Singapore Awards 2022

44 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Providing customers with peace of mind and confidence since 2017, Skylink Group Holdings Pte Ltd is regarded as theMost Trusted Automotive Dealership Company for 2022. The Skylink Group is established as a one-stop-shop solution for retail, vehicle leasing, insurance, credit financing, workshop servicing and customised engineering works, offering highly competitive retail rates across its sufficient fleet of over 600multi-variant types of commercial vehicles to suit every customer budget. Recognised as a young establishment within the industry, Skylink Group Holdings Pte Ltd is acknowledged for its unparalleled services and unequivocal offerings. Despite its youth, The Skylink Group is accountable through its proven reputation as the logistic service provider for Multi-National Companies such as UPS, Certis Cisco, Sheng Shiong, Fairprice, Sankyu, and other leading brands within the industry. Additional to providing outstanding logistic services to Multi-National Companies, Skylink Group is the chosen logistics solutions provider for thousands of Small to Mediumsized enterprises. This diverse reputation provides domestic and international services to a range of sized businesses and is trusted by many entrepreneurial entities. Skylink Group is a diversified business that can differentiate itself amongst its competitors through its personalised services that are entirely catered to the needs of its customers. Moreover, its responsible turnaround time can minimise delays in delivering its vehicles, which, at the end of the day, satisfies its customers for its impressive and timely completion and solidifies its reputation as the leading and most trusted automotive dealership company within the industry. At The Skylink Group, its fleet of young vehicles averages two to three years old, all distinctly well maintained, kept clean and sanitised for safety. This acts as testimony to the company’s core value around constant reinvestment that ensures its services maintain its noted quality and standards. Moreover, the range of vehicles offers popular brands and models such as Toyota, Volkswagen, Opel, Mitsubishi, HINO, Nissan, Mercedes, Renault, Hyundai, and Isuzu commercial vehicles. Expanding on this, Managing Director Wesley Shen states, “By offering both Agent Models (by local authorised distributors) and Parallel Imports (directly sourced from manufacturers), our inhouse automobile workshop can handle a wide range of services and repairs.” By producing industry-leading supreme quality automotive services, Skylink Group can offer its customers the best solutions based on their individualised needs and their budget. Thus, the company aims to become the go-to commercial vehicle specialist for its customers and leading partner for ground logistics and transportation needs but has succeeded and exceeded industry recognition for it. However, as many business sectors were devastated during the COVID-19 pandemic, Skylink Group was able to adapt to the modern-day changes to the industry and refocus on the things that mattered most – its customers. Initially, the impact of the pandemic was difficult, as many customers were trading in their vehicles, opting for shorterterm leases due to uncertainty that arose in their projects that COVID-19 instilled. However, Skylink Group established a plan to work with its customers to increase its catering capabilities by working with independent delivery agents in light of the recent growth of the eCommerce sector. “This has resulted in the emergence of a new customer base who are rapidly scaling their delivery fleet with three or more vehicles,” states Wesley. Moreover, for Skylink Group, the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t the only thing the company has had to manoeuvre as the rise of digital technology progresses and remains at the forefront of the industry growth. Therefore, Wesley explains, “By investing in state-of-the-art ERP and CRM systems, we can better manage our fast-growing rental fleet of vehicles and customers.” The Skylink Group has recently launched several new initiatives such as a new website with an e-listing of preowned vehicles for customers to pick and choose from, an online scheduler and booking system for service and repair jobs in its inhouse automotive garage and the deployment of a fully integrated customer response platform (CRM) for its sales team to manage prospective leads and its customer base effectively and efficiently. With an expanded product offering with the latest Electric Vehicle (EV) commercial vans, exceptional quality of young fleets, and the highest standards of logistics and automotive delivery services, Skylink Group is driving to the forefront of the industry, parking in first with the recognition as the Most Trusted Automotive Dealership Company of 2022 and beyond. Company: Skylink Group Holdings Pte Ltd Name: Wesley Shen Email: [email protected] Web Address: Most Trusted Automotive Dealership Company 2022 Skylink Group Holdings Pte Ltd