Singapore Awards 2022

6 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 in financial management and markets with its in-depth understanding of current affairs and the impact this may have on the client’s investment portfolio. It constantly seeks out new offerings, analysing companies, industries, markets and the world’s economies so it can help the client to make the right decisions and identify attractive opportunities across major asset classes and geographies. Lastly, New Dimensions Capital’s sustainable investing solutions service aligns the client’s investments with their values. It helps them to grow their wealth not only with the right investment and wealth planning strategies, but ensures that each decision made is in alignment with their values. The company selects investment vehicles from around the world, making it easy for it to create an investment portfolio tailored the causes the client believes in and to avoid those that go against their values while still meeting their financial goals. Through customised insights and analysis, the New Dimensions Capital research team can help the client factor in environmental and social impact considerations into their investment criteria and avoid investments that generate revenue from objectionable activities, sectors and geographies. It can focus on enterprises dedicated to solving domestic or global sustainability issues so that the client’s investments have a positive social or environmental impact. Overall, it’s easy to see what makes New Dimensions Capital the outstanding company it is and how Elaine has achieved such success as APAC Insider’s Wealth Management Advisor of the Year 2022. Being a highly experienced and dedicated professional who seeks to deliver only the best possible services to her clients, Elaine intends to continue leading New Dimensions Capital with passion and excellence to consistently provide outstanding client experiences and maintain its significant impact on the industry. Company: New Dimensions Capital Contact: Elaine Foo Email: [email protected] Website: