APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Jan22686 Most Influential Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CEO 2023: Linda Paterson Founded in 2018, Gutbiome Pty Ltd was the first synbiotic brand to enter the Australian market, delivering unique formulas that optimise the growth of healthy microorganisms for improved health outcomes. The company was established by Linda Paterson, CEO of Gutbiome, who is committed to making effective and high-quality probiotics available to individuals and families impacted by severe digestive disorders and vulnerable immune systems. Those who experience bloating, flatulence, abdominal pain, yeast overgrowth, and bowel related problems such as diarrhoea or constipation may have an imbalance of gut bacteria, referred to as gut dysbiosis. This is commonly caused by medications such as antibiotics and the contraceptive pill, GIT infections, stress, as well as a diet high in processed carbohydrates and sugar. When these factors disrupt the intestinal epithelium or the microbiome, the gut’s defences can become vulnerable, compromising the immune system and predisposing the host to disease. Probiotics and prebiotics are key supplements that can be taken to help with gut dysbiosis. Probiotics are friendly bacteria that help with digestion, energy, and immunity, while prebiotics are the added food source that is required to feed friendly bacteria. Gutbiome’s synbiotic formulas provide the benefits of probiotics and prebiotics working in harmony to optimise the growth of the healthy microorganisms required to colonise larger areas of the microbiome. By definition, the term ‘synbiotic’ refers to a mixture of live microorganisms and substrates that are selectively used by the host’s microorganisms, resulting in health benefits for the host. By supplementing a multi strain synbiotic with specific probiotics strains and beneficial yeast, gastrointestinal populations of beneficial bacteria can be increased while populations of other bacteria and yeast are decreased. Carrying 20 colony-forming units per dose across 18 probiotic strains, the Synbiotic Broad Spectrum Probiotic and Prebiotic Powder was Gutbiome’s first successful product, launched to the Australian market. The powder is free from additives and is suitable for adults as well as children of any age. Later, in June 2021, Gutbiome launched a new Advanced Synbiotic Formula, which is available in both powder and capsule form. It carries an innovative and awardwinning prebiotic ingredient with wholefood-based nutritional functions to support prebiotic activity for probiotic growth. Gutbiome’s synbiotics are consumer-focused probiotics that meet all the requirements for the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) protocol. The company delivers full disclosure of all excipients and active ingredients contained by its formulas, enabling consumers to fully understand and trust the products. The precision and performance of Gutbiome’s formulas are measured by real health and wellness outcomes. Linda Paterson is the Founder and Managing Director of Gutbiome as well as GAPS Diet Australia and the GAPS Clinic, which she pioneered within Australia. She dedicates a lot of her time to supporting families and encouraging them to learn about GAPS, nutrition, and the human microbiome. Furthermore, Mar23169 Linda is dedicated to discovering more about women’s microbiome health. Due to a severe lack of women’s health research, there is currently a large data gap in this area. Linda is currently leading a clinical trial to improve women’s access to effective treatments. Having treated a range of gut disorders in her GAPS clinic as well as her own son, Linda founded Gutbiome to satisfy an industry need for a probiotic suitable for those with severe digestive disorders and vulnerable immune systems. She was inspired to create formulas that do not compromise on quality in terms of scientific benefits, allergens, strength, and stability. Today, Gutbiome strives towards her vision of improving human microbiome health and creating positive social change by making innovative synbiotic solutions available to people experiencing illness, disease, and health issues. At Gutbiome, Linda is supported by a team of medical doctors, nutritionists, and scientists, who help guide the company’s thinking, research, product formulation, and innovation. Together, they create advanced formulas that consumers can rely on and trust. The team’s experience in the areas of gut health and microbiology have significantly influenced Gutbiome’s consumer-centric approach by enhancing its understanding of customers’ needs. The company delivers an unparalleled level of quality that meets the needs of people who have specific gut conditions, follow specific diets, experience allergies, or have a vulnerable immune system. This outstanding quality is demonstrated by the plethora of glowing reviews Gutbiome has received, available to view on its website. Detailed testimony from verified buyers provide evidence that Gutbiome has helped settle stomachs, reduce inflammation of tonsils, improve sleep, reduce acid reflux, regulate tastebuds, and more. This highlights that Gutbiome’s products are truly designed to fulfil the varying needs of its customers. One review states, “Love the product, been taking it for over a year now and it's part of my daily routine. Gut health is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping healthy and staying well.” Through her hard work and commitment to her field, Linda Paterson has created a trusted and respected company that delivers high-quality sciencebased synbiotics to customers with various health issues, providing them with a number of benefits. As a result, it is no surprise that she has been awarded Most Influential Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CEO in the APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023. Going forward, Gutbiome is planning to create several new solution-based formulas to deliver a complete synbiotic range that will target specific conditions and needs. We congratulate Linda on her success in the APAC CEO of the