Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 39 , Atlas Relocation Services is a professional, tenacious, and dedicated young company that has beenmaking waves in its sector. Founded by a teamof industry veterans that ensured it could hit the ground running when it comes to its services, it has accrued significant good will amongst its market segment and with its peers both, expanding into new and uncharted territories as it continues to grow, hoping to one day soon achieve the ‘holy grail’ of business in order to become the preferred provider of relocation services in its geographical region. With four years of operation under its belt, Atlas is a young, disruptive, and increasingly well-known company making its mark on the relocation sector of its industry through the knowledge of its founders, the diligence of its staff, and the excellence of its services. Each founder, before starting Atlas, was already an industry veteran, and so had an in-depth understanding of the challenges that clients face on a daily basis, bringing together their ideas of how to help them rise to these challenges into the solutions of the resulting company. Atlas Relocation Services, to each of the founders, is a labour of love that has been in the process of being developed since the turn of the century, despite its official founding being under half a decade ago. Fundamentally, its specialties lie in helping its clients to move and relocate, finding their new dream home. No matter the why and where of the relocation – whether this is due to employment needs, residency, education, or any other of the myriad of other challenges and opportunities its clients face – it can always step up to assist, working hard to help them with visas and Best Emerging Relocation Company - Southeast Asia immigration, household goods moving, home search, school assistance, cultural training, and even help with settling in. This comprehensive and holistic approach has garnered it a vast amount of support from a market segment who use it as their onestop-shop for relocation needs, growing naturalistically one satisfied customer at a time by operating with empathy, integrity, passion, and transparency. The foundation of Atlas is therefore something that has paved its path to further success. After all, its principles have been the same since its founding, and its dedication to the customer has remained an unmoving pillar since day 1, serving people from all walks of life and tailoring its services appropriately. Thus, its focus is on people, from its staff to its clientele, and it is dedicated to helping each member of its team benefit from continuous upskilling and professional development, developing an internal atmosphere of teamwork and collaboration that drives the company’s current growth spurt. Despite the trials and tribulations of the past 18 months brought on by the pandemic, Atlas has been able to pull through thanks to this incredible team of people and thanks to the continued stalwart faith of its market segment both; and so, it would like to extend its thanks to all involved for their continued belief in it. Going forward, it promises that things will only get bigger and better from here, having used the lessons it learned over the course of the pandemic to reshape its resilience and remodel itself to fit the emerging modern epoch, scouting new opportunities for expansion such as its work in Jakarta and collaborating with other industry professionals in order to make this happen. Company: Atlas Relocation Services Pte Ltd Contact: Owen Koh Website: Dec21642