreak has settled – it has been focusing on connecting with customers old and new alike through its online platform. Using social media, online advertising, and SEO to its advantage, what could it hope to gain? Well, in short, it stands to gain access to a wide swathe of new customers who previously wouldn’t have found it, perhaps due to lack of proximity to the inperson stores, amongst a variety of other reasons. Its comprehensive CRM program in both Singapore and Malaysia is also allowing it to bolster its online and remote capabilities, with connections being formed between it and its amazingly loyal customers on a daily basis through real, meaningful human connection. Showing its clients how this old dog can indeed learn new tricks, the invaluable brands it offers such as the 1862-founded Swiss brand Cyma have lauded its efforts to craft a new online world for watch sales as incredible, as well as effective. Critically, each brand it sells stands to gain from its perseverance regarding moving into the new age, allowing them to get their watches out to the eyes and collections of people that previously would not have been able to enjoy the brilliance of their wares. Teamwork being the key to success, the front-line retail staff and the more behind-the-scenes roles of those maintaining the ecommerce channels are both equally important. Working with technical excellence, flexibility, ethics, and professional agility, each of its staff members are adept at working outside of their comfort zones and going above and beyond to meet client demands, specifications, and requirements, as well as contacting and maintaining relationships with the brands City Chain Stores sells. Moreover, with the recent struggles and tumult that the world has been going through thanks to Covid19’s impact on supply lines, it is currently responding to a change in its industry wherein malls and brand owners are pivoting away from the multi-brand concept to a mono-brand concept, its team allowing it to continue to do so with sophistication. Having embraced a deeper understanding of its customers and their needs, it has come out with a stronger bond with its customers than ever, able to serve them more effectively and win their patronage, aiming to offer yet more strong product offerings from its brands in the future and grow as a result. Company: City Chain Stores Contact: Faye Koh Website: