Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 15 Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd COVID-19,” states Bob. Over the past two years, the company has exceeded expectations and successfully built a solid reputation and established its brand as a trusted marketing consultancy partner. Marketing itself to a wide selection of clients and organisations continually attracts both SMEs and MNCs through its comprehensive and competitively priced packages. The company’s ability to focus and fuse ideas through its inhouse team of specialised and highly trained experts allows Pivot Tree to establish its name as a firm to be reckoned with and will inevitably continue growing as a company and concerning its service to a broader selection of clients across Singapore and other neighbouring Asian countries in the upcoming years. Bob builds on this idea and explains, “While we may be considered as ‘young blood’ in the industry, the list of companies we have partnered with will show how strong of a force we are. We are always happy to share that every member of our team is in-house, making everyone easily accessible to the clients and providing the client’s confidence that the individuals in charge of their projects are all ready to hold accountability for the progress of the work.” By 2022, Pivot Tree plans to expand and grow with a vision to branch out towards additional organisations in neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan and China. With the whole world at its fingertips, Pivot Tree is scaling the industry and towering over with imminent success. Company Name: Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd Contact Name: Bob Hafiz Web Address: Contact Email: [email protected]