Singapore Awards 2022

20 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , -Sports don’t only have to be for health purposes – they can also be for fun. FRISCKids is a company that embodies this statement, providing football sessions to children that expand upon their football skills whilst inspiring a love for the sport. Whilst the company currently only focuses upon children between the age of five to 12, 2022 will see the introduction of plans to expand its services to a wider age group, allowing for children and parents alike to progress through a familiar company for a greater amount of time. Founded in 2016, FRISCKids angles its football sessions towards children that fall into the age category of five to 12 years old. Since its establishment, the company has trained over 100 students, guiding them towards confidence in and passion for their football abilities. Each of its football sessions follows a fun structure that encourages cooperation and teamwork, from the initial warmups to the singlesided games. Furthermore, there are regular opportunities for the children to play matches against other junior teams. The company hosts a game day at the end of each term, which parents are encouraged to join in with, which allows for the assessment of the child’s skills and provides an excellent parent-child bonding experience. The very essence of what FRISCKids can be is found within its name – fun and family, respect, imagination, sportsmanship, and confidence. Indeed, these are the guiding lights of the company, serving as its fundamental philosophy. FRISCKids is not your average football school – instead, it hopes to invoke transformation within each child, equipping them with a solid foundational level of football skills and educating them on key values which, in turn, help them to gain confidence, sportsmanship, and resilience. Whilst the company primarily works with children, its main client is, of course, the parents. As such, FRISCKids understands that no two parents will have the same expectations, henceforth, it endeavours to fully understand these prior to the commencement of the term. The deepened understanding enables the company to fully assess and monitor each child in accordance with the parents wishes. In addition, this lets parents know that by sending their children to FRISCKids, that the children are guaranteed to gain something from the football coaching sessions. Due to the nature of FRISCKids’ work, it is vital for each member of the team to like children and enjoy their company. Another key trait within the perfect coach is a deep love and understanding of football – therefore, many of the company’s coaches have gained AFC, FIFA, and FAS Grassroot certifications. However, the most important aspect for the company, is that the staff adopt FRISCKids’ philosophy and are aligned in coaching and progressing each child through the school. FRISCKids are constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the training and are also searching for ways to bring coaches together, enhancing the sharing and learning experience. It would be an understatement to say that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a major impact on the world, society, and numerous industries. FRISCKids initially struggled with the new burden, having to change its location and work alongside ever-changing lockdown restrictions. In turn, its training sessions were regularly postponed, and its training numbers were forced to decrease. However, this acted as a learning opportunity for the company, and it soon discovered ways that allowed it to be flexible. The reduction in numbers for each training session soon proved to be a benefit as each child receives more attention from the coaches, meaning that the acquisition of skills increased dramatically. Furthermore, the company found a more suitable location – one that was served to be a significant upgrade. In 2022, FRISCKids will be continuing its work on an exciting new project. The company is hoping to expand its services to a wider age-range, potentially eight to 16-year-olds, and is in the process of creating new branding for this expansion. It is on a mission to continue its students’ football skill development and hopes to inspire further enthusiasm as they grow up. As a result, the company will see more comprehensive training sessions come into play and will provide a continuation of its services to its clients. Contact: James Ng Company: FRISCKids Web Address: https://www. Best Children’s Sports Development Company 2022