APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Global 500 Forum, Joe persistently calls for economic globalisation and multilateral cooperation. He believes "the theoretical model of economic globalisation is effective and conducive to the efficient and rational allocation of the earth's limited resources. This will maximise the common interests of all humankind and promote sustainable and stable development worldwide”. As the head of ACE China, he has expressed his commitment to integrating the mission of economic globalisation into his career practice. He believes this model has been highly influential in promoting economic prosperity and the common well-being of humankind over the past 30 years. “In response to this situation, Given the current situation, I am dedicated to taking proactive steps to strengthen the supply and industrial chain. This will involve strategic investments and operational improvements that align with the needs of my work. I also strongly encourage collaborative efforts to restore economic globalisation to its proper course, a message that I have consistently conveyed in my speeches at the Boao Forum. It is essential to work together to protect the global supply chain and promote economic globalisation through multi-party cooperation and a phased strategy.” With his unwavering commitment and exceptional skills in the investment industry, it's no surprise that Joe has been honoured with the prestigious title of Most Influential Investment Group CEO 2023 – China. His dedication to his company, team, and external partners has undoubtedly contributed to his success, and he will continue to thrive. We had the opportunity to speak with Joe and gain insight into his future plans. With a positive outlook, Joe shares his career aspirations to align with government policies and contribute to the global development trend. He aims to be a driving force in promoting social progress and is committed to following the iterative upgrading of economic growth engines while embracing new trends. “The era of Web 3.0 and blockchain is currently in full swing, with advancements in technology such as multiple computing, edge computing, and distributed processing being applied more effectively in various fields. These developments are set to have a significant impact on our lives. Additionally, I am confident that blockchain technology will play a pivotal role in the next wave of human productivity revolution, paving the way for a decentralised market that will be expansive and transformative.” He continues, "This year, the world may experience significant changes. The global economy is seeking stability after COVID-19, and it has reached a critical point in the recovery process. Additionally, the impact of scientific and technological progress is becoming more evident, and the growth and popularity of Web 3.0 are accelerating. Web 3.0 projects are becoming increasingly financially viable, making them a prime investment opportunity. I am particularly interested in getting involved with Web 3.0 projects that have significant impacts on society.” Contact: Dr Joe Yizhou HE Email: [email protected] Website: www.acequity.cn