APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

May22239 Disability support is a field that must always be approached with a compassionate and understanding mindset. Anyone looking to provide assistance to those who need it most of all are expected to present themselves as the embodiment of respect for the individuals they’re working alongside. As a result of CEO Bec Skipper’s resolute dedication towards her craft, Skipper Care Australia has redefined what it means to provide the best quality of disability support to a whole range of people in need. Responsible for running the business and supporting her team, Bec Skipper has consistently provided an unparalleled quality of devotion towards her role as CEO in order to help Skipper Care Australia truly flourish. Not only is she concerned with the success of the business, but she tirelessly works to engage with a wide variety of activities within its internal structure, from planning to strategising. As a result, she’s been able to carve a pathway for Skipper Care Australia that’s already led to an overwhelmingly positive impact within the disability support community. It's thanks to this forwardthinking mindset that Skipper Care Australia has managed to consistently achieve each of its goals. Though her strategies are ambitious, Bec employs roadmaps that are realistic for, and beneficial to, everyone involved. This way, she guarantees a motivation within her workforce which, in turn, leads to a results-focused productivity from each member of the team. It’s through this incredible unification between CEO, ideals, and workforce that has allowed Skipper Care Australia to operate as effectively as it does, and Bec has quickly become the face of the business’s success. What sets Bec apart from other CEOs, however, is how closely she adheres to her core values. She places an overwhelming emphasis on trust, honesty, and communication, and believes that each of these factors are essential in cultivating and maintaining strong relationships that’re bound to stand the test of time. Skipper Care Australia is greatly influenced by the values that Bec encourages, both in terms of guidance in its operations, and its interactions with staff and clients alike. As a result, Bec has been able to foster an environment of transparency, respect, and communication that currently remains uncontested in the field. Of course, Bec has a range of personal skills that she brings to the role of CEO. Her ability to lead, inspire, and motivate her team allows her to make tough decisions, all whilst considering the impact that said decisions will have on the industry as a whole. She encourages constant communication among her workforce, and considers any input from any individual, be it staff, clients, or even stakeholders. Its this keen understanding and adaptability that allows Bec to make informed decisions, which are wholeheartedly targeted towards supporting the long-term success of the organisation, whilst subsequently having a positive impact on the industry. Thanks to a plethora of experience accumulated from working within a wide range of different industries, Bec has been able to hone her talents across the years to truly bring her best to Skipper Care Australia. She holds an inspiring love for her craft that shines through her approach towards leading Skipper Care Australia as its CEO, and it’s a light that doesn’t go unnoticed. Bec has been able to touch the hearts of any she collaborates with, and the value that she places on the bonds that she’s cultivated throughout her time leading the organisation is clear to see. She brings a fresh, proactive approach towards Skipper Care Australia, and we can’t wait to see how it continues to thrive under her watchful eye. Contact: Bec Skipper Company: Skipper Care Australia Web Address: www.skippercare.com.au Most Dedicated Disability Support CEO 2023 (Australia): Bec Skipper Mar23343