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Hong Kong Business Awards (2024)

APAC Insider proudly presents the Hong Kong Business Awards, freshly revamped for 2024 aiming to celebrate the exceptional business landscape currently being displayed in the Fragrant Harbour. This prestigious awards programme is dedicated to honouring the vibrant and pioneering companies that constitute the core of Hong Kong’s dynamic economic environment. As the region, and indeed the wider Asia Pacific area, aims to establish itself as one of the world’s largest consumer markets, these awards highlight those entities and entrepreneurs shaping the business future! The Hong Kong Business Awards 2024 seeks to acknowledge the innovators and visionaries in Hong Kong’s diverse array of sectors. Open to startups, SMEs, and large corporations leading in innovation, the awards recognise those driving growth and embracing cutting-edge practices in their industries. We invite these trailblazers to join this celebration of business excellence. In 2024, Hong Kong is demonstrating resilience and innovation amidst an evolving economic scenario. The city’s consistent GDP growth of 2.9% mirrors its adaptability to global challenges. Key sectors like technology, IT and fintech, particularly regulatory technology, are witnessing substantial growth, underscoring Hong Kong’s prominence in financial innovation. The ecommerce sector is rapidly expanding, adjusting to shifts in consumer behaviour. Stable employment trends in finance and insurance suggest a promising outlook. Overall, Hong Kong is utilising its status as a global financial hub to strategically navigate and adapt to these challenges. APAC Insider is dedicated to recognizing and elevating the exceptional achievements of Hong Kong’s businesses. These awards aim to highlight those contributing significantly to the region’s economic vitality and setting innovation and excellence benchmarks in their fields. The selection process for the Hong Kong Business Awards 2024 is inclusive and transparent, offering fair opportunities for businesses of all sizes across various sectors. We encourage businesses to nominate themselves or other deserving companies. A panel of experts will evaluate nominees based on criteria such as innovation, sustainability, and impact. Winners will be celebrated for their substantial contributions to their industries and the broader business community. The process is straightforward; alongside nominations, we have our dedicated in-house research team that source, analyse and reward businesses that we think deserve to be recognised for their achievements. Using this method means that, regardless of industry or size, businesses can be judged on a level playing ground. This awards programme is completely free to enter and if your business is lucky enough to be successful, you will be presented to out circulation of 105,000 and promoted on our official website for a minimum of 12 months. In addition, our awardees are welcome to choose from our range of competitively priced promotional opportunities to increase exposure of the good news! Being successful in the Hong Kong Business Awards 2024 offers extensive media exposure, increased brand visibility, and opportunities to showcase achievements to industry professionals across the Asia Pacific region. This platform is invaluable for marketing, networking, and celebrating successes, offering both commercial and reputational benefits to elevate businesses. We invite you to join this prestigious event, celebrate your achievements, and set new success benchmarks in Hong Kong’s vibrant business landscape. Nominate your business or a deserving peer today and embark on a journey of excellence and innovation with APAC Insider!

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South East Asia Business Awards (2024)

APAC Insider is excited to announce that the South East Asia Business Awards are back for the sixth year. This prestigious awards programme is dedicated to recognising, promoting, and awarding exceptional companies within the region that have exhibited remarkable achievements over recent years. The South East Asian region is a melting pot of cultures and identities, spanning almost 4000 miles and home to nearly 9% of the world’s population. South East Asia is home to a diverse range of social, economic, and cultural niches, which have given rise to a plethora of extraordinarily successful industries and international exports. Among these, Manufacturing has emerged as one of the foremost industries, with each country playing a crucial role in the Production trade. Similarly, Food and Agriculture are vital industries with robust worldwide trade connections, with countries like Vietnam leading the way. The entire region has strong trade links and recent international investments have only served to strengthen these thriving industries, which continue to grow at an impressive rate. Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are, without a doubt, the most important type of company in countries across South East Asia (SEA). They are significant contributors to the region’s GDP and the backbone of SEA economies. They account for nearly half of the region’s GDP, contribute significantly to overall employment levels, and play an important role in diversifying the workforce. Cambodia has already launched a strategic plan to support and strengthen the role of SMEs, and this recognition of their importance is being seen throughout the region. In recent years, every country in SEA has experienced an overall improvement in their economy, and this trend is expected to continue. Experts predict that the GDP of these countries will grow even further, although each country is likely to experience varying levels of growth. Investments in SEA companies are also increasing rapidly, driven largely by the influx of technology-related firms. The region has become a hub for technological innovation, with SEA countries leading the way in AI and other similar technologies. This growth in the Technology Industry was inevitable, given the region’s extensive history of electronic manufacturing. The Technology Industry will play a pivotal role in the SEA’s economic progress, firmly establishing its position on the global map. The Tourism Industry in the SEA region is undoubtedly a popular one. In 2023, the industry showed signs of recovery, thanks to the implementation of new tourism policies by many countries. The ASEAN Framework Agreement made it easier for tourists to travel within the region, and this emphasises just how crucial the tourism industry is to the GDP of SEA countries. Thailand and Malaysia are spearheading the industry, with Malaysia welcoming almost 26 million visitors in 2023. Vietnam, Indonesia, and Cambodia have also shown impressive tourism levels, and it’s evident that the industry is recovering remarkably well. It’s even possible that it will soon reach the pre-pandemic levels of international visitors. The growth and variety of businesses in South East Asia over the last few decades have been impressive. APAC Insider is an excellent platform for leading companies and executives in this region to showcase their services to a specific audience of industry professionals. Regardless of your industry, the South East Asia Business Awards is the ideal place to highlight your accomplishments and present yourself to a global audience. The South East Asia Business Awards 2024 accepts nominations from individuals and third parties. Our experienced professionals evaluate all nominees based on their quality and achievements, without bias towards their company size or location. The selection process is fair and impartial, ensuring that all candidates are objectively evaluated based on merit. If you know of a company worthy of recognition for its successes, please feel free to submit a nomination. We wish all the nominees the best of luck!

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CEO of the Year Awards (2024)

The APAC CEO of the Year Awards are back for the third year. This prestigious awards program recognises and congratulates hardworking CEOs dedicated to innovation and success in the Asia-Pacific region. APAC Insider is proud to host this annual award that offers a globally renowned platform for CEOs. The APAC region will confidently continue to strengthen its economy in 2024 and is expected to show no signs of slowing down. It is predicted that countries within the APAC region will have some of the fastest-growing economies. The APAC region is home to almost a third of the world’s population and contributes to over 60% of the global economy. This region has a considerable influence on the world stage. In recent years, the region has experienced steady economic growth, and in the post-pandemic era, these countries have shown remarkable levels of recovery. It is predicted that by 2025, the Asia Pacific region will reclaim its position as the largest regional travel market. Additionally, consumer spending is expected to shift, and discretionary spending is likely to return. The remarkable success and prosperity of APAC countries can be attributed to their embrace of AI and digital technologies. Experts predict that APAC will emerge as the leading region in the AI race, given that 30% of organisations within the region are expected to reap significant benefits from the introduction of AI technologies. Additionally, the introduction of GenAI will be yet another innovation that will help APAC stay ahead of its international counterparts. While new technologies and digitization come with risks, organisations that approach them with confidence and careful strategic planning will reap the rewards of these innovations. By blazing new trails and embracing new technologies, companies in the APAC region will help to propel the region onto the world stage for AI. All these points reflect the region’s bold and confident approach to innovation and exploration. 2024 is promised to be an exciting time to explore and experiment with innovative technologies and trends. Although challenges may arise, the APAC region has a strong history of overcoming obstacles. The APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024 is a prestigious recognition that honours the accomplishments of CEOs who have made significant contributions to their organisations and the Asia-Pacific region. This award provides CEOs with an opportunity to demonstrate their exceptional leadership skills and be acknowledged for their hard work and dedication. Regardless of the industry or specialisation, the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024 is the perfect platform for showcasing the best CEOs in the region. The APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2024 accepts nominations from individuals and third parties. Our experienced professionals evaluate all nominees based on their quality and achievements, without bias towards their company size or location. The selection process is fair and impartial, ensuring that all candidates are objectively evaluated based on merit. If you know of an individual worthy of recognition for their successes, please feel free to submit a nomination. We wish all the nominees the best of luck!

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Singapore Business Awards (2024)

APAC Insider is excited to announce the launch of the Singapore Business Awards 2024! Now in its eighth year, this programme has become the go-to guide to the companies and entrepreneurs spearheading growth across Singapore’s dynamic business market. Though it faces limitations in size, population, and resources, Singapore is a country that is consistently recognised as one of the richest and most stable in the world. In recent years, Singapore has been named as one of the most open economies globally by the Heritage Foundation, and currently ranks as the world’s second richest country based on GDP per capita. Companies and professionals doing business in Singapore benefit from its free-market economy as well as the competitive and pro-business policies implemented by the government. This – in addition to the country’s modern environment, excellent standard of living, and high average salary – makes Singapore an attractive business destination for both local and foreign enterprises. Much of Singapore’s success in the global business market is thanks to the culture of innovation that spreads throughout every segment of its society – from the government, down to company, and individual levels. The country’s key policymakers have also made efforts to invest in emerging sectors so that they can continue to foster this innovation, leading to Singapore being home to the largest number of startups in all of Southeast Asia. Singapore not only invests in business, but also maintains its position in the world market by investing in its people. The country boasts an excellent technical education system, and its universities are considered to be the best in the Southeast Asia region. Singapore’s commitment to developing its talent pool has made the nation world leaders in a number of key business sectors. The finance industry in Singapore is one of the largest and most important across the globe, with over two hundred banks and financial institutions based there, and currently ranking as the third most prolific financial hub worldwide, behind only New York City and London. Singapore is also known for its advanced precision engineering and manufacturing industry. Most modern precision technology products are made with components or through patents originating from Singapore, which is one of the reasons much of the world’s top tech talent are enticed to move their careers and business operations to the region. APAC Insider will be covering all of this and more in the Singapore Business Awards 2024. We will utilise our years of experience in researching industry markets to curate a list of winners who truly deserve to be named among the leading lights of the Singapore business market. All of our recipients are determined based on merit, and as we are proudly not pay-to play there are no costs involved at any stage of the awarding process. Those successful in the Singapore Business Awards will be provided with a free-of-charge marketing toolkit to celebrate the award, as well as having the opportunity to take advantage of the additional commercial options that we offer. If you would like to put forward a company for consideration, simply click the ‘Vote Now’ button and fill in the submission form provided. APAC Insider wishes the best of luck to all nominees within the Singapore Business Awards 2024!

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Australian Enterprise Awards (2024)

APAC Insider is excited to announce the return of the Australian Enterprise Awards for an eighth consecutive year! Australia represents nearly a quarter of our 105,000-strong circulation base, and so over the years we have been committed to shining a light on the very best of Australian business. Australia is known for its diverse and resilient economy, with the country experiencing an uninterrupted period of growth over the three decades prior to the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020. In the years following the pandemic, Australian industry has experienced various challenges but has been recovering at a quicker rate than many of the world’s other top economies. In fact, Australia currently ranks as the twelfth largest GDP worldwide, which it has achieved despite its much smaller population in comparison to the countries placing higher in the list. Australia’s economy generates over $4.5 trillion in output, with the Manufacturing sector being the biggest contributor to this at a fifteen percent share of total output. In terms of revenue, Banking and Finance is Australia’s biggest industry, generating over $360 billion in 2023. Today’s financial landscape is increasingly turbulent, with volatile inflation rates, stunted revenue growth, rising funding costs, and regulatory issues just a few of the challenges faced by the sector. These hurdles do, however, also present a lucrative opportunity to those who can adapt to changing customer demands and fulfil the latest technology and sustainability standards that are transforming the Finance industry. Technology and digital adoption are a major influence not just on Finance, but on multiple segments of the Australian business landscape. The Healthcare and Retail sectors are both evolving rapidly, with digitalisation at the core of this transformation. Companies who can effectively harness developments in automation, data analytics, and personalisation will improve their efficiencies, drive growth, and provide a more streamlined customer experience. A 2020 survey of CEOs by professional services group PwC showed that 73% of Australian CEOs view the speed of technological change as an obstacle to their business growth. This statistic reveals just how much a company can benefit if they are able to stay on top of this trend and implement digital technology into their operations ahead of their competition. Through the Australian Enterprise Awards 2024, APAC Insider will recognise the key players driving innovation across the variety of sectors that make up Australia’s dynamic business market. We consider submissions from large organisations and SMEs, at company and individual level, and use a strict merit-based approach to assess all nominees. Those successful in the programme will be provided with a free-of-charge marketing toolkit to celebrate their award. As well as this, APAC Insider also offers the chance to upgrade to one of our bespoke commercial packages, for those really looking to get the most out of their success. These include extended coverage in the dedicated Australian Enterprise Awards supplement, as well as a range of physical and digital winners’ items designed to maximise the promotional benefits of inclusion. If you would like to submit yourself or a deserving candidate you know for consideration in the Australian Enterprise Awards 2024, simply click the ‘Vote Now’ button and follow the instructions provided. We wish all those taking part the best of luck this year!

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Business Awards (2023)

APAC Insider is excited to announce that our prestigious Business Awards are returning for the eighth consecutive year in 2023! This large and diverse region is home to over half of the world’s population and is expected to become the largest consumer market within the next two decades. This has positioned Asia Pacific as a growing hub for international business – with a thriving technology sector, a world-class workforce, and a fast-paced and innovative corporate landscape. Here at APAC Insider, we plan to recognise the leading companies and individuals who are at the cutting-edge of their chosen industries, who are responsible for driving growth and advancement across the APAC region. Despite current global financial slowdown, Asia Pacific’s economy remains robust, with growth expected to continue throughout 2023. Following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in China, mobility and consumer activity has increased rapidly, having a positive ripple effect on neighbouring countries throughout the region. In addition to consistent economic growth, for those looking to do business in Asia Pacific the region also offers favourable tax rates, investment incentives, and a heavily populated and talented workforce to take advantage of. It is no surprise then that many global business leaders are now looking to APAC as a lucrative destination for expansion. In fact, many APAC countries are recognised among the world’s best places to do business, with Singapore, South Korea, Australia, and Hong Kong consistently ranking as some of the highest. The large economies of India and China are considered major drivers of growth not just within Asia Pacific, but also across international markets. Hong Kong continues to maintain its position as the world’s leading financial hub, and the ‘middle economies’ of countries such as Thailand and Indonesia are expanding at impressive rates. The rising influence of APAC business on the world stage can be partly attributed to the digital revolution currently taking place across the region. Over the last decade, increasing connectivity, better internet access, and sustained income growth of consumers have combined to make Asia Pacific world leaders for the modern digital age. The team at APAC Insider will consider all of these factors when determining our winners for the Business Awards 2023, ensuring that only the most innovative and hard-working companies go on to be successful. Our unbiased research and selection process allows equal opportunity for businesses of all sizes and industry categories to be recognised in the programme, from SMEs and sole traders all the way to international corporations! Appearing in the Business Awards 2023 offers many promotional benefits, as winners will have the chance to advertise their products and services to a targeted circulation of key professionals across the Asia Pacific region. Whether you are looking to increase your brand awareness, boost staff morale, gain notoriety in your specialist field, or expand your consumer base, APAC Insider provides a fantastic platform to market yourself and your business! With both commercial advertising packages and free-of-charge celebratory options available, the Business Awards 2023 truly offers something for everyone! If you would like to take part in the programme this year, please do nominate yourself or a deserving business you know by clicking the ‘Vote Now’ button and completing the submission form provided. Good luck to all this year’s candidates!

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