APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

May22239 Mar232029760 BBX is an organisation that puts the power back in the hands of businesses all around the world. It offers digital currency with which they can trade with others to develop and upscale without the instability of traditional cashflows. We speak with its CEO, Caroline Macdonald, as she gains a title in the APAC CEO Awards 2023. Since BBX’s establishment in 1993, the BBX system has been used by around 20,000 companies – with 600,000 goods and services listed on its platform. The global, cashless realm allows for connection, networking, and, of course, the trading of goods and services using digital currency. And without BBX leading the way, a huge amount of small enterprises may not have the chance to trade free of additional fixed costs, risks of wasted resources, or a painful stunt in their growth. With Caroline Macdonald at the helm of family legacy business BBX, the company has continued to flourish. And her three decades of work with BBX has taught her many things. Caroline tells us, “As a CEO, business mentor, and mother the ability to learn and have awareness of the world evolving daily is one of the most valuable skills one can master.” Caroline’s zest for learning, evolving, and teaching others comes from her personal core values – friendship, respect, perseverance, courage, compassion, and thankfulness. She believes that "if you follow these values in all parts of your life, you will always success and be fulfilled. Of course there will be moments when you will question your beliefs but i have found if you stick with your values it will all work out in the end.” BBX continuously helps businesses to operate the way they would like to, without the pitfalls of standard currencies, and Caroline leads the way with the skills she has developed over many years. She shares, “The journey from operating a business before the web to now when businesses are considering how Web3 will impact them, is something rare in our industry. “Being an excellent communicator and team player has enabled me to manage moments where the business was challenged, while being goal orientated and driven pushed me to drive the business past the challenges and embrace change to make it stronger.” Steeped in such a rich history of experience, Caroline has truly built an empire for herself, whilst helping her customers to do the same. Not only does Caroline work with BBX, but she also serves as Chairwoman of Progressive Investment Management Group (PIM), which is home to BBX, Bconnect, BlackTie, Deposit Solutions, and Your Agent Real Estate. Leading the way for a plethora of people and businesses to follow, Caroline inspires all she comes into contact with. “I like to set big goals and encourage teams to think freely about how to reach them. As a servant leader, I consider my job to be empowering our teams to succeed and I am often walking the path in parallel with the team,” she enthuses. For the future, Caroline will be helping BBX to “expand operations by collaborating with established enterprise programs within growth corridor territories. It has a strong focus on the ASEAN region and is solidifying agreements in some of the new countries at present. BBX is leading the way in assisting businesses to grow by providing online opportunities. “Committed to building a world of economic opportunity for business owners by dismantling the barriers to economic growth, BBX improves cashflow and deliver a seamless business experience. Its vision is to be the world's largest and most trusted business network actively helping businesses grow in ways they would never have imagined.” The world watches a business’ every move, but, with Caroline, every move is in the right direction. She is consistently upping her game, coaching, leading, and supporting others so that they can reap the benefits themselves. Caroline has earned recognition for her dedication, growth mindset, and innovative contributions. Now winning Best Business Revenue Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia), Caroline Macdonald is a name we won’t forget. Contact Details Contact: Caroline Macdonald Company: BBX World Pte Ltd Web Address: www.bbxworld.com Best Business Revenue Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia): Caroline Macdonald “PIM is a global organisation offering multiple digital platforms and solutions which allows its B2B, B2C, P2P members to better manage cash flow, connect with new suppliers, gain new customers and forge networks. It empowers members by providing a digital currency where they can trade with others, freeing them from relying on unpredictable cash flows to operate.”