Singapore Awards 2022

22 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 JET Corporate Development is a highly acclaimed company, known for running professionally facilitated, engaging leadership development workshops, teambuilding events and executive coaching. JET Corporate Development delivers results by developing leaders and teams to achieve their full potential through inspiring and relevant bespoke programs which ultimately benefit the business as well as the individual attendees. JET Corporate Development’s ‘Journey of Enablement and Transformation’ focuses on the development of all people in an organisation with the aim of facilitating growth and empowerment across the board. JET Corporate Development understands that people are central to all an organisation aims to achieve. Its philosophy embodies a head and heart mindset, building knowledge and expertise (Head), as well as trust and care for others (Heart). The facilitated workshops and development journeys created for each corporate client are inspiring, engaging, relevant and applicable to ensure there is a measurable benefit for all who attend. The aim, for JET Corporate Development, is to instil corporate professionals with a renewed engagement and empowerment that they will be able to take through to every aspect of their professional lives from that point forward, improving all levels of the organisation as a result and pushing them to realise that ‘good’ can always be better. Creating transformational journeys making use of facilitated workshops and executive coaching, learning will be implemented successfully in the workplace. By building competencies amongst corporate professionals and giving them the tools to develop the right mindset for growth potential, JET Corporate Development develops the ability for them to reach a higher goal, taking the client through a series of integrated programmes that ensure effective – and sustainable – longlasting change. Testimonials received highlight JET Corporate Development’s commitment to providing impactful, in-depth, and engaging workshops. The team embrace open communication and foster bonds through positive encouragement. The facilitators promote empowered learning through professional techniques to reassure, reinforce, develop and support growth. This is all done via lively facilitation alongside a well-structured blend of exercises, latest methodologies and relatable sharing, both during face-to-face and virtual workshops. Joanna Thumiger is the founder and lead facilitator for JET Corporate Development and as an accredited coach and master facilitator, she has developed an excellent reputation for facilitating corporate leaders’ learning and growth. She and her team inspire their participants, bringing concepts to life with a vibrant energy plus a deep understanding of people and their learning journeys. She brings a unique perspective to all workshops helping the participants reflect on the company’s direction as well as their own. Joanna’s flexible approach to the learning needs of the audience, her inspirational delivery as she draws the ideas from her participants, and her ability to answer questions raised by sharing her own corporate experiences and challenging status quo, allows for an enriching experience and deep learning. Leaders are emboldened to transform their own businesses and are proud to achieve great results within their workspace, even in challenging times, following JET Corporate Development programmes. Joanna and her team look forward to discussing your People Development Training needs, so that your teams can also experience “The Most Engaging People Development Workshops”, in 2022 and beyond. Company: JET Corporate Development Contact: Joanna Thumiger Website: Most Engaging People Development Workshops Provider 2022