APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023 Phaos Technology: Microscopy Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Yeo

Welcome to the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023 APAC Insider is once again proud to bring back the APAC CEO of the Year Awards for another year! This programme is designed to reward Chief Executive Officers who demonstrate the use of innovative approaches through intense commitment and dedication and shine a light on their achievements. Credible indexes are reporting predictions of the APAC region to achieve real growth of roughly 3.5% in 2023, a noticeable improvement on their global contemporaries such as Europe or the USA. It’s also said that the region will dominate global growth in 2023, supported by efficient supply chains and competitive costs. The APAC region is also uniquely positioned to leverage the digital boom that is revolutionising the landscape, with local companies embracing tech faster than anywhere else globally. Asia is also the fastest-growing region in international e-commerce, meaning digitisation is a must for most businesses wanting to gain an advantage. With the digital generation expected to make up half of Asia’s consumption by 2030, technological innovation in products and processes should help fast-track business success. A huge portion of the positive projections of performance demonstrated throughout the region is down to the commitment that CEO’s demand from both their employees and themselves. Sofi Parry, Senior Editor Website: www.apac-insider.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

4. The Whiskey Project Group LTD: Maritime CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Darren Schuback 6. Capacitate Group LTD: Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): James Dickinson 8. AUSSIE HELPERS LTD: Most Supportive Farmers Charity CEO 2023 (Australia): Natasha Kocks 10. NutriSource Pte Ltd: Agricultural CEO of the Year 2023 (South East Asia) 12. Phaos Technology: Microscopy Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Yeo 14. Artha Strategies Pte. Ltd: Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023 (Singapore): Jai Thampi 16. Gaybnb: Gay Travel CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Aston 18. Jackal Oz: Best Business Consultancy CEO 2023 (Australia): Jacqueline Hiddlestone 20. Gutbiome Pty Ltd: Most Influential Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CEO 2023: Linda Paterson 22. Inypay: Digital Finance CEO of the Year 2023 (Singapore): Arivuvel Ramu 24. Rodney Surgical Centre: Best Surgical Facility CEO 2023 (Auckland): Zaneta Schumann 25. Deep Identity Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Boutique Systems Integrator CEO 2023 (Singapore): Koh Wee Leng 26. Skipper Care Australia: Most Dedicated Disability Support CEO 2023 (Australia): Bec Skipper 27. HTANALYSTS: Most Innovative Healthcare CEO 2023 (New South Wales) Contents 28. The Northern Club: Best Hospitality CEO 2023 (Auckland): Michael Shah 29. Awaken: Best Independent Creative Media Agency CEO 2023 (New South Wales): Chris Parker 30. Australia for Cedar Tanzania: Best Community Empowerment Organisation CEO 2023 (Western Australia): Nina Hjortlund 31. HIVE - Hampton Institute of Vocational Education: Most Inspiring Vocational Education CEO 2023: Jonathan Hampton 32. piiq Digital PTY LTD: Most Innovative Hair & Beauty CEO 2023 (Australia): Richard Kavanagh 33. Advanced Motor Control Ltd: Electrical Motor Control Solutions CEO of the Year 2023: Mark Empson 34. ATOM Myanmar Limited: Most Impactful Telecommunications CEO 2023 (Myanmar): Muhammad Ziaullah Siddiqui 35. Opes Cyber Security: Cyber Security CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Aaron Breban 36. Giide: Best Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia): Dallas Wallace 37. BSI People Skills Ltd: Professional Training CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): Cathy Sheppard 38. BBX World Pte Ltd: Best Business Revenue Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia): Caroline Macdonald 39. Skin Deep Learning: Education CEO of the Year 2023 (Queensland): Hayley Griffiths 40. Australian Capital Equity: Most Influential Investment Group CEO 2023 - China

Maritime CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Darren Schuback With teams in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Denmark, The Whiskey Project Group Ltd. (TWPG) is an Australian veteran-owned group of maritime design and manufacturing companies dedicated to the development of operator-focused watercrafts. Today, the group is led by Darren Schuback, co-founder and CEO of TWPG, who drives it towards its goal of designing and building a new generation of technology-enabled, safer, and higher performing tactical watercrafts. Founded in 2019, TWPG is a global leader in specialist military watercraft innovation. It is the product of collaboration between experienced military operators and world class maritime engineers, architects, and innovators who aim to provide a competitive advantage to those who still serve in the strategic maritime environment. To do this, the group harnesses the expertise, insights, and values of veterans from Australia and its time-tested allied nations to provide optimal performance and protection for those who risk their lives at sea. These individuals rely on watercraft to deliver in the most challenging conditions, where so many variables cannot be controlled. For this reason, TWPG focuses on what can be controlled, providing them with high performance watercraft for contemporary maritime missions made by expert professionals with decades of design and manufacturing experience. With a combined 90 years in the industry, TWPG consists of three organisations which together form a critical end-to-end sovereign capability for military and specialist watercrafts. These organisations include Naiad, a globally proven and trusted naval architecture and maritime design company, Yamba Welding and Engineering (YWE), a Australian specialist manufacturer of highperformance aluminium boats, and The Whiskey Project, an Australian owned business creating operator-focused tactical watercraft. All three of TWPG’s associated businesses are contracted suppliers across watercraft design, manufacturing, and innovation projects. It is crucial that the group operates based on six key values, which form the foundations of its culture and are integral to its success. These include ownership, respect, loyalty, dedication, teamwork, and the pursuit of excellence. Its team of uniquely skilled and dedicated maritime professionals work hard to deliver on these values every day. Since its establishment, TWPG has played a part in the design and build of over 200 watercraft for government agencies. The group supplies defence forces, border protection agencies, law enforcement, rescue and emergency services with design, engineering, manufacturing, maintenance, and sustainment services of high-performance watercraft. It maintains long-standing working relationships with many defence, border protection, and rescue organisations, enabling it to deliver vessels to suit a variety of operating environments. As a veteran-owned business, TWPG was founded by Darren Schuback and Ryan Carmichael, who are both former Navy Clearance Divers. This means they are highly familiar with the intense maritime environment faced by the operators of their watercraft. They strive to consider the dangers involved in the job as they design, engineer, and manufacture new watercraft, making them safer and more secure. Before founding TWPG, Darren Schuback gained extensive experience during his exemplary 24-year career as a Clearance Diving Sailor and Officer in the Royal Australian Navy. This involved the operational oversight of an operations command centre, a military training institution, naval warships, a navy diving team, a special operations counterterrorism team, and capability management of multiple disciplines within the Defence Force. During this time, Darren led many skilled teams who were faced with extremely complex and challenging mission sets. Drawing upon these experiences, he has grown into a people-focused leader, managing and motivating his team at TWPG to achieve and grow the business. Since the group’s inception in 2019, Darren has led his team through multiple capital raises and acquisitions. As a result, TWPG is now wellpositioned for international expansion in the USA and European markets. Darren strives for global market leadership by continuously utilising emerging technology, cutting-edge materials, and advanced naval architecture practices to expand the group’s offerings. Having served alongside the US and other coalition partners in multiple operational theatres, Darren is committed to creating an operational advantage for those working in the dangerous maritime environment. Currently, the defence and national security sector has a strong focus on rapid technology adoption to maintain military advantage. Defence forces are working to identify counterthreat technologies and new platforms that will enable them to gain the upper hand. Underpinned by effectcentric thinking, TWPG is dedicated to operator focused research and development, striving to stay ahead of the curve. The company operates based on a culture of constant innovation and the continual pursuit of excellence. It works with leading engineers, architects, innovators, academics, and both emerging and established Australian organisations to integrate new technologies into its watercrafts to develop new capabilities and advantages. By leveraging cutting-edge defence technologies, the group is developing a range of ‘whiskey’ watercraft, which are the world’s most advanced tactical watercrafts, offering massively improved performance, safety, and versatility in the contemporary operational maritime environment. As a result of his effective leadership and dedication to his industry, Darren Schuback has been awarded Maritime CEO of the Year in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. We congratulate him on his success in winning this award and look forward to seeing what the future holds for him and his team. Darren comments, “TWPG is currently pursuing a range of defence opportunities globally, while continuing to provide specialist watercraft to many Australian, New Zealand and United States defence, rescue, law enforcement, and maritime protection agencies.” Contact: Darren Schuback Company: The Whiskey Project Group LTD Web Address: thewhiskeyprojectgroup.com

Jan22686 Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): James Dickinson Capacitate Group Ltd is a company working to build the digital, cyber, and productive capabilities of New Zealanders and their businesses. Through its brands, products, and companies it hopes to make the world a better place to live, work, and play. It wants to remove barriers, promote ambition, and enable a brighter future for all. Here we take a closer look as its CEO, James Dickinson, who wins a title in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. James Dickinson is the 2023 award winning CEO of the Capacitate Group of companies, but his working ambitions had far more humble beginnings. At the tender age of 10, James spent his school holidays toiling in his grandfather’s plastics factory, earning a little pocket money. At 13 he began working in bike shops, following his passion for cycling and racing. After that, having completed school, he moved through sales roles in various industries, until at the age of 23 he had an epiphany of sorts, and realised he needed to find an industry that would keep him both motivated and engaged. He moved into the IT industry, and soon realised that enterprise selling was very different to sales on the shop floor. He quickly understood that supply and demand was something more opaque in the enterprise space. Early on, James developed and offered a free IT strategy paper to his current and prospective clients. This was something that was a hot topic in the early 2000s, with big consultancy firms charging tens of thousands for them. By offering it for free James was able to build trust with his clients, and soon found new sales flowing naturally in his direction. This was the point at which he realised the importance of offering something of real and tangible value to customers before trying to have a ‘sales conversation’. This is something he still tries to do with all his companies today. Capacitate has a full understanding of genuine strategy, which it leverages to ensure its clients’ plans are achievable, measurable and enduring. It also makes sure these plans are endorsed at the highest level, ensuring there are no miscommunications from the top down when it comes to priorities. This means objectives are clear and focused for everyone. Capacitate Group and its companies are independent of each other. This makes it easy for clients to discuss matters at a deeper level with the executive team, the board of directors, or the internal IT team without any fear of internal capability being compromised. Unisphere, is a genuinely independent advisory company within the Capacitate Group, interested only in guiding its client organisations towards conquering their goals and objectives. In terms of what the Capacitate Group of companies can do for clients, it knows it can genuinely deliver digital transformation in the purest sense of the term. It also has an objective to continually challenge its clients’ organisations and leadership teams to ensure projects and programmes are of top quality, without any time or effort being unnecessarily wasted. To do this, Capacitate uses the foundational principles of sustainable change. Mar23537 Once the 7 steps of the foundational principles of sustainable change have been modelled effectively, it is time to begin the hard work: delivery. This usually starts with a phase known as creating productive capacity. This crucial phase is concerned with identifying, then stopping or deferring non business critical work to create space for the new strategy to be bedded in. It can be a challenging time, requiring a few cycles to fully lock in the new operating model. Capacitate doesn’t force clients into any kind of fixed term contracts, instead it aims to let its results do the talking. It wants them to be the reason clients want to stay engaged. And after 4 years of double-digit growth, it knows its strategy is a winning one. The core ethos at Capacitate is one of humility, excellence and culture, all of which are key values it tries to foster at an organisational level. It wants to have competent people who are at the top of their game but are also respectful and self-effacing. There is no room for big egos or brash mannerisms at Capacitate, that is not the culture it wants to perpetuate, but mutual respect, kindness and collaboration is encouraged. People at Capacitate can, broadly, work however they see fit in terms of hours and location. It feels this delivers the best work/life balance, as well as markedly improving the client experience. Clients and Capacitate are successfully united in harmonious relationships thanks to being careful “How will this change disrupt the market for the better? Will this improve the customer/client experience? Can we model and prove this through demand side activity? Do we have the correct tone, messaging and channels to market this change? Will this change improve the sales/conversion stats? Can we meet (and exceed) this new value delivery commitment we are making to the market? Does the financial model prove that we can perform the previous 6 steps profitably and sustainably?”

targeted & approached. This ensures that the organisations Capacitate works with already have a predisposition for action and accountability. Capacitate aims to work with companies who have a yearly revenue of NZ$35 – 250M, as it offers an engagement model and value proposition that specifically appeals to this mid-market sector. Its speed of execution, subject matter expertise, and lightweight commercial model is ideal for this market as it also offers extensive privacy and IP protection to its clients. Capacitate Group has a simple mission to lift the digital capability, capacity and cyber posture for the mid-market. This is because it feels that in the APAC region, the midmarket is the engine room for innovation and employment, and therefore the more agile, secure and efficient this market is, the better it is for everyone. Secure data, and greater employee efficiency rates means better margins for employers, and greater levels of innovation for consumers. This is a net benefit in all of the areas that matter most to an economy. The Capacitate Group operating model achieves that emphatically. In terms of leadership, James identifies himself as a strategy guy, who’s upfront with the team about goals and plans. On a personal level, he feels that he himself has been very lucky in the past in that he’s experienced both excellent and terrible bosses and taken on board valuable lessons from both. One of the major practices he has adopted is to trust your people. He interprets this as setting workers up with the tools, skills and freedom to succeed, whilst always being there for them as and when needed. To take this a step further, James makes sure that his employees know they are valued, but also that they will receive a reference from him if they decide to move on, and he’ll support them all the way. Not that he would ever want employees to leave, but more he understands nothing is forever. If any of his people need to move on for whatever reason, he’ll do the best he can to help them get where they need to be. He strongly feels building this sense of family and community is crucial to a strong culture. Now, as the worthy winner of Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): James Dickinson, whatever could be next on the cards? Well, as a first-time business owner, who has now ended up in an ownership position on four operating companies, James has a lot of complex, competing priorities to handle. The impact of this has been a loss of free time to spend with family, friends and on recreational pursuits. Consequently, one of the things James has been trying to do is find a better balance. He has developed a framework that supports rapid decision making and started using this to achieve quick decisions made without compromise to quality. He is also eager to launch the SaaS (Software-as-a-service) of the model the company has been successfully delivering for years. Nothing stands still, it seems, for this accomplished CEO. He is determined to develop the next generation of leaders in cyber and digital transformation and have fun along the way! Contact: James Dickinson Company: Capacitate Group LTD Web Address: www.capacitategroup.com/

Most Supportive Farmers Charity CEO 2023 (Australia): Natasha Kocks Aussie Helpers Ltd. is one of Australia’s largest farming support charities, fostering lasting connections with rural communities across Australia. Since 2002, it has supported more than 15,000 farmers facing hardship by providing them with financial assistance, counselling, educational support, livestock feed, and essentials like fuel, groceries, and medicines. Today, Aussie Helpers is led by CEO Natasha Kocks, who carries on her parents’ legacy through the charity. Here, we speak to her to find out more about what the organisation does. Having grown up in rural Australia, Natasha Kocks understands the challenges faced by farmers, their families, and rural communities, from mental health to finances to natural disasters. Today, she is CEO of Aussie Helpers, a not-forprofit organisation dedicated to helping farming communities get through tough times. Aussie Helpers is the passion and legacy of Brian and Nerida Egan, Natasha’s parents. In 2018, Natasha joined the organisation to help her parents, before which she amassed over 20 years of experience managing thriving businesses throughout Queensland. Not only had Natasha accumulated this experience managing other companies, but she spent time volunteering for Aussie Helpers since its opening in 2002. When Brian decided to retire from his position as CEO in 2019, it was only natural that it was his wish for Natasha to take his place. Brian left big shoes for her to fill, but she was determined to rise to the challenge to support farming communities. “I reflected on my business leadership experience, pivoting, scaling and applying it to the needs of Aussie Helpers,” Natasha explains. “I also rapidly invested in my executive management and leadership skills, completing a Company Directors Course, and appointed interim consultants to address immediate challenges Aussie Helpers faced.” Today, Natasha’s mother, Nerida, still plays a vital role in the operation of the charity. However, Brian sadly passed away in early 2020, after dedicating almost two decades of his life to supporting farming families. In the same year, both were awarded Order of Australia medals for their work supporting farming communities. Natasha comments, “I’m honoured to lead, grow and continue my parent’s legacy as CEO of Aussie Helpers to support farmers and farming communities - wherever, whenever and however they need it.” Aussie Helpers is dedicated to providing immediate help to farmers and communities when the need arises. There is no waiting period when a farmer or rural community needs the charity’s help, which is what sets it apart from other charities. Furthermore, the team at Aussie Helpers is dedicated to those it serves and continually adapts to the evolving challenges faced by farming communities, driven by feedback. Through this, Aussie Helpers supports farmers through the toughest of times, enabling them to thrive in the best of times. Thanks to the work Aussie Helpers does, farmers are not alone. Natasha continues, “I’m driven every day to ensure farmers know that help is just a phone call away and to grow Aussie Helpers to ensure we can continue to support farmers into the future.” The needs of farmers are vast and varied. Current challenges include inflation and rising costs, weather and climate change, staffing issues, economic uncertainty and biosecurity. As well as this, farmers continue to struggle with health and education inequalities, including higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicide, alongside significantly lower educational outcomes than people in cities. Recently, Aussie Helpers has noticed an increasing divide between city and country. Many people across Australia do not understand where their food comes from and therefore fail to appreciate just what it takes to bring it to them. With increased cost of living pressures affecting people across the country, many farming families are struggling to feed themselves. Food banks are rare in rural Australia, so many farming children are going to school hungry, despite their parents working around the clock to feed the rest of the country. Furthermore, Covid-19 and devastating natural disasters have massively impacted farms and farming communities. The increasing frequency and severity of such disasters is proving to be a huge challenge for Aussie Helpers. As the cost-of-living crisis persists and natural disasters continue to cause devastation, the charity is seeing increased need for its services. Operating as a not-for-profit organisation, Aussie Helpers relies on its generous network of volunteers

to achieve its mission. Donations and corporate sponsorships are essential to ensure it can continue helping the farming communities of Australia. To respond to this demand, Aussie Helpers is launching a number of new initiatives to ensure it can help everyone who needs it while remaining open and flexible in addressing their unique needs. Natasha strives to grow Aussie Helpers at pace, raising awareness and funds so that the charity can support more farmers, families, and communities in the future. Utilising her past experiences in leadership roles, Natasha leads her team with purpose, compassion, and open communication, striving to build trust and maintain team engagement. Whether she is supporting individual farmers, advocating to community leaders, or building relationships with like-minded corporate sponsors, Natasha demonstrates an unmatched ability to connect with anyone on a genuine and personal level, fostering strong relationships. As a result of Natasha’s incredible leadership, Aussie Helpers continues to help farmers, farming families, and communities through challenging times with its various programmes and campaigns. Thanks to her work, Aussie Helpers has provided them with 573 food hampers, 809 tonnes of pellet and grain, 3550 bales of hay, $376,980 worth of gift cards, 210,000 litres of household water, and over 666,000 litres of Suppla base to help feed stock. For this reason, Natasha has been awarded Most Supportive Farmers Charity CEO in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. There is no doubt that Brian would be proud of what his daughter has accomplished since he handed her the reigns in 2019. We congratulate Natasha on this achievement and look forward to seeing what the future holds for her and her team at Aussie Helpers. Contact: Natasha Kocks Company: AUSSIE HELPERS LTD Web Address: aussiehelpers.org.au

Agricultural CEO of the Year 2023 (South East Asia) With offices in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroon, Togo, Ghana, Dubai, India, and Singapore, NutriSource Pte Ltd. is a futuristic organisation dedicated to improving the livelihoods of farmers across Africa. To this end, it provides them with the best quality fertilisers and agrochemical products, helpful farm advisory services, and use of an inclusive end to end agritech platform called Farmsanta. Here, we dive deeper into the services the company provides, as well as the expertise of its renowned Founder and CEO, Murari Mohan Rakshit. In agriculture, inputs are defined as products permitted for use in farming, including fertilisers, bio fertilizers and plant protection products. Founded in 2019, NutriSource is a technologydriven, service-oriented farm input and advisory service organisation that engages directly with farmers, providing them with a range of integrated solutions. Through this, it enables farmers to improve their yield and the quality of their produce, ultimately improving their livelihoods while promoting sustainable agriculture. Firstly, NutriSource strives to provide farmers with high-quality fertilisers and agrochemicals that contain the right nutrients for a wide range of crops. To do this, it manufactures, processes, and distributes inputs to farmers across Sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia, selling them at affordable prices. The company also supports marginal farmers by providing them with access to finance, ensuring they have everything they need to maximise productivity. NutriSource works with some of the largest fertiliser producers in the world to deliver various top quality straight, complex fertilizers and specialty fertilisers suitable to Africa soil and crops. As well as this, the company has collaborated with the Ministry of Agriculture in Togo to set up its own customised NPK blending facility, which produces cropspecific, soil-customised NPK. The plant is the first of its kind in the region, catering to the needs of Togo as well as neighbouring countries like Burkina, Faso, and Ghana. Impressively, the facility would achieve net zero using state-of-the-art technology to minimise carbon emissions. Commercial production at this location would start in June 2023. Furthermore, NutriSource has recently started importing and distributing top quality cropspecific agrochemicals, including a complete range of crop protection chemicals, to support local farmers in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Zambia. By providing them with these products, NutriSource offers incredible support to the farmers of Sub-Saharan Africa to cater their wide crop specific needs. However, the company does not stop there. Its team of agricultural experts have designed an unique, end to end, integrated mobile and web app for farmers, regulatory bodies, and agricultural service providers. The app, named FarmSanta, aims to improve farm efficiency, optimise nutrient management, and increase the income of marginal farmers by bringing market access to their doorsteps and facilitating rural e-commerce. In October 2022, the platform was launched in Cameroon and Kenya, and had attracted over 8000 users by April 2023. Additionally, NutriSource supports farmers through agricultural advisory services, providing them with knowledge, training, and advice for the entire crop lifecycle. Its team of experts, well-equipped with PhDs in Agronomy, Soil Science, Entomology, Pathology and Genetics, provide 24/7 complete advisory services, both on-site and through the FarmSanta app. By sharing knowledge with farmers, NutriSourse strives to increase productivity and promote the sustainable agriculture in Africa. Moving forward, NutriSource is working to set up its second NPK plant in West Africa region, partnering with government nominated partners to cater to the needs of Region’s agriculture. This project is expected to commence production by May,2024. Such an innovative and successful company must be headed by an experienced and skilled leader. Murari Mohan Rakshit, NutriSource’s Founder, Director and CEO, is a passionate leader with a strong belief in enhancing farm productivity and transforming the livelihoods of farmers through inputs, service management, and technology. With a bachelor’s degree in agriculture and a postgraduate degree in business management from IIM, a famous management institution in India, Murari is well-educated in his field. He is also highly experienced in the agricultural input and business industry, having worked with numerous well-known industry professionals throughout his career. Before founding NutriSource, he was Vice President of Olam International Ltd., where he set up the Fertilizer business and played a key role in conceptualising, planning, resourcing, and constructing a large-scale urea factory in Gabon, Africa. Recently Murari has been conferred with Professional Doctorate in Business Management by European International University Paris in recognition to his professional accomplishments and contributions to the fertilizer industry. Over the years, Murari has become renowned for his knowledge of the global fertiliser and input value chain, his advocacy for farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa, and his global network of stakeholders. Considering his extensive knowledge and experience, he was in a great position to found NutriSource. Through his business, Murari aims to provide farmers with the best quality inputs and agricultural advisory services in the industry. He is also proud to offer them the new digital ecosystem, FarmSanta, which he played a key role in developing. Furthermore, Murari currently serves as an IFA Ambassador for the Republic of Singapore, a SAT member of the IFA PA and Communication Committee, a member of the IFA Market Intelligence Committee and the Africa Committee, a Task Force Member in the Sustain Africa Initiative, and a Steering Committee Member for Precision Crop Nutrition. Murari is also a prominent speaker in leading global fertiliser conferences arranged by organisations such as the IFA, Argus, CRU, and GPCA. He proudly represented the IFA at the 2019 United Nations conference at its headquarters in New York where he spoke about the responsibility of the agricultural input industry to achieve sustainability. As a result of his unparalleled passion for his business, as well as everything he has achieved as CEO of NutriSource, Murari Mohan Rakshit has been

awarded Agricultural CEO of the Year, Southeast Asia, in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Contact: Murari Mohan Rakshit Company: NutriSource Pte Ltd Web Address: www.nutrisourceworld.com

Microscopy Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Yeo The microscopy technology industry appears to be in a perpetual state of flux, exerting a significant influence on the scientific community. With rapid advancements occurring on a regular basis, it can be challenging to stay abreast of the latest developments. Nevertheless, Andrew Yeo, the visionary behind Phaos Technology, has committed himself to proactively surpassing nascent trends before they materialise. Our research delves into the remarkable achievement of such a feat and how Andrew Yeo has established a culture geared towards shaping the future of microscopy, singlehandedly. As a seasoned CEO possessing a diverse array of skills, Andrew Yeo has established himself as a widely acclaimed figure in the industry. His extensive background has earned him an impressive reputation, which he has successfully carried over to his newest venture, Phaos Technology. The startup, which is headquartered in Singapore with global connections, aims to revolutionise the field of microscopy technology by creating affordable nanoscopes and incorporating advanced technology to surpass the optical limits. Phaos Technology is committed to making microscopy technology accessible to a larger audience, as it believes that optical-related technologies are the gateway to improving the future. In his role as CEO, Andrew Yeo is focused on overseeing the strategic direction of the company. He is committed to ensuring that the company's practices and services align with Phaos Technology's mission and vision. Andrew places a strong emphasis on engaging with team members and encouraging their creativity, providing them with all the necessary tools for success. He values his team as individuals and strives to foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, where everyone's ideas and contributions are valued. Andrew empowers his team members to flourish by encouraging them to make their voices heard, welcoming new perspectives and visions . Thanks to Andrew's commitment to creating a nurturing and progressive work environment, Phaos Technology has surpassed its competitors in the similar level. Andrew recognizes the ever-evolving nature of the microscopy technology industry and consistently adapts and evolves his business practices to stay ahead of the curve. His investment in research and development is a testament to his commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends. Andrew is highly focused on meeting the needs of his clients, and his dedication to client satisfaction has resulted in strong, invaluable connections with some of the industry's top leaders. Andrew's charismatic approach towards being a CEO has enabled him to forge invaluable connections with his team members and clients. He has established a transparent sense of self, which carries over into his leadership style. Andrew's commitment to transparency and accountability allows him to thrive as a figurehead for Phaos Technology, and it's what has established him as a leader whom the entire team can respect. His ability to balance short-term objectives with long-term vision is one of his strongest attributes, allowing Phaos Technology to remain focused on its core values and overarching goals while maintaining a sense of corporate responsibility. With the microscopy technology field continuously evolving, Andrew Yeo's unique skillset as CEO allows him to develop and execute successful strategies that consistently match the fastpaced industry. His passion for the microscopy technology industry is admirable, and it's this passion that makes the development of the future possible. Andrew is a prime example of a CEO who values every aspect of running a company, from offering clients the best possible experience to unlocking the potential of his team members as individuals. Contact: Daniel Tan Company: Phaos Technology Web Address: https://phaostech.com/

Jan22686 Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023 (Singapore): Jai Thampi Jai Thampi had spent over 25 years in the corporate world, mainly in global and regional leadership roles, where he gained an understanding of the challenges organisations face in relation to implementing customer-centric digital solutions. This led him to begin his solo journey of founding Artha Strategies Pte Ltd in 2016. Here we find out more about the company and his journey as he is recognised in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Technology is evolving rapidly, so much so that it can be difficult for businesses to adjust and make use of the endless options available. Artha Strategies introduces its clients to the unlimited potential behind the tech ecosystem. As a bespoke advisory service provider, it is able to address a gap in the C-suite. It works with C-level leaders in the region to advise their team on how to navigate the challenges that come with the modern business landscape. Artha Strategies helps them incorporate digital solutions for the new generation of customers, while focusing on sustainability, social responsibility, and profitable growth. Jai has always been inspired by business transformation and digital technologies and he has seen first-hand the urgency and seriousness of running sustainable practices in businesses. He feels that businesses need to act in a socially responsible way, and they need to consider the impact of their operations on the environment, their employees, and their wider community. Artha Strategies is able to support companies in that journey, Jai adds, “As I would always remind my clients, a manager is paid to make decisions and count value, but a leader’s mission is to create value and enrich people’s lives – be it the employees, customers, or the society at large.” Artha Strategies has provided its services to clients across different industries which has given Jai an insight into the common denominators of what companies across all industries struggle with. Jai shares, “Sustainability and Digital are becoming two inseparable sides of the same coin. Disruptive innovation and new business models are pervasive. Technologies like AI, ML, IoT and cloud are widely and rapidly deployed to solve customer problems. And data has shifted from being a byproduct in the past to the very lubricant on which business engines run today.” When supporting each client, Jai implements all he has learnt throughout his career to help clients reach their desired goal. The services that make up Artha Strategies includes Business Transformation which is where clients seek advice for their digital business evolution. Additionally, it offers Digital Roadmap that consists on putting together a plan that renews client’s core business models. With Innovation Advisory it helps clients reignite their innovation process across all customer journey touch points. Lastly, it has a unique service which is Bridge Building where clients are supported in identifying startups and other tech partners for innovative ventures. In all aspects of services sustainability is involved, and it is imbedded at the core of every client’s business. Artha helps Mar23188 clients integrate digital and sustainability to maximise impact. Some clients have taken the time to share their experience on the services that Jai provides at Artha Strategies. For example, after finishing a digital strategy consulting project, the Southeast Asia CEO of Diageo said, “It’s been wonderful to partner with Jai on this critical agenda for Diageo. Jai brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience. He worked really well in a complex business set up to identify the key issues and find a way forward.” In addition, Artha is currently working closely with Singapore Deep Tech Alliance (SDTA). The founding managing partner at SDTA said, “With his extensive corporate network, and his digital and sustainability experiences, we find Jai a great partner to collaborate with in solving the critical sustainability challenges that SDTA is here to address.” At Artha Strategies, Jai leads everything from lead generation to research to advisory consulting, project managing the deliverables, and running the back-office operations. This reflects his true entrepreneurial spirit and hustle to keep Artha Strategies running successfully. The quality of its services is high because he ensures they are, Jai is constantly adapting the service he provides to stay up to date with the new developments in digital and sustainability transformation. This makes Artha Strategies a great high-quality advisor agency and a credible bridge builder that opens innovation and partnership to its clients. Jai explains, “By driving ownership among the stakeholders, it allows for collaboration and disruptive innovation, and eliminates internal resistance to change.” Jai Thampi has been able to build and run a company that creates long term impactful change to businesses and the community that they operate in. Recently, he has received the title for Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023(Singapore). We are excited to see the growth that Artha Strategies will continue to bring for its clients and how that impacts the world we live in. The environment matters and there are potential customers waiting for you to incorporate approaches that protect it. If you are looking to increase your revenue while making a positive impact to the community you target, head over to Artha Strategies’ website and begin your journey towards change. Contact: Jai Thampi Company: Artha Strategies Pte. Ltd Web Address: https://www.artha.sg/

Gay Travel CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Aston Travelling as a queer person can be an anxiety-inducing process. It can be difficult to find accommodation that’s LGBTQIA+ friendly, let alone properties that openly welcome queer travellers from all walks of life. Thankfully, Andrew Aston, CEO of Gaybnb, has just made going on that gorgeous getaway all the more manageable. Gaybnb takes the stress out of finding queer friendly locations, so couples and groups alike can focus on enjoying their holidays without the fear of judgement. Regardless of sexuality or gender identity, Gaybnb exists to ensure that any member of the LGBTQIA+ community feels welcome, and, most importantly, safe throughout their travels. It’s worked tirelessly over the years since its inception to put together a network of hosts who understand what security means to queer people across the globe, and just how much it contributes towards enjoyment. As such, these carefully selected properties guarantee a place where queer people can feel loved and accepted during their travels. As a platform, Gaybnb only offers accommodation that adheres to its values. It strives to create a safe haven for gay travellers, and aims to select locations that will surround guests with like-minded people. Its hosts are a collection of individuals who are local to their areas, and, as such, have knowledge on the best places for queer travellers to visit during their time away. Whether guests are looking for a secluded property, or somewhere a bit closer to the city, hosts will provide an inside scoop into all of the best gayfriendly hotspots in the area. Among the vast majority of locations that it presents to travellers, Gaybnb offers properties in New York, Sydney, Paris, and Greece. Its selection of accommodation not only ranges in size, but also in price, and these can be sorted and searched for accordingly. There’s a plethora of styles available for travellers to choose from, be it a more traditional apartments in New York, or a sleek villa on the Greek coast, so no matter a guest’s tastes, they’ll definitely find something that’s bound to appeal to them. Being protected during your travels doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and Gaybnb’s portfolio of options stands as a testament to this. Gaybnb has one clear mission at its core – to create the world’s most inclusive travel platform, helping queer travellers find the perfect places across the globe. Partner this with a passion for uniting LGBTQIA+ individuals with one another, where they can be themselves, and you’ve got a platform that aims to celebrate freedom and individuality. Thanks to his LGBTQIA+ background, Andrew has come to understand that queer people exist in each and every culture. He founded Gaybnb as a means to help gay travellers explore different parts of the world, without having to concern themselves with the potential of being discriminated against. He saw the gap in accommodation platforms and sought to engineer the perfect solution for a queer traveller’s anxieties and concerns. Of course, its services aren’t limited to just LGBTQIA+ guests, but anyone from any background. Inclusivity is the aim, and it’s an aim that Andrew has been able to foster throughout Gaybnb’s lifetime. He believes that we need to take advantage of the world we live in and enjoy everything it has to offer. It’s a beautiful world brimming with cultures and sights that simply can’t be missed. Who you are shouldn’t have to hold you back from witnessing everything the world has to offer, and Gaybnb is just the first step towards making travel for queer people as seamless as possible. Gaybnb is a pioneer for change within the travel industry. There isn’t a platform like it, and it’s all thanks to Andrew’s innovation and keen awareness of the needs of LGBTQIA+ travellers that it’s been able to thrive as much as it has. It loves who you are, and its hosts do too. All of this culminates in a travel platform that’s bound to make guests feel safe and cherished. It opens doors across the world, all so queer people can be their open and honest selves wherever they go. Contact: Andrew Aston Company: Gaybnb Web Address: gaybnbtravel.com

Best Business Consultancy CEO 2023 (Australia): Jacqueline Hiddlestone Jackal Oz is a freelance consulting business in Australia, headed up by CEO Jacqueline Hiddlestone. It is a boutique service provider looking to add value to any organisation it works with, from startups through to large, major clients. It offers services from strategy development through to complete operational delivery. Award winning Jacqueline Hiddlestone, the CEO of Jackal Oz, specialises in strategic and business consulting from a global perspective. This is supported by in-depth research and experience to ensure help can be offered effectively to companies both small and large. Jackal Oz creates an alignment between individual stakeholders and their organisational objectives, guiding the development of their strategic direction. It also seeks to support sustainable change management practices in progressing strategic direction into operational delivery. This includes cultural intelligence skills, where the various insights provide greater engagement, better results, and also improved staff retention. The core values at Jackal Oz are respect, integrity and accountability. It respects different views and believes in always treating other people in the same manner as you would like to be treated, serving the common good ethically and honouring individuality. It puts trust in its ability to show integrity, know what is right, and use cultural insights appropriately to understand the global perspective. Jackal Oz holds itself accountable for everything it does and embraces the opportunities it has to contribute. It has a vision to take its clients from strategic development to operational excellence. Its mission is to help clients prosper through innovation, from strategic development to operational delivery. Jacqueline Hiddlestone undertook a doctorate at the University of Liverpool in the UK, an institution that encourages the application of academic learning to real life practice. This scholarpractitioner approach underpins the approach Jacqueline takes from C-suite to board level. She has held frontline roles early on in her career, through to management and on to leadership positions both in the private and public sectors. She has worked in NGOs (nongovernmental organisations) and INGOs (international nongovernmental organisations), as well as academia. Taking a visionary, collaborative and agile approach, Jacqueline embraces and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging work environments. She practices the ability to drive broad transformational change, having been accountable for the services for over 16,500 staff in one organisation, with revenue of $1.3Bn and over $9.1Bn in assets. She also led the maintenance, capital works and infrastructure programme for another covering over 230 sites across the state that also saw a change in the infrastructure configuration in the work environment. She was able to add benefit to both providers and the organisation by incorporating pro-active procurement from Indigenous and Disability service providers. More recently she has provided the information services strategic direction and program of work delivery for an organisation going through integration and servicing one of the largest multicultural regions in Australia. Each of these projects were immensely challenging environments, which at the same time provided Jacqueline with valuable learnings. Yet, it is the smaller organisations she’s worked with that have provided the greatest opportunities for agile growth. She has been able to introduce expansion for each of the companies and the people therein, and this in turn has created the most satisfaction for Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s approach to companies also includes facilitation, presentation and written communication, which she feels is important in harnessing support, informing and delivering results. By coaching and mentoring staff, the heart of organisations, she finds the optimisation of development and creation of an adaptive culture provides the best outcome for all. Add to this Jacqueline’s highly developed analytical and conceptual skills, and her record of delivering capital operational and commercial results in complex (technology/infrastructure) environments, and it is clear what a difference Jackal Oz could potentially make to any organisation. Jackal Oz has an organisational roadmap dictated by its strategy and guiding principles. It embraces respect, integrity, and accountability in everything it does, particularly when it comes to helping organisations “I find strong interpersonal communication skills that are effective at all levels, from the shop floor to Board room and wider community are needed. This includes facilitation, presentation, and written communication to harness support, inform and deliver results. By coaching and mentoring staff, I find the optimisation of development and creation of an adaptive culture provides the best outcome for all. After all, people that are the heart of all organisations.”