Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 49 , Consultancy does not have to use the same old stale techniques. Indeed, Rev-Mantra is changing the face of the industry by bringing tested, innovative methods into businesses across Singapore. Rev-Mantra boasts an impressive track record, and is simply set to have an equally, if not more, successful future ahead. Rev-Mantra Pte. Ltd., founded in 2018, works to target the most minute of details in order to transform entire companies. Its management consulting services focus on its clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, on and offline marketing, distribution, sales representation, industrywide analytics, and geographies. Indeed, Rev-Mantra provides an all-encompassing service, catering primarily to the hospitality and travel industries. The company sets itself apart via its holistic approach, which it seamlessly combines with an abundance of expertise and passion. Across numerous industries and endless companies, Rev-Mantra has cut its teeth working across performance marketing, revenue management, distribution, restaurant and bar optimisation, and brand and sales representation. Moreover, it is noted for its ability to provide out of the box solutions – driving companies forward with groundbreaking techniques. In addition to its consultancy services, Rev-Mantra also offers training programs and courses in revenue management and performance marketing that are thoughtprovoking, up-skilling, and inspiring. Best Boutique Hospitality & Travel Tech Consulting Firm 2022 Specialising in the services sector, specifically in hospitality and travel and tourism, RevMantra has the pleasure of working with diverse brands, from hotel chains, restaurants, bars, travel technology, and retail sectors. Through a focused approach, the company develops bespoke solutions that are tailored to the company’s unique needs. Indeed, Rev-Mantra truly understands that no two companies are the same, and therefore, it strives to provide a service suitable for all types of business. Rev-Mantra will assist clients right from inception to the divestment of their hospitality ventures, by offering an entire spectrum of services that are practical and tangible value-adds for clients. Its knowledge and professionalism are second to none, which is why the company has become nothing short of an industry leader. Its success is further bolstered by its dedicated team, who, over the years, have cultivated a vast amount of industry expertise. Strong and driven, the team will stop at nothing to help its clients and is equipped to handle even the most complicated of challenges. Each team member has a deep understanding of the hospitality industry and possesses robust experience in the utilisation of technology and the techniques RevMantra utilises. Additionally, it is imperative that the team has an entrepreneurial mindset, harbouring an interest in business and development. Indeed, it is abundantly clear as to why Rev-Mantra has been awarded a title such as Best Boutique Hospitality & Travel Tech Consulting Firm 2022. Its unique take on consultancy has propelled it to a level of success that is unmatched by its industry counterparts. Therefore, Rev-Mantra is sure to have a bountiful future ahead. Contact: Puneet Mahindroo Company: Rev-Mantra Pte. Ltd. Web Address: Dec21294