APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Jan22686 Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023 (Singapore): Jai Thampi Jai Thampi had spent over 25 years in the corporate world, mainly in global and regional leadership roles, where he gained an understanding of the challenges organisations face in relation to implementing customer-centric digital solutions. This led him to begin his solo journey of founding Artha Strategies Pte Ltd in 2016. Here we find out more about the company and his journey as he is recognised in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Technology is evolving rapidly, so much so that it can be difficult for businesses to adjust and make use of the endless options available. Artha Strategies introduces its clients to the unlimited potential behind the tech ecosystem. As a bespoke advisory service provider, it is able to address a gap in the C-suite. It works with C-level leaders in the region to advise their team on how to navigate the challenges that come with the modern business landscape. Artha Strategies helps them incorporate digital solutions for the new generation of customers, while focusing on sustainability, social responsibility, and profitable growth. Jai has always been inspired by business transformation and digital technologies and he has seen first-hand the urgency and seriousness of running sustainable practices in businesses. He feels that businesses need to act in a socially responsible way, and they need to consider the impact of their operations on the environment, their employees, and their wider community. Artha Strategies is able to support companies in that journey, Jai adds, “As I would always remind my clients, a manager is paid to make decisions and count value, but a leader’s mission is to create value and enrich people’s lives – be it the employees, customers, or the society at large.” Artha Strategies has provided its services to clients across different industries which has given Jai an insight into the common denominators of what companies across all industries struggle with. Jai shares, “Sustainability and Digital are becoming two inseparable sides of the same coin. Disruptive innovation and new business models are pervasive. Technologies like AI, ML, IoT and cloud are widely and rapidly deployed to solve customer problems. And data has shifted from being a byproduct in the past to the very lubricant on which business engines run today.” When supporting each client, Jai implements all he has learnt throughout his career to help clients reach their desired goal. The services that make up Artha Strategies includes Business Transformation which is where clients seek advice for their digital business evolution. Additionally, it offers Digital Roadmap that consists on putting together a plan that renews client’s core business models. With Innovation Advisory it helps clients reignite their innovation process across all customer journey touch points. Lastly, it has a unique service which is Bridge Building where clients are supported in identifying startups and other tech partners for innovative ventures. In all aspects of services sustainability is involved, and it is imbedded at the core of every client’s business. Artha helps Mar23188 clients integrate digital and sustainability to maximise impact. Some clients have taken the time to share their experience on the services that Jai provides at Artha Strategies. For example, after finishing a digital strategy consulting project, the Southeast Asia CEO of Diageo said, “It’s been wonderful to partner with Jai on this critical agenda for Diageo. Jai brings in a wealth of knowledge and experience. He worked really well in a complex business set up to identify the key issues and find a way forward.” In addition, Artha is currently working closely with Singapore Deep Tech Alliance (SDTA). The founding managing partner at SDTA said, “With his extensive corporate network, and his digital and sustainability experiences, we find Jai a great partner to collaborate with in solving the critical sustainability challenges that SDTA is here to address.” At Artha Strategies, Jai leads everything from lead generation to research to advisory consulting, project managing the deliverables, and running the back-office operations. This reflects his true entrepreneurial spirit and hustle to keep Artha Strategies running successfully. The quality of its services is high because he ensures they are, Jai is constantly adapting the service he provides to stay up to date with the new developments in digital and sustainability transformation. This makes Artha Strategies a great high-quality advisor agency and a credible bridge builder that opens innovation and partnership to its clients. Jai explains, “By driving ownership among the stakeholders, it allows for collaboration and disruptive innovation, and eliminates internal resistance to change.” Jai Thampi has been able to build and run a company that creates long term impactful change to businesses and the community that they operate in. Recently, he has received the title for Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023(Singapore). We are excited to see the growth that Artha Strategies will continue to bring for its clients and how that impacts the world we live in. The environment matters and there are potential customers waiting for you to incorporate approaches that protect it. If you are looking to increase your revenue while making a positive impact to the community you target, head over to Artha Strategies’ website and begin your journey towards change. Contact: Jai Thampi Company: Artha Strategies Pte. Ltd Web Address: https://www.artha.sg/