Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 21 , The global aviation industry has devalued bymore than 50% economically fromCovid-19. Air traffic is not expected to return to pre pandemic averages anytime soon. If these figures trouble you, AEROGON understands why, and would like to reassure customers and partners alike in the aviation industry that its efforts are working to reverse this trend, implementing technology that will allow the industry to work smarter, not harder and shift from its legacy based systems. Being a cornerstone company that’s innovating while harnessing strong partnerships and helping aviation reduce complexity and costs. Driving change is instrumental for the industrymore then ever before, with the need for remote secured tools. AEROGONhas cultivated firm colborationwith a variety of different stakeholders, further promoting the growth of the industry in a globalised economy. In a world where technology has advanced immeasurably, while much of Aviation is still built on legacy systems and processes. Covid-19 has forced a need for change to address adhoc flight demands, new security screening protocols while ensuring safety and efficiencies. This is where AEROGON focuses on developing, integrating NextGen technology for ANSPs and their stakeholders A dedicated aviation services company, AEROGON brings efficiency and modernisation to aviation services, supported by industry consultants and its strong Aviation partners. It hopes to make everything about its industry, more efficient, secure and safer. Harnessing leading edge IT infrastructures, with manged services that can seamlessly integrate with modern air traffic systems, its products deliver a turnkey service that ensures an agile, and userBest Aviation Technology & Logistics Company 2022 intuitive operating system for the various Aviation stakeholders. By making tasks easier, more efficient and cost competitive, it has made itself a trusted flight permit management partner in the Asia-Pacific region. AEROGON’s permit office –is a team of permit specialists based in Singapore, acquiring overflight and landing permits from all around the region through its 24/7 state-of-the-art command centre, bringing competitive service and competitive rates for multi-aircraft logistics. It also offers complete ground service from passenger handling services to medical flight support. AEROGON has developed additional tools for Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA’s) Regulatory Affairs that assist CAA’s to track and monitor their audit oversight activities. The system is built under the guidelines of ICAO’s 8 Critical Elements and produces systematic array of evidence to generate reports as deemed necessary for safety oversight functions as mandated by ICAO. The linking of this with it Permit Automation system ensures a safe operational environment in a country’s airport and airspace. AEROGON is further working with industry partners to deploy an ecosystem that reduce commercial risk from complex legacy payments created from the dependency of conventional banking system. A secure digital payment platform built by the industry for the industry. Serving both public and private entities, it sees its future being a bright one that will see it being called upon by many of its current loyal customers, as it has effectively made itself their go-to solution for aviation logistical queries. This includes heads of state, global MNCs, and international business magnates. Furthermore, for every client, it goes above and beyond, and its team make this possible through their education, training, and empathy, meeting deadlines and building long-lasting positive relations with clients at every turn, each having proven themselves through its rigorous recruitment process. It is this team that allowed AEROGON to pull through the challenges of Covid-19, and its cloud infrastructure and remote accessibility are allowing it to continue to help create a global economy, promising a future of incredible further innovation for aviation. Company: AEROGON Contact: Michael Ryan Website: Dec21352