APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Microscopy Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Yeo The microscopy technology industry appears to be in a perpetual state of flux, exerting a significant influence on the scientific community. With rapid advancements occurring on a regular basis, it can be challenging to stay abreast of the latest developments. Nevertheless, Andrew Yeo, the visionary behind Phaos Technology, has committed himself to proactively surpassing nascent trends before they materialise. Our research delves into the remarkable achievement of such a feat and how Andrew Yeo has established a culture geared towards shaping the future of microscopy, singlehandedly. As a seasoned CEO possessing a diverse array of skills, Andrew Yeo has established himself as a widely acclaimed figure in the industry. His extensive background has earned him an impressive reputation, which he has successfully carried over to his newest venture, Phaos Technology. The startup, which is headquartered in Singapore with global connections, aims to revolutionise the field of microscopy technology by creating affordable nanoscopes and incorporating advanced technology to surpass the optical limits. Phaos Technology is committed to making microscopy technology accessible to a larger audience, as it believes that optical-related technologies are the gateway to improving the future. In his role as CEO, Andrew Yeo is focused on overseeing the strategic direction of the company. He is committed to ensuring that the company's practices and services align with Phaos Technology's mission and vision. Andrew places a strong emphasis on engaging with team members and encouraging their creativity, providing them with all the necessary tools for success. He values his team as individuals and strives to foster a culture of inclusivity and respect, where everyone's ideas and contributions are valued. Andrew empowers his team members to flourish by encouraging them to make their voices heard, welcoming new perspectives and visions . Thanks to Andrew's commitment to creating a nurturing and progressive work environment, Phaos Technology has surpassed its competitors in the similar level. Andrew recognizes the ever-evolving nature of the microscopy technology industry and consistently adapts and evolves his business practices to stay ahead of the curve. His investment in research and development is a testament to his commitment to keeping abreast of industry trends. Andrew is highly focused on meeting the needs of his clients, and his dedication to client satisfaction has resulted in strong, invaluable connections with some of the industry's top leaders. Andrew's charismatic approach towards being a CEO has enabled him to forge invaluable connections with his team members and clients. He has established a transparent sense of self, which carries over into his leadership style. Andrew's commitment to transparency and accountability allows him to thrive as a figurehead for Phaos Technology, and it's what has established him as a leader whom the entire team can respect. His ability to balance short-term objectives with long-term vision is one of his strongest attributes, allowing Phaos Technology to remain focused on its core values and overarching goals while maintaining a sense of corporate responsibility. With the microscopy technology field continuously evolving, Andrew Yeo's unique skillset as CEO allows him to develop and execute successful strategies that consistently match the fastpaced industry. His passion for the microscopy technology industry is admirable, and it's this passion that makes the development of the future possible. Andrew is a prime example of a CEO who values every aspect of running a company, from offering clients the best possible experience to unlocking the potential of his team members as individuals. Contact: Daniel Tan Company: Phaos Technology Web Address: https://phaostech.com/