APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Apr23296 The role of CEO is always an honourable title to hold. However, what makes it all the more impressive is when it’s earned through the rigorous process of building a business up from the ground. Cathy Sheppard, CEO of BSI People Skills Ltd, is no exception either. Through utilising her years of experience in a variety of crucial fields, she’s been able to forge a business that’s truly special, and we explore just how she managed to do so in such an award-winning manner. In 2015, Cathy started off as a solopreneur determined to create a business that would act as a conduit for her overriding passion – to empower people, leaders, and teams so that they’re able to make a positive impact in their lives. Her incredible capability and wide array of skills allowed her to found BSI People Skills Ltd, but it wasn’t until the business grew to the point of needing a CEO that she stepped up to the role with an admirable confidence. Now, Cathy handles all of the inner workings of BSI People Skills Ltd. As an international speaker, trainer, facilitator, teacher, coach, mentor, and entrepreneur, she has already been able to offer her wisdom and insight to a vast amount of individuals. And, thanks to her experience in in-person and online teaching in more than six different countries, catered towards a whole host of age groups, Cathy has established a steadfast system within her business that allows it to truly shine. This is best seen through the internal culture that she has tirelessly worked to cultivate since BSI People Skills Ltd opened its doors to new team members. She shares her vision with each employee, and is always checking in on them to ensure they’re upholding the values of the business. As a result, the team functions as a synchronised unit, each focused on BSI People Skills Ltd’s main objective – to empower people, leaders and teams globally in order to change the world. Be it in a business or educational setting, Cathy leads the team towards making a positive impact on each and every client. Though Cathy has an extensive set of skills at her disposal, what truly sets her apart from other CEOs in the industry is her love for learning. Not only has she had to adapt to the role of CEO, but she first had to understand how to establish a business in the first place. Despite her experience, the process wasn’t easy, and yet she was able to found and construct a fantastic business through sheer determination and an unrivalled passion for learning. Throughout the years, BSI People Skills Ltd has worked with a range of clients, each contributing towards the team’s constant learning processes. The highly trained coaches and facilitators are able to flourish, and it’s all thanks to the collaborative environment that Cathy has established between employee and client. Her encouraging and empowering leadership style supports everybody involved with BSI People Skills Ltd so that nobody is ever left behind, and it’s had the chance to thrive as a result. Cathy serves as a testament to what women can accomplish. Her sheer grit and dedication towards her core values has been realised through BSI People Skills Ltd, and she’s never let anything obscure her road to success. She’s managed what some would deem as impossible – to create a business that sticks to its mission, no matter the circumstance, and the outcome is nothing short of outstanding. She’s made a mark on the industry that’s sure to last, and we’re very proud to bestow her with this prestigious award. Contact Details Contact: Cathy Sheppard Company: BSI People Skills Ltd Web Address: bsipeopleskills.co.nz Professional Training CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): Cathy Sheppard