APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Feb22538 Awaken is a full-service independent media agency in Sidney. It was founded in 2014 from a kitchen table, and today it is one of the most awarded independent agencies. Its very own Chris Parker has now received the title of Best Independent Creative Media Agency CEO 2023 (New South Wales). We learn more about Awaken’s services and the approach that has led it to success. We are experiencing a shift in how people search for products, brands, information, locations, and more. Instead of the usual Google search, they are going into TikTok and Instagram to find what they are looking for. It is important that companies create content that stands out from the rest as there is more competition now than ever before. This is where Awaken truly shines. Awaken helps its global clients increase their sales and revenue by providing them with exactly what their target audience is looking for. It has the expertise necessary to implement its approach in different industries. Throughout the years it has worked with a variety of companies such as, Panasonic, 1800 tequila, technics, and many more. The services that it offers include media strategy, planning and project management, traditional media / ATL buying, digital media buying, social media management / community management, automated dashboard reporting, photography, design, and video and TVC production. The approach that Awaken uses is very hands on. The team is made up of creators, marketers, and dedicated contractors. Together they deliver clients high quality content for campaigns to drive traction to their digital platforms and social media. It offers an around the clock service thanks to its global team, and the team is based all around the world – from Sydney to Bateman’s Bay to Oaxaca, Mexico and Paris. Clients are met with a passionate and creative team of experts. When starting a project, the team takes the time to get an in-depth overview of the client’s company before starting to plan a strategy. They work with clients through sales forecasts, business rationales and strategic alignments, and they combine these into every step of the process. The team is a key part of the company’s growing success as they are constantly aiming higher to exceed all expectations. The testimonials left by clients speak for themselves. For example, the marketing manager at Panasonic shares, “Awaken Media have been a breath of fresh air, helping us reimage our historic brand, engage and find new customers, drive sales, and navigate our way through challenge and change. True partners in every sense.” The future looks incredible for Awaken, especially with Chris at the helm. His award is truly testament to the hard work he has put into the industry. Best Independent Creative Media Agency CEO 2023 (New South Wales): Chris Parker Mar23092 “We’re in it together. Your challenges are our challenges. Your goals are our goals. Your successes are our successes. We fight hard for every single win because it means as much to us as it does to you.” Congratulations to Chris and the dedicated team at Awaken. Contact: Chris Parker Company: Awaken Web Address:www.awaken.media