Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 25 , When it comes to establishing a business, there’s few better qualified for the task than the teamat Healy Consultants Group PLC. The team’s incredible skills have placed them centre-stage in APAC Insider’s Singapore Business Awards 2022. We will take a closer look at the team’s astonishing achievements to uncover how they did so well and how they intend to thrive in the future. In 2003, Aidan Healy had a vision of the future. His vision was one where he would build a team that was able to provide clients with the highest quality of business incorporation services. And it would be a service available to every country around the globe. Clearly, Aidan Healy was thinking big, and the success of Healy Consultants Group PLC shows that thinking big is certainly not a bad thing. Healy Consultants Group PLC is recognised first and foremost for its stupendous quality of service. The past two decades of hard work and constant growth have allowed the company to secure its position as the preferred partner for multinational clients with global growth ambitions. With offices in Singapore, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, India and Europe, it is a truly an international organisation. At the heart of this success is a 50-plus strong team of talented people, guided by robust corporate values. Whilst small, the organisation boasts a diverse staff with more than 15 native languages amongst them which gives them access to an incredibly wide client base. Ranging from start-ups to multinationals, it’s clear that each needs a bespoke approach and that’s precisely what the team delivers. Business Consultancy of the Year 2022 Over the years, the team at Healy Consultants has worked across multiple industries globally. When they are engaged, it’s not just solely based on their knowledge of the country (though it does help) but it’s also because of the team’s incredible ability to anticipate the challenges that may arise and figure out the best strategy to deal with them. Additionally, this high level of trust comes from a degree of transparency that is a rarity in business consultancies. The team’s code of communication is based on the approach that involves frequent updates to the clients. This means there is no uncertainty about how a project is progressing. The team always paints a realistic view so even when the unexpected happens, there are no nasty surprises. If there are any delays, the team can quickly and efficiently explore ways of completing deliverables quicker. This openness at every level is paramount to the success of Healy Consultants Group PLC. They make promises that they can keep. No two clients are the same and neither are any two projects. To stay at the forefront of what the industry has to offer, the team at Healy Consultants takes a personalised approach which embraces the unique knowledge each member of the team brings to the table. There is no technology that can replicate or predict the relationships that the team have with government authorities, local banks or clients in different industries. Finding the right path forward is not an easy task and requires an approach from the teams which is always solution oriented. The challenges which have arisen for the team recently involved adapting to the rapidly changing market of cryptocurrency which has formed a great deal of the team’s work. Their success in this sector reflects the firm’s incredible capacity to meet the needs of the moment. Whilst this has been happening, the Healy Consultants team has dealt with the challenge of opening corporate bank accounts for clients, especially if the beneficial owner does not live in the country in which the account is being opened, or if the industry is deemed high risk. Even when accounts are opened, they can be closed with no reasons given. However, the Healy Consultants team has overcome this difficulty by maintaining the highest standards of communications that have always characterised the firm. And the company has been able to achieve truly astonishing success by providing clear lines of communication. When setting up a business, the Healy Consultants team is vital to securing success. Their personalised approach means that every solution is bespoke and any problems that arise will be resolved in a way that supports the individual business. Their many triumphs over the years are something to be justly celebrated. Company: Healy Consultants Group PLC Email: [email protected] Web Address: Dec21400