APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Gay Travel CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Aston Travelling as a queer person can be an anxiety-inducing process. It can be difficult to find accommodation that’s LGBTQIA+ friendly, let alone properties that openly welcome queer travellers from all walks of life. Thankfully, Andrew Aston, CEO of Gaybnb, has just made going on that gorgeous getaway all the more manageable. Gaybnb takes the stress out of finding queer friendly locations, so couples and groups alike can focus on enjoying their holidays without the fear of judgement. Regardless of sexuality or gender identity, Gaybnb exists to ensure that any member of the LGBTQIA+ community feels welcome, and, most importantly, safe throughout their travels. It’s worked tirelessly over the years since its inception to put together a network of hosts who understand what security means to queer people across the globe, and just how much it contributes towards enjoyment. As such, these carefully selected properties guarantee a place where queer people can feel loved and accepted during their travels. As a platform, Gaybnb only offers accommodation that adheres to its values. It strives to create a safe haven for gay travellers, and aims to select locations that will surround guests with like-minded people. Its hosts are a collection of individuals who are local to their areas, and, as such, have knowledge on the best places for queer travellers to visit during their time away. Whether guests are looking for a secluded property, or somewhere a bit closer to the city, hosts will provide an inside scoop into all of the best gayfriendly hotspots in the area. Among the vast majority of locations that it presents to travellers, Gaybnb offers properties in New York, Sydney, Paris, and Greece. Its selection of accommodation not only ranges in size, but also in price, and these can be sorted and searched for accordingly. There’s a plethora of styles available for travellers to choose from, be it a more traditional apartments in New York, or a sleek villa on the Greek coast, so no matter a guest’s tastes, they’ll definitely find something that’s bound to appeal to them. Being protected during your travels doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg, and Gaybnb’s portfolio of options stands as a testament to this. Gaybnb has one clear mission at its core – to create the world’s most inclusive travel platform, helping queer travellers find the perfect places across the globe. Partner this with a passion for uniting LGBTQIA+ individuals with one another, where they can be themselves, and you’ve got a platform that aims to celebrate freedom and individuality. Thanks to his LGBTQIA+ background, Andrew has come to understand that queer people exist in each and every culture. He founded Gaybnb as a means to help gay travellers explore different parts of the world, without having to concern themselves with the potential of being discriminated against. He saw the gap in accommodation platforms and sought to engineer the perfect solution for a queer traveller’s anxieties and concerns. Of course, its services aren’t limited to just LGBTQIA+ guests, but anyone from any background. Inclusivity is the aim, and it’s an aim that Andrew has been able to foster throughout Gaybnb’s lifetime. He believes that we need to take advantage of the world we live in and enjoy everything it has to offer. It’s a beautiful world brimming with cultures and sights that simply can’t be missed. Who you are shouldn’t have to hold you back from witnessing everything the world has to offer, and Gaybnb is just the first step towards making travel for queer people as seamless as possible. Gaybnb is a pioneer for change within the travel industry. There isn’t a platform like it, and it’s all thanks to Andrew’s innovation and keen awareness of the needs of LGBTQIA+ travellers that it’s been able to thrive as much as it has. It loves who you are, and its hosts do too. All of this culminates in a travel platform that’s bound to make guests feel safe and cherished. It opens doors across the world, all so queer people can be their open and honest selves wherever they go. Contact: Andrew Aston Company: Gaybnb Web Address: gaybnbtravel.com