APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Best Business Consultancy CEO 2023 (Australia): Jacqueline Hiddlestone Jackal Oz is a freelance consulting business in Australia, headed up by CEO Jacqueline Hiddlestone. It is a boutique service provider looking to add value to any organisation it works with, from startups through to large, major clients. It offers services from strategy development through to complete operational delivery. Award winning Jacqueline Hiddlestone, the CEO of Jackal Oz, specialises in strategic and business consulting from a global perspective. This is supported by in-depth research and experience to ensure help can be offered effectively to companies both small and large. Jackal Oz creates an alignment between individual stakeholders and their organisational objectives, guiding the development of their strategic direction. It also seeks to support sustainable change management practices in progressing strategic direction into operational delivery. This includes cultural intelligence skills, where the various insights provide greater engagement, better results, and also improved staff retention. The core values at Jackal Oz are respect, integrity and accountability. It respects different views and believes in always treating other people in the same manner as you would like to be treated, serving the common good ethically and honouring individuality. It puts trust in its ability to show integrity, know what is right, and use cultural insights appropriately to understand the global perspective. Jackal Oz holds itself accountable for everything it does and embraces the opportunities it has to contribute. It has a vision to take its clients from strategic development to operational excellence. Its mission is to help clients prosper through innovation, from strategic development to operational delivery. Jacqueline Hiddlestone undertook a doctorate at the University of Liverpool in the UK, an institution that encourages the application of academic learning to real life practice. This scholarpractitioner approach underpins the approach Jacqueline takes from C-suite to board level. She has held frontline roles early on in her career, through to management and on to leadership positions both in the private and public sectors. She has worked in NGOs (nongovernmental organisations) and INGOs (international nongovernmental organisations), as well as academia. Taking a visionary, collaborative and agile approach, Jacqueline embraces and thrives in highly pressurised and challenging work environments. She practices the ability to drive broad transformational change, having been accountable for the services for over 16,500 staff in one organisation, with revenue of $1.3Bn and over $9.1Bn in assets. She also led the maintenance, capital works and infrastructure programme for another covering over 230 sites across the state that also saw a change in the infrastructure configuration in the work environment. She was able to add benefit to both providers and the organisation by incorporating pro-active procurement from Indigenous and Disability service providers. More recently she has provided the information services strategic direction and program of work delivery for an organisation going through integration and servicing one of the largest multicultural regions in Australia. Each of these projects were immensely challenging environments, which at the same time provided Jacqueline with valuable learnings. Yet, it is the smaller organisations she’s worked with that have provided the greatest opportunities for agile growth. She has been able to introduce expansion for each of the companies and the people therein, and this in turn has created the most satisfaction for Jacqueline. Jacqueline’s approach to companies also includes facilitation, presentation and written communication, which she feels is important in harnessing support, informing and delivering results. By coaching and mentoring staff, the heart of organisations, she finds the optimisation of development and creation of an adaptive culture provides the best outcome for all. Add to this Jacqueline’s highly developed analytical and conceptual skills, and her record of delivering capital operational and commercial results in complex (technology/infrastructure) environments, and it is clear what a difference Jackal Oz could potentially make to any organisation. Jackal Oz has an organisational roadmap dictated by its strategy and guiding principles. It embraces respect, integrity, and accountability in everything it does, particularly when it comes to helping organisations “I find strong interpersonal communication skills that are effective at all levels, from the shop floor to Board room and wider community are needed. This includes facilitation, presentation, and written communication to harness support, inform and deliver results. By coaching and mentoring staff, I find the optimisation of development and creation of an adaptive culture provides the best outcome for all. After all, people that are the heart of all organisations.”