Singapore Awards 2022

APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 37 , Bio-X Global has developed a product that is not only effective but also sustainable. Devoted to sustainability and the preservation of the natural world, Bio-X Global Pte Ltd is an agricultural biotechnology firm that is aspiring tomake a difference. Innovation simply runs through the company’s blood – indeed, the company is fighting to create a better world. From the beginning of time, humanity and nature have existed harmoniously – humans took the role of caretaker while nature bestowed its bountiful supply. Over the centuries, this set-up has warped. Henceforth, Bio-X Global applies its extensive biotechnology knowledge in order to develop safe and effective multi-functional and ecologically balanced products that protect not only humans but animals, crops, and the planet. Bio-X Global’s products act as an Insecticide, Insect Repellent, Ovicide/Larvicide, Disinfectant, Deodoriser, Fungicide and Plant-Growth Enhancer, taking a holistic and comprehensive approach to the aforementioned problems. Indeed, its products Best Sustainable Agricultural Biotechnology Firm 2022 are not only effective but innovative, based upon a unique water-based formulation, the products provide a safe and highly effective broad‐spectrum solution for agricultural issues. The value and effectiveness of the Bio-X solutions have been independently tested and verified by the University Technology Malaysia (UTP) and Malaysia Department of Agriculture on paddy cultivation. UTP discovered that not only Bio-X removed all insect pests, fungus and bacteria, the paddy yield increased by more than 100%. Subsequently, UTP submitted the report to an international competition called “Green and Sustainable Chemistry Challenge” held in Germany. There were 500 universities worldwide participated in this campaign and Bio-X paper on paddy cultivation won the 1st runner up award. In addition to agriculture sector, the company serves a wide variety of clients, supplying products to the animal hygiene, commercial sanitation, public health, and consumer industries. Bio-X Global runs on a fundamental set of core values. It believes that whilst it may not have an enormous network and influence in the greater scheme of things, especially in comparison to its titan counterparts, it will do what it can to ensure that it will preserve and better the earth for its inhabitants and nature. Furthermore, the company bases its operations around the quotation, ‘we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.’ From creating eco-friendly products to guaranteeing sustainability throughout the company’s processes, Bio-X Global stands true to this message, infusing it into everything it does. These values are further bolstered by its staffs’ attitude. The team is expected to remain loyal to the company and its views, and employees are briefed to understand that company interests must come first as it provides a long term livelihood and career to all staff. In addition, it is vital for staff to pursue honesty and integrity whilst working on the production line – staff are required to report errors immediately so that remedies can be rectified with no penalties on the production staff. In return Bio-X Global promotes staff integration and hosts numerous activities. The Covid-19 pandemic has provided a time for introspection and has allowed Bio-X Global to innovate and expand the disinfectant market. Since the pandemic has had an enormous impact on everyone, not discriminating against the rich and poor, the company has re-developed and re-packed its premium multi-functional solution to make it more affordable to the mass market. Additionally, its products have proven to be effective against the Covid-19 virus and the company has since developed a game-changer solution that is able to be added into a ventilation system through air conditioning, humidifiers, or diffusers that can blanket the entire enclosed area and aid the extermination of viruses and bacteria around the clock. Contact: Patricia Fang Company: Bio-X Global Pte Ltd Web Address: Dec21736