APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

in developing their strategic direction and implementing it into operational delivery. Many organisations develop their strategy but fail to actually deliver it, so there is a considerable market requiring help to go from design to delivery. This high failure rate across most industries is an area Jacqueline has been working on with fellow boutique company CQify. Together they have been exploring avenues of how best to facilitate the ability to realise strategies through greater human-centric understanding. Techniques have included the approach to facilitating strategy development, ensuring that it is realistic and achievable, and not just something completed and then left on a shelf to gather dust. The trend within the industry is moving towards a greater use of technology such as zoom/teams, offering interactive boards and the ability to facilitate workshops remotely. This has opened up opportunities to work globally, interstate and locally, and is something working well with clients. Often clients are looking for that special something that will make them stand out from the crowd. Exploring and developing strategies offers the ability to integrate greater cultural awareness of how people think, and how their contribution helps deliver results. Using the power of diversity and embracing the practicalities has seen organisations grow and become places people want to work. As they dissolve their boundaries and move to a more global focus, diversity in all its aspects is beneficial to driving performance and inclusion. Jacqueline Hiddlestone also teaches leadership, entrepreneurship, and project management as a professor at the Ducere Global Business School, including mentoring and supervising industry project teams of masters students. She is interested in following the trends of the past century, and embracing transformational leadership as an approach, working with various teams to identify change needs and pinpoint the vision required to guide that change. Encouraging team members towards this strategically and innovatively has gone a long way to seeing process improvement, with new directions set and improved productivity. Shared vision and providing an environment that is psychologically safe by replacing criticism with curiosity develops each individual and has seen organisational goals being achieved. Jacqueline adopts the role of strategic leader, guiding management in a growth mindset. She asks the hard questions and executes strategies that have seen organisational values such as accountability and transparency grow. Jacqueline’s approach to taking companies from strategic development to operational delivery involves Jackal Oz innovating by thinking outside the square themselves. This helps organisations to think innovatively in setting their strategic direction. In doing this, Jackal Oz is also respectful of everyone’s contribution, bringing global, inclusive views to the table. It is only then that it moves on to how to best deliver that strategic direction, be it a plan or active participant. To ensure buy in to goals and vision Jackal Oz always start with the ‘why,’ as in ‘why’ do you do what you do? This comes before the ‘how’ do you do it? Or the ‘what’ do you do? This is because the ‘why’ targets the reason, purpose, and unique contribution, alongside the impact a company wants to make. Jacqueline also finds using imagery to make changes tangible and realistic works well. It helps build visual outcomes and definitely gains buy in and trust from clients allowing procurement from collection of requirements through to contract engagement. From a personal perspective, Jacqueline ensures she gives back to the community through volunteering time to several organisations, such as Destinations Wollongong, Royal Easter Show, Kids Wish Foundation, the Cara Brain Disease Foundation, and DoctorateHub. To this she adds mentoring for Indigenous Students, University graduates and for the Institute of Managers and Leaders (IML). Her volunteering extends to chairing special interest groups in organisational transformation and change, and strategy-aspractice for the British Academy of Management; and the regional advisory group for IML. In addition, she reviews papers for journals and conferences. The APAC CEO of the year awards have bestowed Best Business Consultancy CEO 2023 (Australia): Jacqueline Hiddlestone. This prestigious award emphasizes how well received and valuable Jacqueline’s incredible knowledge and strategic business consultancy advice is. She has plans to continue imparting scholarly information for both masters and doctoral students, writing for conference papers, journal articles, books, keynote speaking, and carrying on mentoring and coaching in industry and academic arenas. After all, she knows this is from where our future leaders will emerge, and they certainly deserve to benefit from her remarkable input, for the sake of us all! Company: Jackal Oz Web Address: www.jackaloz.com.au