Singapore Awards 2022

18 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , The hospitality sector thrives on upholding the highest standards for its stakeholders, with this approach ensuring that customers and clients always receive impeccable service. The key tomaintaining these standards is SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd (SHATEC), a teaching facility established nearly forty years ago by the Singapore Hotel Association (SHA). Recently named the Best in Culinary and Hospitality Talent Development, SHATEC has maintained a continuous pipeline of talent for its hotel members and the hospital industry since its inception. Highly regarded for its supreme excellence within hospitality education, SHATEC was founded in 1983 as ‘a school for the industry by the industry’ before structured education in hotel management came to Singapore. It became the region’s first dedicated hotel school, committed to training new entrants and developing professionals to the next level. SHATEC firmly believes that individuals can become successful professionals if given the right stimuli and a caring environment – a place where people can thrive, achieve their goals and discover their passions and talents all under the same roof. Now a highly respected institution, SHATEC has always worked to achieve the clear aims of training fresh school leavers and career-switchers for the hotel and F&B sectors. Cultivating the right attitude and proficiency in new areas allows SHATEC to produce graduates with strong employment outcomes who are ready for the workplace. As the progenitor of hospitality education, SHATEC holds a unique position within the landscape. Nearly four decades of operation has seen over 30,000 alumni spread all over the world, contributing to the hospitality and culinary sectors. The success of the institute’s approach to education is evident, from the building of deep technical competencies, to the development of leadership potential in the sector with a strong focus on character building and personal betterment for trainees. Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the hospitality industry has been maneuvering through many complex challenges over recent years. In the wake of these troubles, SHATEC has been the approved training provider for the Enhanced Training Support Package (ETSP) as well as SGUnited Skills (SGUS) Programme appointed by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG). These major achievements further cemented SHATEC’s standing as an industry school, where the institute was able to support the learning needs of employees from sectors most affected during the pandemic. Ms Margaret Heng, Chief Executive, explains, “We are embracing innovation in line with addressing the need for skills upgrading or re-skilling within the hospitality and tourism industry, which is largely impacted by low tourist footfalls. Also, in line with the nationwide movement to support affected industries, we were able to update our processes and roll out a suite of short training courses to participants promptly, fully implemented with digital tools to conduct home-based learning sessions.” Adapting to modern trends is essential to educating the next generation of hospitality staff. The need to ensure personalized and seamless services remains paramount, and ever more challenging as standards continue to rise. The training faculty at SHATEC closely monitors the evolving landscape in order to ensure currency of the teaching programs. SHATEC also plays a vital role alongside the Singapore Hotel Association, supporting the hospitality industry in necessary transformations including productivity initiatives, leadership development, human resource strategies, and job redesign. Learning and development programs for new entrants and mid-career professionals alike allow the workforce to prepare better and adapt successfully to hotel transformation. In addition to these efforts, SHATEC is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (APacCHRIE), serving as the Country Representative in promoting institutional advancement for hospitality and tourism education. SHATEC successfully hosted the first fully virtual APacCHRIE Conference and Youth Conference to close to 400 attendees worldwide, an impressive achievement within the industry and the local community. For SHATEC, the possibilities of innovation and transformation are endless. With the new year underway, SHATEC has designed a plan of initiatives set to position the school as the industry and corporate partner of choice for training and advisory, elevating its role in developing future industry leaders and spearheading industry transformation. Recognised internationally as an innovative leader within the hospitality education landscape, the SHATEC brand will remain an icon in culinary and hospitality talent development in Asia and beyond. Company Name: SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd Contact Name: Tan Yu Yu Web Address: Contact Email [email protected] Best in Culinary & Hospitality Talent Development 2022 SHATEC Institutes Pte Ltd Ms Margaret Heng Chief Executive, SHATEC Executive Director, SHA