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Issue Q2 2022 Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 A fast-growing company with historical pedigree, modern excellence, and a contemporary dedication to excellence, City Chain Stores is making itself the watch retailer of the future with every product it brings on board. With a variety of in-person stores across its region – of three different types from multibrand to mono-brand concepts – and a growing ecommerce section that has further found its footing in the past 18 months, this renowned watch retailer promises to take its brands and its customers into the bright future of digitally enabled, innovative modern retail. BUZZSG Private Limited: Best Uniform Personnel Transportation Specialists 2022 Neo4j: Most Innovative Graph Data Platform 2022 City Chain Stores

2 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 Welcome to the Q2 edition of APAC Insider Magazine, your quarterly source for all of the latest news and updates from across the Asia Pacific region. As we explore and consider the second quarter of 2022 through this issue, we are invited to fix our eyes upon some incredible businesses from the Asian Pacific region. Weaving a cloth of pure innovation in an ever evolving reality is no small feat but, here, we would like to showcase some show stopping business plans for a more sustainable, creative, and reliable future. With online platforms for fabulous luxury items, programs for revolutionary data dissection – and everything in between – APAC Insider Magazine is presenting a wide variety of invaluable business experiences. Our cover, City Chain Stores, is continuously rejuvenating the luxury watch world. By working with Swiss watch brands, and by doing so with elegance and style, City Chain Stores has entered a realm of corporate excellence. With its founding company Stelux Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong stock exchange mainboard, City Chain Stores has a lot of experience that is transferrable to its current position on the market. We are excited to present you with more stories such as this. We wish you the best for these upcoming months and look forward to welcoming you back for Q3 of APAC Insider Magazine 2022. Sofi Bajor, Editor Website: www.apac-insider.com AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility. Editorial Team Sif Brookes, Senior Editor | Sofi Bajor, Editor Gabriel Muers, Writer | Daniel Long, Writer | Amelia Walker, Writer Rebecca Scotland, Writer | Ashley-Francis Cox, Writer Design Team Daniela Levinte, Graphic Designer Lauren Baldwin, Junior Graphic Designer

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 3 , 4. News 6. City Chain Stores: Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 10. Everest Caravans: Best Custom Caravan Manufacturer 2022 11. Forest: Best Luxury Scarves & Brooches Brand 2022 12. Addcom Solution Pte Ltd: Industry Leaders in Semiconductor & Electronic Component Solutions 2022 14. MATCHFiT Consults: Best Coaching & Organisational Development Consultancy 2022 16. Neo4j: Most Innovative Graph Data Platform 2022 18. ProEves: Diligent Day Care Service Secures Success 19. Appier: Best Business AI Applications Service Provider 2021 20. JR Fitness and Dance Pte Ltd: Fitness Studio of the Year 2021 - Singapore 21. Protectcorp Australia: Best Security Solutions Provider - Australia 22. Nautilus Shipping Services: Best Boutique Maritime Solutions Provider - India 23. Taea Ltd: Best Māori Focused Employment Website 2021 24. BUZZSG Private Limited: Best Uniform Personnel Transportation Specialists 2022 26. Societal Pte Ltd: The Fresh Voice in Boutique Advertising 27. All About Lifting & Safety: Best Lifting Equipment Products Supplier - Queensland 28. Ocean Purpose Project: Most Pioneering Ocean Plastic Mitigation Initiative 2022 29. CHD Design P/L: Best Bespoke Luxury Residential Design Studio 2022 30. XD Media: Best Modern Digital Business Design Company 2022 31. SUBX PTE LTD: Building On the Blockchain 32. Potager: Fine Dining Delights! 34. TuffChem Environmental Services Pte. Ltd: ESG factors are now gaining a lot of traction as are effective solutions to them. Contents

4 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 NEWS , PERSOLKELLY, one of the largest and leading HR solutions companies in Asia Pacific, released a business survey report today that highlights how companies are turning increasingly to a Contingent Workforce strategy to overcome headcount shortages. Businesses impacted by COVID-19, technology’s rapid growth and economic uncertainty are rethinking traditional recruitment approaches to stay competitive. The survey highlights how a Contingent Workforce is already an essential part of workforce strategies in Asia Pacific and the trend is accelerating, with companies planning to increase their usage over the next two years. More APAC Companies Adopt Contingent Workforce to Overcome Talent Crunch: Survey

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 5 NEWS , • The study by Data Agility and the Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA), surveyed over 260 Australian leaders from various industries. • 92% of C-suite and board members are aware of AI projects in their organisation, whereas only 66% of managers and senior roles are aware. In 2021 the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources shared Australia’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Action Plan. The document contains the strategies to turn the country into “a global leader in developing and adopting trusted, secure and responsible AI.” As this study finds out, there are numerous obstacles to overcome for organisational leadership to successfully implement AI projects. Highlights from the study are below, and the report link includes all 17 stats, insights and graphs. Highlight from the study: • 7% of government sector leaders will invest in AI skills development, compared to 54% of professional, scientific and technical services leaders. Without the investment in AI skills development, the public sector will lag behind the private sector. Government sector leaders should act now to develop and acquire the necessary skills. • Only 18% of professional service industry leaders expect AI to improve org efficiency but 96% believe it will help their company grow. This is a very interesting result indicating a unique perception within the professional service industry. Leaders in this industry expect business growth from AI, but do Australian Executives Need To Close The Communication Gap For Ai Strategies To Succeed, A New Study By Data Agility And Aiia not expect the impact to be felt internally with process improvements. This implies professional service industry leaders believe AI will not affect them directly. However, they do believe AI will provide benefits to their organisation externally through growth. • 90% of C-suite and board members expect AI to create new roles in their organisation, whereas only 66% of managers and senior roles expect so. This highlights a lack of dissemination of information across organisations. It’s great the executive leadership teams know what they want but it’s not being communicated down the chain. As AI becomes more commonplace at the workplace, executive teams will need proactive communication on their AI strategies to ensure organisational alignment. • Data analytics, driving quality insights, is the most desirable AI project to invest in 2022. 59% of leaders are focusing their investments on this type of project rather than cost and speed opportunities such as task automation and process efficiency. • The most important driver for AI adoption in the health sector is “better customer service”, in comparison to all other industries choosing “better service delivery”. The health sector is very patient, or “customer”, centric. This stat follows the natural path of health sector leadership, in comparison to the other sectors that focus more on the method, i.e. the service, over the end recipient. Data Agility is a specialist consulting company that delivers data quality, migration, integration, reporting, and the strategy that puts that all in place. It provides data analytics, information management, project delivery and managed services. The Australian Information Industry Association (AIIA) is Australia’s peak representative body and advocacy group for those in the digital ecosystem. A Contingent Workforce includes short-term and fixed-term contractual employees, freelancers and independent contractors outsourced to agencies. The most common reason for adopting a Contingent Workforce is that it offers flexibility to workforce planning. The second top reason is to help fill specialised roles to ensure no disruption to operations. The survey illuminates a changing mindset, with the majority of companies likely to offer contingent workers the same or better rewards as permanent staff. Key findings: • 58% of respondents use a Contingent Workforce when experiencing a headcount shortage. Sectors most in favour of using a Contingent Workforce are IT/Hi-Tech, Healthcare/ Pharmaceutical, FMCG, Logistics/ Supply Chain, Financial Institutions/ Banking, Professional Services/ Consultancy, Manufacturing and Government/Statutory Agency. • The highest adoption of a Contingent Workforce is in Indonesia (67%), Hong Kong (66%), Malaysia (64%) and Singapore (60%). • About 25% of companies already using a Contingent Workforce will increase their usage over the next two years. • 74% of companies are likely to reward a Contingent Workforce the same or better than full-time staff. • 48% of respondents engage recruitment agencies for their headcount needs and strategies. “While economic uncertainty remains, the post-pandemic rebound presents businesses with a wave of opportunities. Given the talent shortage and fluctuations in supply and demand, growthhungry companies must embrace fresh hiring approaches to stay competitive. A well-implemented Contingent Workforce strategy brings multiple benefits in this volatile landscape,” said Elvin Tan, Regional Director - Head of Operations APAC, PERSOLKELLY. “The survey findings will help us build and refine robust Contingent Workforce strategies for our clients as part of our Regional Talent Solutions across Asia Pacific.” PERSOLKELLY and YouGov surveyed 1,112 employers and HR decision-makers in Australia, mainland China, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. Data analytics, driving quality insights, is the most desirable AI project to invest in 2022

6 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , 4 Singapore Business Awards 2022 Established in 1985, City Chain Stores is a company whose founder – Stelux Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong company founded in 1963 – has been listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange Mainboard since 1972, giving it a background of business excellence and corporate pedigree that has served it in hitting the ground running. Fundamentally, Stelux boasts a number of mid-range and famous Swiss watch brands, being a timepiece sales company that has garnered the attention of a myriad of suppliers and designers as a great place through which to sell their wares over the time it has been in operation. Selling Universal Genève, Cyma, Solvil et Titus and Catena, it commands significant regional respect in Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Mainland China, especially with those heavily involved in watch retail on a professional or collectible level. Furthermore, being a renowned subsidiary of Stelux Holdings, City Chain Stores has managed A fast-growing company with historical pedigree, modern excellence, and a contemporary dedication to excellence, City Chain Stores is making itself the watch retailer of the future with every product it brings on board. With a variety of in-person stores across its region – of three different types from multi-brand to mono-brand concepts – and a growing ecommerce section that has further found its footing in the past 18 months, this renowned watch retailer promises to take its brands and its customers into the bright future of digitally enabled, innovative modern retail. Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022 to gain footholds across a variety of different locations. Currently, it holds physical locations in its 3 lines of retail chain stores, the first offering mid-price range multi-brand watches, the second of which – Seiko Boutiques – offering luxury watches like Grand Seiko and Credor, and the third of which is a mono-brand Solvil et Titus watch store. The foot traffic and clientele attracted to each of these stores allows it access to a wide cross section of its market segment, able to cater to people looking for an above average yet affordable watch as well as those looking for something extra special for their collection. Alongside its branded store chains, of course, this company has also made itself a front-runner when it comes to ecommerce stores with a presence in a number of thirdparty ecommerce spaces online that widen its reach even further, giving truly comprehensive market access. Today, City Chain Stores is an ingrained professional voice when it comes to the discussion of watch sales. Its sales acumen, product quality, customer service, and accessibility through online and offline spaces have secured its place in the industry as one of the foremost entities on the market, gaining renown amongst its peers and its clients alike as it grows its reputation. Additionally, considering itself dedicated to the service of all watch-lovers, its promises to use its entrenched position in the industry to better it for all stakeholders. Critically, in terms of the work this company carries out, many crucial decisions are led by Alan Chia as the regional General Manager of City Chain Stores in Singapore and Malaysia. Consulting with other managerial position holders within the company, Alan wishes to see City Chain Stores succeed, researching, developing, and implementing a variety of different business strategies alongside his peers in order to secure this future. After all, this continuous improvement of itself and its services is something it holds a strict dedication to following through on. This is all in the name of giving back to the industry it loves so much, serving the clients of City Chain Stores who are both passionate and considerate, willing to wait until the best product comes along before dedicating themselves to a purchase. Thus, City Chain Stores wishes to prove to them that it has been – and remains to be – this option, able to satisfy the hankering of watch lovers who love collecting watches, or love to purchase the best quality product possible from one of the most trustworthy sources available to them. It proves its acumen time and time again, and its clients’ reviews and referrals reflect this, many of them coming back many more times after the fact and securing it a vast pool of return business from people who quickly become friends of the company. Additionally, its fashion-savvy watches are built with exquisite craftsmanship in mind, nothing being allowed to leave its stores or storage without having undergone rigorous quality testing first, ensuring the excellence of the mechanism, the lack of blemishes on the watch face or band, and the quality of the piece’s construction. After this evaluation is done, its experts are happy to let Dec21715 Dec21715

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 7 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 5 Best eTail Watch Brand Store 2022

8 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 6 Singapore Business Awards 2022 , the piece go to its new owner. Each watch arrives safely and in perfection condition in this manner, and it fulfils the watchpurchasing needs of a myriad of different people across its target market as a direct result, its stores also offering a repairs and maintenance service from its expert technicians. This is something that – above all else – sets it apart from its peers. Whilst it’s excellence in terms of quality and customer service are both things to write home about, so to speak, its maintenance and repairs service are something incredibly unique in the industry, as having an in-house technical team on hand to provide such a thing is incredibly rare in watch sales. Therefore, it has been able to set itself head and shoulders above its competition and be able to truly mean it when it calls itself a ‘one-stopshop’ for watch and timepiece needs, breathing a new lease of life into the damaged and older pieces and selling the newest, latest, and greatest pieces in line with current fashion trends and popular styles. It also operates with a timeless class and elegance when it comes to serving its customers, making sure it values itself most strictly on its ability to provide for a customer’s wants and needs above all else, keeping itself an agile and adaptive name in the field despite the relative age of its business. Due to this, it reassures its clients that despite being an older firm, it has not stagnated, nor will it. Instead, it keeps itself abreast of all new trends and paradigms, exploring market shifts and dynamics so that it may serve the current needs of the modern watch shopper. In this way, as well as market trends, it also keeps track of the developments in modern technology. Like so many industries and sectors all over the world, the watch sales and creation industry are experiencing a current exponential boom in technological prowess and emphasis, with the popularity of the smart watches driving up the demand for Smart features and other elements being incorporated into classic timepieces. However, it keeping an eye on this doesn’t mean it is letting go of the timeless commitment to brilliant watches that fuelled its beginnings all those years ago, recognising that a big part of why clients trust it is that it has built a reputation of trust with them regarding the quality of their bespoke and bigbrand watch sales. This is what has ensured its development alongside its parent company after all, the dedication and professional acumen of the minds behind Stelux still felt in the knowledge implemented by City Chain Stores on a daily basis. Thus, internally, it has developed a healthy dynamic and a good rapport between the team. Something that has always been vitally important to City Chain Stores has been managing a carefully controlled and exemplary environment within the staff it recruits, ensuring everyone gets along and is on the same page vis-àvis the business and its goals. Its growth, both as a company in the macro scale and as individual teams, is something born out of the excellence of the products and processes, yes, but all of this is only made possible through the respect that the team show one another. After all, the staff of any business is the backbone and powerhouse both. City Chain Stores respects and recognises this, hiring those with the right attitudes and listening to its team members when it comes to discussions of compatibility and work ethic, their dedication to the company being well-recognised with an open ear and open mind. Therefore, its turnover rate is low and its profit margins are high, with each staff member excited to work together and work for its customers, helping each client who walks through its doors or visits its website to find the perfect product for them. Each staff member’s dedication to the watch sales business allows them to get to know the clients on a personal level, too, carrying their own unique perspectives on the different elements of each brand and piece in the City Chain Stores from the band to the mechanism itself. Fundamentally, it is manned by experts. Each can guide a client towards a watch that will fit the recipient’s style, sensibilities, and budget, serving mass-market consumers which nowadays look for function, form, and fashion, teasing out

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 9 APAC / Singapore Business Awards 2022 7 the information that will allow the representative to introduce them to new styles or brands. Over the past 18 months, with the pandemic in full swing, this dedication has not changed. No, it has merely switched lanes slightly; as lockdowns hit and in-person stores were becoming less viable as a primary source of income, City Chain Stores pivoted towards funnelling more effort into its ecommerce solutions. Aligning with the new prevailing digital trend – as it predicts that more shopping than ever before will continue to be done online even after the outbreak has settled – it has been focusing on connecting with customers old and new alike through its online platform. Using social media, online advertising, and SEO to its advantage, what could it hope to gain? Well, in short, it stands to gain access to a wide swathe of new customers who previously wouldn’t have found it, perhaps due to lack of proximity to the inperson stores, amongst a variety of other reasons. Its comprehensive CRM program in both Singapore and Malaysia is also allowing it to bolster its online and remote capabilities, with connections being formed between it and its amazingly loyal customers on a daily basis through real, meaningful human connection. Showing its clients how this old dog can indeed learn new tricks, the invaluable brands it offers such as the 1862-founded Swiss brand Cyma have lauded its efforts to craft a new online world for watch sales as incredible, as well as effective. Critically, each brand it sells stands to gain from its perseverance regarding moving into the new age, allowing them to get their watches out to the eyes and collections of people that previously would not have been able to enjoy the brilliance of their wares. Teamwork being the key to success, the front-line retail staff and the more behind-the-scenes roles of those maintaining the ecommerce channels are both equally important. Working with technical excellence, flexibility, ethics, and professional agility, each of its staff members are adept at working outside of their comfort zones and going above and beyond to meet client demands, specifications, and requirements, as well as contacting and maintaining relationships with the brands City Chain Stores sells. Moreover, with the recent struggles and tumult that the world has been going through thanks to Covid19’s impact on supply lines, it is currently responding to a change in its industry wherein malls and brand owners are pivoting away from the multi-brand concept to a mono-brand concept, its team allowing it to continue to do so with sophistication. Having embraced a deeper understanding of its customers and their needs, it has come out with a stronger bond with its customers than ever, able to serve them more effectively and win their patronage, aiming to offer yet more strong product offerings from its brands in the future and grow as a result. Company: City Chain Stores Contact: Faye Koh Website: citychain.com.sg

10 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Best Custom Caravan Manufacturer 2022 As a dedicated, diligent, and client-focused caravan company, Everest Caravans ensures that the link between customer and manufacturer is close and personable. Cutting out dealerships and middlemen, it ensures that a client can feel like an integral part of the process when working with it and its team to create their custom caravan. This results in a down-to-earth, friendly, and effective service that has become renowned all over Australia as a delight to work with, earning it a long list of loyal clients that trust it as the number one caravan specialist for the region. An Australian company fuelled by empowering its customers’ wanderlust, Everest Caravans gives its clients a custom-built solution to caravans, and a new way to explore the world around them. Fundamentally, it was established in 2019 off the back of this philosophy by an outstanding husband and wife team who have since dedicated themselves to offering a new type of caravan to the market, one that champions a close relationship between the manufacturer and client. In short, Everest Caravans seeks to offer a traditional build in a brand-new way, forever seeking new ways to go above and beyond the call of duty and push the envelope of what’s possible when it comes to manufacturing and building. Over the years, this commitment to serving its customer base with innovative, exemplary, and holistic caravanning solutions has won Everest Caravans a myriad of awards. Its Kombat E1, its Camo, and its Kombat Performance models are all awardwinning caravan models, and the development of each of these vehicles is a huge part of what has made this possible. Throughout the build, and indeed during the design and ideation process, Everest Caravans displays its core values and goals in a comprehensive manner, listening to the needs and requirements of its market segment in order to create caravans that resolve the challenges faced by the modern traveller. Kind, caring, adaptable, respectful, diverse, team-oriented, and driven by both sportsmanship and adding value to a client’s experience, its foundational principles have remained constant since its inception. Each of these are what inspires the diligence of its team to make a difference to its clients every day. Nominally, its team work hard to ensure that every client feels thoroughly taken care of right from the very first interaction, selling factory direct only and choosing to not have any dealerships involved, keeping the clients close to those making their caravan in order to make it a more intimate, personable experience, especially for custom builds. Its staff – each trained in house – make this possible by serving customers with empathy and understanding, prioritising quality over quantity, and allowing Everest Caravans to push through the challenges of the pandemic by rallying together. Remaining a staunchly small manufacturer with internationally upstanding processes, a dedicated team, and a loyal client base, Everest Caravans is looking forward to the bright future that the rest of 2022 will bring. Crucially, it will be making the most of the industry boom created by clients seeking to get back on the roads after the long periods of isolation by stepping up to the plate in its industry, delivering more exemplary custom builds that push the boundaries of excellence every time. Company: Everest Caravans Contact: Aneta Dimitrovski Website: http://www. everestcaravans.com.au/ Mar22270

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 11 , Feb22538 Sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity are the beating heart that fuels Forest, a fashion and accessories brand stemming from Singapore. From opulent broaches to cashmere scarves, Forest produces an abundance of glamour and luxury for all, hoping to cultivate harmony across genders, ages, cultures, and backgrounds. Indeed, Forest is unique – it is exceptional, diverse, and high-quality. Founded in 2018, Forest, a Singapore fashion and accessories brand, began its ascent towards global popularity. Notable for offering fine, versatile accessories that combine high craftsmanship with timeless design, the company has acquired a reputation for quality, going so far as to be described as ‘breath-taking’ by one customer. Forest specialises in luxurious scarves and shawls made only from the finest grade of silk and cashmere; and whimsical brooches, coated with platinum and 24-karat gold. Furthermore, each Forest product is created through both economic and environmentally sustainable methods. At its heart, Forest is a company that embodies its core values. It enthusiastically acts as a catalyst for people to explore and, subsequently, grow into the best version of themselves. Like the harmonious diversity found within a forest, the brand strives to create a peaceful world made up of different colours, cultures, genders, visions, and lives. Everyone is welcome at Forest. It is through diversity that Forest is able to provide the highest-quality products and customer service. Indeed, Forest curates a wide variety of designs, giving people the power to reinvent themselves every day – inspiring people to look different and to feel different. Consequently, Forest attracts a diverse clientele that transgresses both age and gender. However, its customers share one thing in common – they appreciate the finer things in life, indulging in luxury and quality. Forest is, of course, the perfect outlet for such desires, supplying products that are on par with those of international fashion houses. For example, Forest scarves are synonymous with quality, trust, and personality. They are pieces of art, notable for their timelessness, sophistication, and practicality. In essence, each scarf is a fine piece of workmanship, akin to a wearable piece of art that exudes elegance and class. They are not mass-produced work – it takes approximately 6 - 9 months to produce one scarf from scratch to the end product. On top of this, the company boasts an impressive portfolio filled with sustainable products. All Forest products are made of green material, manufactured, and used in the most sustainable manner possible. In addition, they are hypoallergenic, kind to the environment, and contain no harmful materials or chemicals. Yet the company isn’t only devoted to aiding the environment, but it is also focused on giving back to the wider community. As of late, 10% of all profits at ShopAtForest.com, the company’s online store, are being donated to PA Nepal. These funds contribute to the care and support of child dependents of Nepalese convicts. Of course, behind all this, there must stand an effective, professional, and talented team. Forest’s staff are described as ‘dedicated,’ each of them bringing their own personal benefits to the company, be it design skills or marketing genius. Moreover, they are a prime feature within numerous reviews of the company, with customers describing the team as ‘excellent.’ Additionally, Tini Wu, the company’s founder, regularly gets involved with the daily running of the business. She actively takes an approach that involves the team in making decisions, as this enables them to gain a professional and personal stake in the organisation and its overall success. This commitment then leads to increased productivity as employees are actively participating in the company on a broader spectrum, with their success invested in the company’s wider growth. Forest has a bright future ahead. The fledgling company is beginning to take flight, finding popularity across the globe. It is currently working on expanding its reach throughout Southeast Asia, with plans to open its first overseas boutique in April 2022 at the Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia. 2023 shows no signs of slowing down, with the opening of a further boutique in Malaysia. Contact: Tini Wu Company: Forest Web Address: https://shopatforest.com/ Best Luxury Scarves & Brooches Brand 2022

12 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Addcom Solution Pte Ltd, certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2015, is headquartered in Singapore and an industry-leading, value-add, service-oriented distributor of electronic components and semi-conductor products in Asia Pacific since 1998. Having operated within the electric components industry for over two decades, Addcom Solution has maintained its strong position in Asia, with offices strategically located in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, and India. This has enabled the company to establish a business network platform including OEMs, subcontractors, R&D partners, and targeted customers, and deliver top services to each customer with great efficiency and transparency. With its locations across Asia, the company is also able to provide hassle-free delivery and logistics. Addcom’s core values of integrity, people, innovation, commitment, and quality underly its company vision, shape its culture, and reflect its success so far. It is constantly innovating and striving for excellence, always searching for better ways to design and deliver products, serve customers, market its products, and support the electronic components industry. Not only does the company go Industry Leaders in Semiconductor & Electronic Component Solutions 2022 Feb22414

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 13 Industry Leaders in Semiconductor & Electronic Component Solutions 2022 above and beyond to provide a top-notch customer experience during each transaction, but it also delivers comprehensive after-sale technical support to ensure all of the customer’s needs are met and that they are completely satisfied. Key to this outstanding customer experience is the Addcom team, each of whom loves helping and lifting each other up, with the support of the company’s commitment to both professional and personal development. This mentality of helping and supporting each other is represented throughout the company, from the colleagues to customers and partners. And this is what makes Addcom’s company culture great. The company and its team have seen a significant impact from the pandemic, with the supply chain experiencing ongoing global raw material shortages. This is affecting every aspect of its manufacturing operations, leading to increased costs and extended lead times for key products. Additionally, global freight has seen a corresponding surge in demand, leading to increased shipping costs and extended shipping timelines. Having said that, Addcom has provided support to help in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic by supplying parts to companies with innovative projects such as those within the medical industry, including sensors for temperature sensing devices, switches for testers, ventilators, monitors, and diagnostic equipment. And in parallel, Addcom continuously supplying electronic products / components for customers in Industrial, Marine, Aerospace, Defense, Instruments, Automotive, Consumer Electronics and Telecommunication industries. The team is forward-thinking, powered by deep knowledge and expertise which allows them to provide effective and fast solutions and suppliers. They strive to continuously improve and diversify the company’s products and services to align with its business strategies and fulfil the end customers’ requirements, creating long-term partnerships, harnessing opportunities and acquiring capabilities. Indeed, Addcom is a highly successful industry leader, and this success can only be expected to continue into the future with the consistent distribution of top-quality products and providing of optimal service. The company has plans to enhance the customer experience further by improving its presence online with the implementation of real-time updates on its website, most specifically on its ASPEED ELECTRONICS online platform. In this way, customers and prospects can globally access all that the company has to offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. APAC Insider reflects the innovative, dedicated, and resultsfocused culture that has seen the Asia Pacific region become home to some of the most prominent industry leading businesses in the world. APAC Insider is proud to present exciting and successful businesses from this region to a readership of over 161,407 throughout the ASIA Pacific region and with over 563,733 page views. APAC Insider Magazine’s continued growth has secured the website as one of the most respected and well established providers of Asia Pacific focused content in the world. Company: Addcom Solution Pte Ltd Contact: Mr. Calvin Tan Email: [email protected] Website: www.addcom.com.sg

14 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Best Coaching & Organisational Development Consultancy 2022 Established to support individuals, employees, and business process optimisation through coaching and organisational development, MATCHFiT Consults is a team of ICF credentialed coaches and consultants from the talent management, professional services, psychology, organisational development and education fields. Recognised as the Best Coaching and Organisational Development Consultancy of 2022, MATCHFiT provides the glue to company and career longevity. Ultimately, MATCHFiT Consults helps to transition and transform businesses and individual careers from point A to point B through a unique deconstructed and modernised learning and development lifecycle. These cycles are designed to achieve company and personal career improvement objectives through the combined utilisation of innovative solutions and the dedication of MATCHFiT’s unmatched industry expertise. Managing Director Lillian Latto expands on this, saying, “Whether we’re wearing our coaches or consultants hat, we facilitate conversations to co-create strategies to action ambition to realise our client’s vision and mission. Connecting the seen and unseen via values and beliefs as career, company objectives, and life can be interdependent – more so today than ever before. It’s a paradigm we’re living in. We respect it, and it’s intertwined into all our B2B and B2C services, so we don’t miss what is crucial to our clients.” At MATCHFiT, the company has developed several coaching programmess designed in-house and, since its establishment, has supported clients in helping them realise their potential. These programs vary from leadership and executive coaching, career preparation, profiling assessments to organisation and team coaching and mentoring, to name but a few. In addition to these programs, MATCHFiT also provides 30-minute FOC consultations to determine if MATCHFiT is the right partner for individuals in order for them to achieve their needs. “We’re in the ‘people’ business, and our directive is to ensure our clients are ‘fit’ for purpose within our areas of know-how. We achieve this by working as a collective, resulting in authentic relationships, peoplecentric cultures, and careers throughout L&D service offerings. It’s that simple,” explains Lillian. Because of the company’s unique offerings and wide variety of services, MATCHFiT has been able to work with companies of all sizes who strive to make a personal investment in their abilities – serving MNCs, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and individualised clients. Of crucial importance in regards to this, MATCHFiT is built on a foundation of understanding that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all – as all businesses are unique, and require a bespoke, individualised touch. “This isn’t a one solution fits all shop – hence our name MATCHFiT – we tailor and co-create solutions to suit the clients situation, environment, needs and objectives. ” However, it goes without saying that MATCHFiT has had to adapt and evolve with the modernisation of society, even more so with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic changing the way businesses operate. While the company already worked virtually with clients outside APAC the Americas and European regions, MATCHFiT had to do more of this as restrictions became mandatory. “It wasn’t a huge transition, but obviously, it took some time to modify to suit the ever-changing situation. The biggest initial hit was that clients were putting coaching and L&D projects on hold as they recoiled from the initial shock,” explains Lillian. Fortunately for MATCHFiT, the pandemic provided additional opportunities for the business as it could work with clients in a facilitation capacity to work out the next steps. “Regardless of our size, like most businesses, large or small, I think you’d find similarities in the challenges. But, I think for us, it was more about our attraction strategy.” Furthermore, now that the worst is hopefully behind us all, MATCHFiT has been able to slowly flourish, adding additional features to its business in the hopes of diversifying its solutions. Indeed, as of the summer of 2021, MATCHFiT has launched its UK and European branches, so that the team can operate in the same timezone as its clients. Moreover, for the near future, MATCHFiT is working tirelessly to gain further traction in a new business landscape, with the addition of new coaching programmess as well. All in all, everything is in place for MATCHFiT to thrive over the coming year. Built on a robust foundation of expertise, experience and client centricity, it has the tools and resources to hand to deliver best in class solutions for businesses of all sizes. With that in mind, it is absolutely deserving of the accolade it was given by APAC Insider Magazine. Company: MATCHFiT Consults Name: Lillian Latto Email: [email protected] Web Address: www.MATCHFiTconsults.com

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16 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Established to support organisations in unlocking the value of business connections, influences, and relationships in data, Neo4j Singapore Pte Ltd has been regarded as the Most Innovative Graph Data Platform of 2022. By building networks through new applications that can adapt to the changing business needs, Neo4j can enable existing applications that can scale with a business, capturing the rich context of the real world that exists in data–solving challenges of any size. Founded over two decades ago, Neo4j Singapore Pte Ltd was launched with a vision to help the world make sense of data. With the three founding members encountering performance problems, Neo4j developed the prototype to aid its clients with similar RDBMS issues. Based in San Mateo, California, with additional offices within Sweden, Germany, Singapore, and the UK, Neo4jis regarded as the worlds leading graph data platform. Neo4j works in close contact with Comcast, ICIJ, NASA, UBS, and Volvo Cars, to name a few, and offers its customers a way to transform their industries by delivering several solutions such as curbing financial fraud and cybercrime, optimising global networks, accelerating breakthrough research, and providing better recommendations. Senior Director of Marketing, Daniel Ng, expands on this, stating, “Neo4j delivers realtime transaction processing, advanced AI/ML, intuitive data visualisation, and more. Moreover, Neo4j provides a Connected Data platform which applies to enterprises, growing companies and governments.” Currently, Neo4j is the only enterprise-strength graph database that combines native graph storage, advanced security, scalable speedoptimised architecture and ACID compliance. By combining this collection of services, Neo4j can ensure its clients’ predictability and integrity of relation-based queries. Thus, it is why it’s so highly regarded and heavily utilised by several Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and NGOs. The world has modernised and evolved from collected data toward connected and generating data, which is heavily applied to the generation of structured, unstructured, semi-structured data in IoT signals, videos, photographs and the usual text. In addition to this, data can then be stored and collected in new structures, transforming from tables of rows and columns to graphs of connected data of relationships. Neo4j works inherently close with these surging developments and ensures its customers thrive and succeed in the modern industry. To differentiate itself from its competitors, Neo4j has ensured that it remains and maintains its reputation as the world’s leading company to provide Graph Data Platform. Therefore, it stands out from potential rivals as the creators of Graph Technology. “We lead in the Open-Source community with over 200,000 developers, primarily in India and China,” states Daniel. Moreover, besides leading the Graph Technology world with innovation in Graph Database, Graph Visualisation, Knowledge Graphs, and Graph Data Science, Neo4j also has an ecosystem of partners across several countries around the globe with clients including DBS Bank, Standard Chartered, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Telstra, PlayHQ, Amity, AirAsia in APAC and NASA, Amazon, and many more across different industries and different sectors. “With our capabilities to scale to 1.2 trillion relationships and ability to process that within sub 20 ms, the scalability and speed are our key differentiation factors, coupled with our industry know-how and leading expertise,” explains Daniel. Today, thousands of organisations, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, use Neo4j to build new and innovative applications. These applications can leverage connections in data such as recommendations, impact analysis for network and IT operations, real-time routing for logistics and the nextgeneration business applications. The next generation of applications are master data management, identity and access management, content management, fraud detection, portfolio and risk management. However, despite its innate creativity and industry expertise, Neo4j can link its success with its internal culture and industry mentality that permeates through the workplace and encourages its staff members to produce innovative solutions that are renowned across the world. At Neo4j, the founding culture is based on positive intent and relationships - holding a high amount of respect for everyone from business leaders, hardworking members of staff, partners, and clients. Moreover, Neo4j ensures that its team members provide an excellent working Most Innovative Graph Data Platform 2022 Feb22354

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 17 attitude with a creative ability to collaborate – a vital feature that incorporates its values. Above all else, work is conducted at the company with humility and respect, ensuring everyone connected to the business considers its role and acts accordingly. “With that, we build a bedrock of trust which will propel discussion and innovation forward, creatively,” explains Daniel. For the company, several challenges have affected the business and the industry, with Covid-19 highlighting and accelerating the understanding and need for corresponding data. Daniel adds to this, stating, “The challenge of the industry is to be able to find what they did not know that is buried within their data. Thus, the Graph Data Platform allows them to form relationships between data points to uncover what they do not know, discover the insights and make better decisions faster. With Covid-19, it is increased the adoption of Graph Data Platform to expedite faster decision making with a large scale of data.” Now, Neo4j is planning an exciting adventure in the new year, intending to keep supporting its customers with its Graph Data Platform with the mission to help them uncover gems within their data, discover the richness of these relationships and make decisions faster to grow their enterprise. Moreover, Daniel expands on the company’s future additions, stating, “For our community, we intend to continue our leadership and innovation in collaboration with them to deliver better technology at large. For our own team, to build a respectful, humble and delightful environment so that we will be happy contributing and learn.” Company Name: Neo4j Contact Name: Daniel Ng Web Address: neo4j.com Contact Email: [email protected]

18 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , Diligent Day Care Service Secures Success Do you know the best day care or preschools near you? The team at ProEves know how important this is and have taken steps to secure continued success for parents and their children. In the APAC Business Awards 2021, the team were named Best Corporate Day Care & Diversity Solutions Provider – India. We dig a little deeper to discover more about the secrets of their success. With so many options for preschools, playschools, nursery or day cares, it can be overwhelming to discover the best possible option for you and your children. The team at ProEves offer an invaluable service, bringing together the brightest and best of what India has to offer and presenting it to parents in a way that is clear and concise. With so many options on the table, it’s little wonder that the capacity of the team at ProEves to explore every possibility has brought them tremendous success over the years. Few can argue with their incredible results, as the team has assisted people not just to find the best place to look after a child, but the right place for each individual. No two people’s circumstances are the same, and maintaining a flexible approach has been crucial to securing continued success. By becoming India’s fastest growing aggregator of day cares and preschools, the team at ProEves have become increasingly able to offer perspectives that their clients cannot dream of. Whilst many day cares offer traditional services, the ProEves team thrive because they have introduced innovative flexibility such as hourly or flexible day services. The way in which parents are bringing up their children is constantly changing, and this means that the day care industry must change to meet it. At the heart of this approach is a deeply personal connection to parents. The team offer ProEves counsellors who can support their clients in choosing the right option for them and their kids. This includes exploring various references and reviews, understanding the fee structures and setting appointments with centres. There are so many brands to chose from that having an expert on hand from a trusted source such as ProEves is a boon. Whilst parental contact is vital, the team are also in constant communication with the team’s childcare partners. This close connection not only ensures that the ProEves team can offer up-to-date information on what services they provide, but can push them to offer services that suit the needs of their clients. The team at ProEves aim to move the needle when it comes to gender diversity, using solutions that are concrete and fact-based in every respect. Their success has seen them recognised for their efforts both by parents and by the media. The ProEves team also offer an impressive selection of preschool programs which are available in a variety of formats to suit the needs of working families. These courses each vary significantly, and have been able to garner the trust and favour of thousands of different families since their inception. The NEP enabled curriculum makes it the best online preschool program, using digital technology and various worksheets to reinforce what has been taught. For those who want their children to have a head start, there are few options better. Everybody wants the best for their children, and the team at ProEves have gone a long way to ensuring this for their customers. Their entire approach is built around an attitude which puts the needs of the children first and foremost at all times. Their tremendous achievement has had an immensely positive impact on the childcare industry in India, and is certain to push the way forward for many years to come. Company: ProEves Name: Ketika Kapoor Email: [email protected]