Singapore Awards 2022

50 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 Holistic beauty explores every aspect of what makes us feel at home. The teambehind Nue Shape Pte Ltd have made it their mission to create an environment that is relaxing and inviting to their clients. In the Singapore Business Awards 2022, the teamachieved remarkable success. We dig a little deeper to discover how their approach to beauty has ensured they stand out from the crowd. To feel comfortable in one’s own skin is a treat that many would pay a great deal of money for. The sense of satisfaction is a rare one indeed, and what the team at Nue Shape always aim to deliver. With an incredible selection of beauty treatments including facial, slimming treatments, revitalizing massage therapy and hair removal all available on site, you can be certain of an experience to remember. The aim of Nue Shape is to help their clients to feel beautiful from the inside out. Many people do not have proper guidance that allows them to live a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, and a visit to their incredible salon is the first step to securing excellent results. The team have a host of different treatments to accommodate the various concerns that their clients bring, going beyond the skin and the fat issues to treat matters of skin, body and hair removal. For them, beauty is a matter that transcends these concerns and encompasses good nutrition, regular exercise and positive energy. When these are handled correctly, it is possible for anybody to feel more confident within themselves. Leading the path back to beauty success are a team of highly trained beauty professionals, committed to using their experience to deliver the ultimate in satisfaction. Every session is one dedicated to getting the best possible results. The team have built their reputation on the high standards they set for themselves at every level, and are always looking to raise these standards though the use of the latest advanced technologies. When it comes to aesthetics, there really are very few finer within Singapore’s beauty industry. The pandemic forced a major change in how Nue Shape operated, with a shortage of foreign staff causing a smaller team. The workforce has decreased significantly since 2020. That said, 2022 will see the team rebuild its strength, using its new advanced treatments alongside a range of innovative skincare products to support clients even when they are not being treated. This premium range is designed so that there is a product to suit everybody, clinically formulated to help those with dehydrated, dry, sensitive skin, whilst offering superb anti-ageing and radiance-boosting benefits. The incredible skincare treatments available at Nue Shape’s leading salon have been open to all during the pandemic and this successful new venture is not going away any time soon. The growth of Nue Shape during the pandemic has allowed it to thrive for the foreseeable future. The team’s success is directly attributable to the way in which they don’t just offer exceptional skincare solutions, but consider the needs of their clients in order to offer a holistic solution. As people look more deeply into what makes them happy, they discover the value of a beauty that comes from within. Nue Shape inspires people to become more confident, more relaxed and more satisfied. Their work empowers people to thrive in their day-to-day lives. It’s little wonder that they have achieved such remarkable success. Company: Nue Shape Pte Ltd Name: Madeline Chong Email: [email protected] Web Address: Most Client-Focused Beauty Treatment Salon 2022