APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Feb22538 In recent years, cyber security has been more important than ever. Your details desperately need protecting as we transition into the digital age, and having a trustworthy security system is the key to achieving that. Aaron Breban of Opes Cyber Security is dedicated towards providing a unique approach to the industry that’s collaborative, innovative, and thoughtful. And with a veteran-based workforce, Opes Cyber Security truly is a business unlike anything else within the industry. After being discharged from the army in 2015, Aaron quickly found himself in a situation where he was consistently helping those around him. Within this group of individuals, these people were predominantly veterans undertaking the transition out of uniform. During his time, he discovered a knack that he’d not recognised until this point – he was incredibly good at guiding people through some of their most important life changes. He was able to place six fellow veterans into commercial roles before he opted to take a job in recruitment, where his ability to build his own network was born. This, in turn, led to the inception of Opes Cyber Security in 2020, which acts as a business that unites likeminded individuals in a variety of different ways. Through his personal experiences, Aaron had seen first-hand how the vast majority of the recruitment community within Canberra would take financial advantage of veterans, and he sought to eliminate this issue as best he could. As a result, Opes Cyber Security came to foster an internal culture founded on the prospect of learning, career development, and building a new and sustainable life for those who partnered alongside the business. Since its founding, it has already been responsible for employing over 40 employees, 15 of which being current, or past serving, veterans. From a multitude of services, ranks, and disciplines, these veterans bring a unique quality to Opes Cyber Security that strongly adheres to Aaron’s initial ethos. When we spoke with Aaron, he expressed his intention to build a company that doesn’t just say that they’re different, but proves it through its actions. It acts as an employer for veterans, offering industry leading benefits that solidifies its selfless nature. Aaron seeks to make a positive impact on the lives of his employees through Opes Cyber Security, and therefore provides for them, so that they can continue to provide for others. Despite his CEO position, he regularly extends his gratitude towards the people that form the backbone of Opes Cyber Security, and sees them as a force greater than himself. He offers support where it’s needed, but challenges the status quo in ways that some CEOs may not think to do. Collaboration is at the forefront of Opes Cyber Security’s inner workings, and it’s this encouraging environment is what has allowed both Aaron and his workforce to truly excel since the business’s creation. Aaron doesn’t believe in utilising a business for the core goal of earning profit above all else. He has created a living culture that’s not driven by harsh targets and an individual leader, but governed by the collective members of the business to forge something truly special. As a result, Aaron and his team are constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation, and have created a structure that’s bound to thrive throughout the coming years. Aaron set out to provide for veterans who were looking for transition assistance, and it’s safe to say his mission has been, and will continue to be, an overwhelming success. Contact: Opes Cyber Security Email: [email protected] Website: www.opescyber.com.au Cyber Security CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Aaron Breban Mar23366