APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Apr23170 Acting as a boutique systems integration firm that places a resolute focus on tailor-made identity governance and workforce performance solutions, Deep Identity Pte Ltd (Deep Identity) has consistently retained connections throughout Singapore, India and the Philippines. Behind its success is CEO Koh Wee Leng, who shared with us exactly what it means to him to operate within this important leadership role. We delve into what he had to say, and explore his fascinating approach towards his role within his field. Being a CEO comes with a wealth of challenges that even the most skilled of individuals may struggle to overcome. Especially when operating in what can often be seen as an incredibly complicated field, where adaptations and fluctuations aren’t just likely, but to be expected. In instances such as these, it’s down to the CEO to deploy their skillsets in order to match the pace of their rapidly evolving industries, and no systems integrator CEO within Singapore is more capable of this than Koh Wee Leng. To him, being a CEO comes with an intrinsic responsibility towards understanding every aspect of a business, at any point in time. He’s honed his skills accordingly, and now offers his services to any clients who require Deep Identity’s assistance. It’s thanks to his dedication towards managing strategic, tactical, and operational properties that he’s able to so seamlessly oversee any request made. However, what sets Wee Leng apart from other CEOs within the field is his ability to keep his pace moving forward at all times in order to work towards a client’s strategic goals. He recognises that, though every circumstance may come with its constraints, there is always a way to progress forward and find an alternative solution. This mindset is only made possible by his fast-paced fluidity, and his love for innovative approaches to every challenge. When approached by businesses from all across Singapore, Koh Wee Leng deploys a flexible practise that has yet to fail any of his clients. He accomplishes this through the methods he utilises to get to know the business objectives of his clients, and how to focus on those goals in order to keep their collaborative efforts concentrated and targeted. However, he recognises the need for flexibility, and succeeds in expertly navigating the border between adapting to circumstance, whilst still pursuing an original objective. Of course, Wee Leng is keenly aware of the value of his team, and tirelessly works to establish common goals that’ll have Deep Identity functioning as a fullyfledged unit, equipped with only the highest levels of knowledge. He believes that people are the key to the organisation’s success, and enforces this viewpoint through the leadership approach that he adopts. He’s willing to put in the work to help his team flourish, and refuses to let the workforce’s stimulation stagnate. His staff play active roles in the organisation’s success, and it’s all thanks to the working environment that Wee Leng has been able to establish. With such an astounding repertoire of skills at his disposal, it’s no surprise to learn that Wee Leng has garnered a wealth of praise from previous collaborators. One of them expressed that “Wee Leng was always very personable and a great character, who was always forthcoming with fresh ideas and different perspectives to consider. He is a pleasure to work with”, whilst another described him as “A great manager and leader! He always kept the team motivated, by trusting our own judgements and decisions. Very goal oriented which inspired our team to do our best. I’m delighted I had the chance to learn from him.” Koh Wee Leng truly is a CEO who’s simply a cut above the rest. He’ll do whatever it takes to foster the results that are expected from Deep Identity, and will surely continue to lead it towards further success in the coming years. It’s our honour to bestow him with this award title, and we eagerly await his next move within the bespoke systems integrator sphere. Most Innovative Boutique Systems Integrator CEO 2023 (Singapore): Koh Wee Leng Contact: Koh Wee Leng Company: Deep Identity Pte Ltd Web Address: https://www.deepidentity.com/