APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Digital Finance CEO of the Year 2023 (Singapore): Arivuvel Ramu Inypay is a fully personalised, digital neobanking platform that is tailor made to fit the financial needs of the unbanked and underserved blue-collar workers, micro SMEs, and foreign domestic workers – all in South East Asia. Here we take a closer look at Inypay’s services as its CEO Arivuvel Ramu wins a title in the APAC CEO Awards 2023. Singaporebased fintech company, Inypay makes finances simple, safe, and completely straightforward so that people of South East Asia can experience top-quality micro-lending, remittance, payments, and insurance – all within the digital spectrum. “Our intent is your financial freedom and well-being. You contribute to our economy’s growth. We want to take care of your needs respectfully and safely.” As the passionate and driven Founder and CEO of Inypay, Arivuvel Ramu is an awardwinning individual with a different point of view. We learnt more about Arivuvel from CEO Insights India. Arivuvel told CEO Insights India that “The entrepreneurial journey is extremely tough. There will be times when you will feel like giving up. Your ability to hold your dream despite challenges will determine your success. As a leader in this segment, you must strive to build digital services that transform people’s lives and create a powerful impact in their lives while making them a part of this inclusive economy, inclusive finance, and inclusive society.” Inypay’s values are the backbone of the company. Arivuvel and the company strive to create financial freedom for its customers. He says, “We have built a modern banking system and uniquely created digital products whose purpose is to create better lives for underserved people and provide them with opportunities to grow.” Ultimately, Arivuvel caught our eye for his dedication, compassion, and entrepreneurial spirit that has carried him through over 20 years in the digital finance industry. He is proactive in supporting the technology used, and the customers who use it. Arivuvel talks of Inypay’s future aims, “We are planning to add a lot more innovation to our product portfolio. We are all set to bring new products which include investments from customers as low as 10 dollars. They can save it in virtual gold as a retail wealth management product, bringing their wallet with the open loop card to move the money or spend the money in their time of need. This is our initiative to create a purpose-driven, personalized saving product and a way to generate wealth for people of the underserved group. “We further plan to take out digital products to other regions of Asia, starting with the Philippines. We are targeting to launch a Neobank in December 2023. It will generate 200 million dollars in revenue by 2026 with an eight million customer base and a two billion valuation.” Also offering courses for a plethora of learning – such as financial management, accounting business management, and more – Inypay can offer lending that will fund your development in your chosen career. There is a myriad of services that Inypay offers to its customers – ensuring growth and stability for all. “Inypay provides easy, safe and secure financial services that empower you, no matter who you are, to get what you need respectfully.” As an entrepreneur, neobanker, and a driving force behind Inypay’s further innovation in the digital finance sphere, Arivuvel Ramu has now won Digital Finance CEO of the Year 2023 (Singapore). We are excited to see what he does next with his many years of experience, empathy, and inventive attitude. Contact: Arivuvel Ramu Company: Inypay Web Address: https://inypay.com/ “Inypay provides easy & safe financial services that empower people and improve their quality of life.”