Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 19 , CH, Winnie and Joe launched Appier in 2012 with the belief that AI technology has the power to fundamentally change how we work, live and play for the better, with a collective vision that software will eventually become intelligent. This is what shapes the Appier company vision: making AI easy by making software intelligent. The MarTech industry is extremely competitive and fast-paced. To stand out, Appier strives to be customer-centric, endeavoring to fully understand the markets’ pain points and business challenges, and providing them with the corresponding solutions. Customers face a wide range of difficulties in the face of digital transformation, and Appier’s mission is to empower businesses with AI solutions and help the brands to grow and succeed based on data driven decisions. Appier helps businesses during different marketing stages to tackle business challenges and achieve better outcomes throughout the customer journey by utilizing its full-funnel solutions. Its passionate and expert team of scientists and engineers are AI native and professions in the AI, SaaS and MarTech fields. They perform essential continuous research to ensure the company’s products are cutting-edge and always evolving according to market demands. Best Business AI Applications Service Provider 2021 However, just as MarTech began to establish itself in people’s everyday lives, evolving privacy regulations and policy changes from browser and mobile operating system providers have led advertisers, publishers and MarTech providers to begin tackling the challenges created by outdated cookie-based systems, such as the inability to measure campaign success and incomplete views of customers. To answer the question on how AI can overcome the challenge of third-party data becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, Appier pointed out that the latest AI technologies can achieve ‘real-time analytics’ and ‘small data forecasting,’ thus ensuring users’ privacy when brands use limited first-party data to conduct user profile unification and carry out a more accurate prediction of user behaviors based on user affinity extrapolation. It is now imperative that companies reposition themselves to focus on first-party data and learn the best way to optimize it for business decisions. The value of first-party data can be maximized by leveraging AI models to build and expand its knowledge base from user behavior—such as users’ browsing device, location, keywords, and interests. Appier’s solutions mainly require first-party data, but having firstparty data alone is not enough; what matters is being able to apply it to business decisions. Appier believes that using AI to help customers predict their users’ next actions and extrapolate more information from their first-party data will transform how the industry views the use and optimization of firstparty data. Applying AI models to predict users’ preferences in a privacy-friendly way can make data more valuable for marketers. Appier’s solutions can help customers unify their first-party data from multiple sources, enrich their understanding via AI inferences and predict their future behaviors through AutoML. Appier expects that AI will play an even more critical role in the future as the industry moves towards consent data. Appier’s services help customers to uncover important behavior data and user attributes to build deeper user relationships and expand their reach in the post-cookie world. By taking this approach, clients reduce the volume of data they need to collect to achieve success. Therefore, Appier’s solutions are not susceptible to such restrictions by the regulators and can bring a tailwind of advantages for its clients. Regarding what’s to come this year, Appier is now focused on two positive network effects driving its platform value and growth. For existing customers, the more they use Appier’s products, the more data points they will generate. Appier’s AI algorithm can then subsequently learn and become more precise. Higher usage drives better adherence to the platform, and in turn leads to higher net revenue retention. For new customers, Appier has increased sales productivity on revenue brought by each salesperson. It has increased the margin or gross profit per customer through each of them spending more and using more products. This leads to higher ROI of sales and marketing investment and therefore to even higher throughput. High sales productivity and gross profit per customer leads to another positive cycle. Appier will maintain its focus on each product’s positioning and differentiation. Market-driven innovation continues to play a big part in Appier’s product strategy and it continues to reiterate its products to bring their unique values to life. Ultimately, Appier aims to consistently deliver the highest value to its customers, and it’s essential that all of its products are clearly and uniquely positioned to stand out. Its driving force continues to be supporting its customers on their AI-enabled digital transformation journey. Company: Appier Website: www.appier.com For media queries, please email: [email protected] Appier is an artificial intelligence (AI) software as a service (SaaS) company in the digital marketing space, helping marketers grow their business by using data-driven decisions that are powered by AI. Taiwan-based with a global presence, the company serves more than 1,000 clients across APAC, the US and EMEA, from 17 offices around the world and thanks to its nearly 600 employees to enable the company to continue its market-driven innovation.