Singapore Awards 2022

14 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 , After just two years in the industry, Pivot Tree Consultancy and Creatives Pte Ltd has built a robust reputation through taking on marketing challenges head-on as a one-stop-shop for all digital marketing and consultancy needs. The company has a strong founding vision to support entrepreneurs - breathing life into their business again - through comprehensive consultancy services that enables existing businesses to sustain client base and expand broadly towards potential customers. Managing Director Bob Hafiz states, “PIVOT stands for People, Inclusion, Vitality, Oneness, and Trust. We believe that our most important clients are our team members; hence, we take good care of our internal team. In turn, every team member takes good care of each and every client we have. We take our work Recently launched in 2020, Pivot Tree Consultancy and Creatives Pte Ltd has been recognised as Singapore’s Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company and accredited as theMost Innovative Family Photography Studio (PieStudio) within APAC Insiders Singapore Business Awards 2022. Steadily expanding to increase the scope of its services, Pivot Tree aims to develop revolutionary solutions to diminish any issues encountered within businesses, with client satisfaction as the fundamental priority. Most Innovative Digital Marketing Company 2022 – Singapore & Most Innovative Family Photography Studio 2022: PieStudio seriously but make sure to have fun while doing it. A young and stress-free work environment helps in the incubation of fresh, strong, and impactful ideas - what our clients deserve, and what our clients get.” Pivot Tree is highly regarded and respected for its immensely creative services such as advertising, consultancy, content writing, corporate branding, graphic design, leads generation, photography, SEO, social media, videography, virtual assistance and web & app development. In addition to that, the company has an in-house production team, PieStudio, composed of videographers, photographers and editors who have recently won recognition as The Most Innovative Family Photography Studio of 2022. For Pivot Tree, supporting clients in their digital marketing venture is more than a job; it’s a passion, and it’s fronted by extraordinarily diligent and hardworking individuals who ensure fantastic results within a timely manner and at competitive, cost-effective prices. Pivot Tree is composed of exceptionally talented and highly skilled individuals that produce unmatched and highquality for its clients. Bob continues from this by stating, “Genius with a hint of crazy, the Pivot Tree group is composed of individuals who are well-versed in both creatives and branding and consultancy. Our dynamic team always enjoys a healthy amount of fun at work, making the office culture stressfree. This also provides for a positive atmosphere, conducive for work.” Moreover, the company aims to provide exceptionally developed solutions, going above and beyond to provide upfront and transparent provisions with the addition of after-care support – a comprehensive package that keeps Pivot Tree afoot of the industry. An overwhelming recognition and appreciation from its clients as the leading and most innovative digital marketing company in its sector of expertise. Since its foundation, Pivot Tree has enabled fellow Singaporeborn companies to bounce back stronger as a brand and establishment due to the substantial efforts of Pivot Tree’s effective and impactful digital marketing strategies. Established in 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob explains, “The founders believed that there were opportunities that were much greater than the effects and fear that the pandemic was creating. So, they rose to the challenge of the global situation and started an organisation with the core objective of helping other organisations bounce back from the negative effects of Dec21601 Pivot Tree Consultancy & Creatives Pte Ltd