Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 19 , Dec21360 Renowned for its expertise in thermal monitoring solutions and technological advancements in industrial IoT, Big Data and A.I., Power Technologies Private Limited has been acknowledged as the Best Thermal Monitoring Solutions Provider for 2022. Power Technologies is classified as a solutions provider, integrator, distributor and producer, developing state of the art thermal, leakage, partial discharge, vibration and arc detection services that allows its customers to gain high-value insights. Established in 2013 by Lim Kuan Heng (George), Power Technologies Private Limited is an internationally respected company for its efforts as an integrator of sustainable IoT monitoring solutions for thermal, leakage, partial discharge, vibration, and arc detection applications. Specialising in end-to-end predictive thermal monitoring solutions, Power Technologies is able to bring industrial IoT, Big Data and A.I to organisations throughout various sectors, providing real-time analysed reporting system and business insights. By providing a wide variety of services such as technical consultation, solutions provider, systems integrator, replacement servicing and upgrading, Power Technologies is able to work with clients across different industries. Most notably, the company has been supporting service providers, enterprises, distributors, endusers, electrical consultants, the Ministry, switchboard manufacturer, electrical contractors, main-con and facilities managers – heavily partnering with technological industries. For Power Technologies, its most important effort is to provide the right solutions for the right applications and yet not compromising any international guidelines and standards. By keeping this value close to the core of its business ethos, the company can provide reputable features, designs, and product differentiation that surpasses competitors but itself each year by continuously progressing and delivering an effective service that is incomparable with others. At Power Technologies, an essential feature is ensuring its staff members capture a divine sense of responsibility and teamwork and are entirely customer orientated. Whether it’s as a team or independently done, fostering growth through idea sharing and suggestion is the most significant aid in success for the company. “Our internal culture is open - great ideas are tested, deployed and showcases the improvement taken on subject matters,” explains founder Lim Kuan Heng (George). To remain ahead of the industry, Power Technologies offers a strategic development to provide continuous training to its employees, upgrading skills and knowledge to produce innovative ideas and remain leaders in their field of expertise. “At our core, we ensure the safety and health of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we operate. We are committed to operating professionally by fostering loyalty, transparency, trustworthiness and have an aim to maintain consistency with those around us,” explains Lim Kuan Heng (George). However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 disruption, companies like Power Technologies have noticed a trend within the industry, such as the impact on supply chain shipping and freight resources. Although it has been seemingly difficult, the company has been able to push back and showcase its adaptability and resilience over the past few years. Power Technologies is the first company in Singapore that offers end-to-end LV and MV switching control gears and predictive thermal monitoring solutions for organisations worldwide. Also with the manufacturing of automatic transfer switches, Power Technologies exemplifies innovation and uniqueness in design and features. Following on its innovation and success, since its inception, the brand of Power Technologies has expanded, most recently to cover markets including Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Philippines, India and Australia. For Power Technologies, the aim is to create uniformity of sensor data that enables the best use of A.I. analytics. Overall, the ability to configure this has led to increased efficiency in the procurement process and reduced operating expenses spent on on-site staffing levels. Moreover, Power Technologies ensures better efficiency and sustainable on the viability and health of assets across its clients’ operational sectors. Thus, providing increased performance. “Coupled with our standard upstream and downstream facilities designs, all these will ensure that our clients get the maximum amount of profits at the lowest possible cost, all while adhering to the best quality standards,” states Lim Kuan Heng (George). Currently, for Power Technologies, the company’s future is focused on broadening within international markets, developing opportunities for growth, sustainable finance and technological advancements. 2022 is the year Power Technologies will be an innovative brand seamlessly recognised across the globe. Company: Power Technologies Private Limited Name: George Lim Email: george.lim@ Web Address: / Best Thermal Monitoring Solutions Provider 2022