APAC CEO of the Year Awards 2023

4. The Whiskey Project Group LTD: Maritime CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Darren Schuback 6. Capacitate Group LTD: Digital Transformation CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): James Dickinson 8. AUSSIE HELPERS LTD: Most Supportive Farmers Charity CEO 2023 (Australia): Natasha Kocks 10. NutriSource Pte Ltd: Agricultural CEO of the Year 2023 (South East Asia) 12. Phaos Technology: Microscopy Technology CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Yeo 14. Artha Strategies Pte. Ltd: Best Bespoke Strategy Services CEO 2023 (Singapore): Jai Thampi 16. Gaybnb: Gay Travel CEO of the Year 2023: Andrew Aston 18. Jackal Oz: Best Business Consultancy CEO 2023 (Australia): Jacqueline Hiddlestone 20. Gutbiome Pty Ltd: Most Influential Pharmaceutical Manufacturing CEO 2023: Linda Paterson 22. Inypay: Digital Finance CEO of the Year 2023 (Singapore): Arivuvel Ramu 24. Rodney Surgical Centre: Best Surgical Facility CEO 2023 (Auckland): Zaneta Schumann 25. Deep Identity Pte Ltd: Most Innovative Boutique Systems Integrator CEO 2023 (Singapore): Koh Wee Leng 26. Skipper Care Australia: Most Dedicated Disability Support CEO 2023 (Australia): Bec Skipper 27. HTANALYSTS: Most Innovative Healthcare CEO 2023 (New South Wales) Contents 28. The Northern Club: Best Hospitality CEO 2023 (Auckland): Michael Shah 29. Awaken: Best Independent Creative Media Agency CEO 2023 (New South Wales): Chris Parker 30. Australia for Cedar Tanzania: Best Community Empowerment Organisation CEO 2023 (Western Australia): Nina Hjortlund 31. HIVE - Hampton Institute of Vocational Education: Most Inspiring Vocational Education CEO 2023: Jonathan Hampton 32. piiq Digital PTY LTD: Most Innovative Hair & Beauty CEO 2023 (Australia): Richard Kavanagh 33. Advanced Motor Control Ltd: Electrical Motor Control Solutions CEO of the Year 2023: Mark Empson 34. ATOM Myanmar Limited: Most Impactful Telecommunications CEO 2023 (Myanmar): Muhammad Ziaullah Siddiqui 35. Opes Cyber Security: Cyber Security CEO of the Year 2023 (Australia): Aaron Breban 36. Giide: Best Recruitment Outsourcing Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia): Dallas Wallace 37. BSI People Skills Ltd: Professional Training CEO of the Year 2023 (New Zealand): Cathy Sheppard 38. BBX World Pte Ltd: Best Business Revenue Solutions CEO 2023 (Australia): Caroline Macdonald 39. Skin Deep Learning: Education CEO of the Year 2023 (Queensland): Hayley Griffiths 40. Australian Capital Equity: Most Influential Investment Group CEO 2023 - China