Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 23 , If you’ve suffered from the consequences of medical negligence, youwant to know that the law firmyou hire is not only on your side, but going to get results. We take a look at Arbiters Inc LawCorporation, a leading lawfirmwith a diverse clientele. Their results have ensured their success in the Singapore Business Awards 2022. We dig a little deeper to discover more. For nearly two decades, the team at Arbiters Inc have built their name on providing a broad-based business practice. Specialising in litigation and dispute resolution, the team have helped numerous clients to overcome the challenges involved in the fields of medical negligence, civil, corporate and commercial law and arbitration. Working across so many different industries and businesses, the secret behind the success of Arbiters Inc has been their carefully developed network of law firms, offices and corporations. These partner organisations are spread not only across Singapore, but around the world allowing the team to have a truly international impact. To maintain the highest of standards, the company has seen considerable investment in the latest communications technology. The team’s clientele includes Blue Chip Companies, Local and Foreign government agencies, and governmentlinked companies, Local and Foreign Statutory Boards and High Net-Worth Individuals. Each brings their own unique challenges which are easily met by the team’s combined years of expertise in a wide range of different areas of litigation. The success of the company, as ever, is measured on the firm’s track Best Medical Negligence Firm - Singapore 2022 record. The sheer quantity of favorable outcomes for the team clearly demonstrates the quality of their work. Key to the team’s global approach which allows them to serve clients beyond Singapore’s borders is the use of technology. The team proudly embrace the latest computer and communications systems, using dedicated software to conduct research, locate precedents and document matters quickly and accurately. This comprehensive system, easily accessed anywhere in the world is what has allowed the team to meet their clients’ expectations when it comes to quality, timing and cost-effectiveness. Instead of wasting time searching for information, staff are able to get on with the job. The COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on how many businesses operated, but the Arbiters Inc team were able to make a move quickly thanks to their technological prowess. It was not enough simply to maintain what had worked before in these unprecedented times, however and the firm soon adopted the latest collaborative technologies to ensure that their work stayed consistent with what had been possible in the office. For clients and staff alike, the last few months have been challenging but the work they do has not been diminished in any respect. Looking ahead to the future, the Arbiters Inc team intend to continue their vision for the future through the work they do today. Their contribution to the development of the law through their litigation successes has helped many, but they are always looking for ways of supporting more people to access justice. We celebrate the team’s incredible accomplishments and look forward to what they do in the months and years to come. Company: Arbiters Inc Law Corporation Email: [email protected] Web Address: Jan22053