APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

Apr23299 Founded in 2004, Advanced Motor Control Ltd (AMC) has since been providing the people of New Zealand with electrical motor control solutions that they can truly trust. Through utilising its specialty in the control of industrial electric motors, AMC has offered solutions to a multitude of clients throughout the past nineteen years. This has all been made possible by expert CEO Mark Empson, who holds a passion for the industry that’s nothing short of inspirational. Nineteen years ago, co-founders of AMC, Mark Empson and Howard Evans, combined their respective expertise to enhance an essentially untouched industry. Their brilliant minds and knack for innovation is what led to the inception of AMC, which has quickly risen to become New Zealand’s leading company within the soft starting and motor control sphere. However, with Mark acting as one of the world’s pioneers of the soft starting industry, AMC has been able to reach new heights time and time again. AMC now collaborates with industry and equipment manufacturers from all over, and strongly prides itself on its ability to provide a quality package of product, education, support, and service throughout the various fields of motor control. Be it soft starters, variable frequency drives, harmonic filters, or other technologies, AMC has devoted itself to presenting only the best of the best. To do so, it utilises Mark’s extensive knowledge and experience, and produces results that’re beyond exceptional. The motor control industry is a field that Mark is very passionate about, and this love for the craft shines through his eagerness to spread his knowledge with those around him. He frequently presents up to date training seminars and workshops all across New Zealand, relating them to a variety of topics concerning motor control and automation. As a result, field practitioners are given the unique opportunity to understand the latest technologies and techniques from one of the most qualified men in all of New Zealand. At the core of his being, Mark is a strong business professional with a track record to attest to his award-winning status. He’s able to not only provide technical advice about applications and equipment, but offers his support wherever it’s needed. One previous collaborator detailed how “Mark is an extremely knowledgeable person who is only too willing to help other people. Having worked with Mark on motor control equipment and other related products/subjects in the electrical wholesale industry, it very quickly became apparent that he had great skills and knowledge”, a statement that truly lends itself to the selfless nature of this incredible CEO. Mark really is the textbook definition of an expert in his field. His years of rigorous training and learning have resulted in an expertise that’s trusted by everyone within New Zealand’s motor control industry, and it shines through the glowing testimonies that previous collaborators have provided. One other collaborator had this to say: “Mark has specified and installed several Variable Frequency Drives for me and, in each and every case, the installation and subsequent operation of the drives has been faultless. Mark has an incredible depth of knowledge of his field”. As the CEO of AMC, Mark goes above and beyond for his team and clients alike. He devotes his mastery towards educating and implementing real change that’s available for any seeking it. He’s taken monumental steps since co-founding AMC, and it seems as though his prowess will only continue to foster more companionship and trust within the industry. We extend our greatest congratulations to Mark for receiving the APAC Insider award title of Electrical Motor Control Solutions CEO of the Year – 2023. Contact: Mark Empson Company: Advanced Motor Control Ltd Web Address: www.motor-control.co.nz Electrical Motor Control Solutions CEO of the Year 2023: Mark Empson