Singapore Awards 2022

24 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Amaris Consulting, a company that has grown rapidly over the past fifteen years thanks to its ability to hire the most promising upcoming talent, is a technology consulting company working hard to support its clients facing technological challenges. It has strengthened its reach in the Singaporean region and around the world with the increasing prominence of its digital factory, gaining a variety of awards and accolades for its continued commitment to its clients and talent alike. As an independent technology consulting company, Amaris Consulting has taken significant steps to ensure it remains at the cutting edge of innovation, and the implications of these bold new discoveries. Amaris provides guidance and solutions in information systems & digital (IS&D), telecom, life sciences, and engineering to its 1,000+ clients all across the world – made possible by the expertise of its 6,350 people from 95 different nationalities, covering 5 continents and 60 countries. Having been rolling out major technological solutions with its corporate clients for over a decade, Amaris has a strong track record of high-quality deliverables. Priding itself on its ability to put ‘the people with the right skills in the room’, Amaris’ client-centricity ensures a laser-focus on the difficulties and challenges at hand in order to deliver the right solution for each client’s individual needs. Each consultant has their own specialties and fields of expertise, making them invaluable for the business. Amaris’ clients laud their depth and range of expertise as both comprehensive and impressive; no problem is too big or too small for this ambitious group of experts. Providing support across a variety of industry verticals from pharmaceuticals to automotive, Amaris’ flagship Singapore location houses its exemplar IS&D team. With researchers also focusing on telecom and life sciences expertise , as well as its digital factory activities, Amaris Singapore is able to support in every aspect of their clients’ technological challenges. Entrepreneurial, tenacious, and far reaching, Amaris Consulting tailors its services to fit each client; no matter the scale, industry, or mission of the company in question. Furthermore, the ‘Amaris Academy’ ensures that consultants and experts across every subject area are primed and ready to deliver the latest thinking and the best service possible for their clients. Innovation truly has a home at Amaris Consulting, and it welcomes in a variety of different perspectives and backgrounds in order to bolster this further, recognising that a myriad of different ideas is what creates one final, brilliant idea. After all, it is this diverse and inclusive team that has allowed Amaris Consulting to pull through the trials of Covid-19 and plot a course for the bright future that is surely ahead, kicking off new HR initiatives, SMART working principles, and involvement in projects such as the Human Capital Partner Program by MOM. Company: Amaris Consulting Contact: Chloe Thevelin Website: 2022’s Best Independent Technology Consulting Firm