Singapore Awards 2022

28 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Havingmade itself a diligent, dedicated, and unwavering partner to its clients, Now Communications Group Pte Ltd provides exemplarymarketingmaterial as well as software as a service virtual events opportunities in order to keep the business world connected during this time of isolation. Working hard to serve its big budget, highly prestigious clients, this diverse and creative team thrives when given a challenge, and has proven the efficacy of its solutions time and time again as it aids its clients in cultivating the best digital footprint for their business. A group dedicated to providing companies with engaging marketing solutions for their audiences, Now Communications Group Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries – NowEvents, Brown Cow, and Mischief Makers – serve B2B and B2C businesses alike. Fundamentally, its marketing solutions drill down into the true goals, wants, and needs of a company, making marketing solutions in line with these for clients, peers, internal communications, and partners or affiliates in order to ensure that its clients can always put their best foot forward. Its proposition, in this manner, is one of taking a client’s audience from ‘where they are to where you need them to be’. In short, it is a business that has moved into the adaptation of new technologies and innovations in order to do this, always looking for new ways to communicate with clients and for better ways for companies to develop their influence. Additionally, throughout these efforts, its core values and principles of dedicated, professional marketing have remained the same at every turn. Its approach is something that has changed, however, with the way it values diversity and inclusiveness only growing as Now Communications recognises the invaluable nature of having access to a myriad of different perspectives, each of whom propose new and forward-thinking ideas. This has been especially pivotal during the past 18 months, as Now Communications has been one of the many companies having to pivot from live business events to online events. In response, it quickly established itself in Asia with its 25 staff rapidly expanding to 50, allowing it to promote and hold more events than ever before – by way of innovations such as a Virtual event hosting platform called Vue – allowing it to be the platform facilitating its clients in the organisation and hosting of their own remote events. Critically, this is what has given it access to such exponential growth. Asia as a region has very few companies competing with such a service, and with Now Communications’ dedication to understanding, sector agnosticism, digital marketing specialties, brilliant creative team, hybrid events supplies, and strategic acumen, it has attracted big names from Motorola to Amazon. When it comes to assigning the thanks and recognition for what and whom has made such growth possible, Now Communications would like to take a moment to focus its staff. Each team member boasts their own unique specialties, backgrounds, and viewpoints, able to use each of these to develop creative solutions to a myriad of challenges faced by the clients or the company writ large; it thanks them for this diligence by ensuring they have a path for further career growth within the company and are looked after in the day to day. Covid, of course, necessitated a lot of change across the board, but thanks to its staff, Now Communications has been able to thrive, focusing on the continued development of its SaaS Vue platform as it moves forward into the future alongside a changing world. Company: Now Communications Group Pte Ltd Contact: Wilson Tan Website: Most Innovative Virtual Marketing Events Company 2022