Q2 2022

APAC / Issue Q2 2022 27 , All About Lifting & Safety, a construction safety and repairs expert in Australia, has made a name for itself with its expert lifting, confined space, and height safety equipment. In short, it provides the best equipment and the most rigorous services, ensuring that no client in the construction industry has to take any gambles when it comes to the safety of their workers. Its efforts have been lauded as comprehensive and holistic, as well as thoroughly dependable, making it a pivotal partner to its clients and their staff. Specialists in safety and safeguarding, All About Lifting & Safety helps its clients to implement the best procedures and products in order to keep its staff safe throughout their working processes. Nominally, it doesn’t want any of its clients to have to guess when it comes to the health and safety of their staff, and it doesn’t want anyone to have to take unnecessary risks when it comes to lifting, confined spaces, or height safety, providing exemplary equipment and professionals to take such tasks on so a client doesn’t have to. It encourages its clients to treat it as their core consultant in all things risk management. Therefore, its highly trained, competent, and professional experts take on all jobs of any size or scale and conduct themselves with excellence and expertise throughout the process, stocking an extensive range of lifting, confined space, and height safety equipment. It offers this equipment from leading brands, promising that whether a client is after a rated shackle, soft sling, Best Lifting Equipment Products Supplier - Queensland lashing equipment, lanyards, or specialised confined space rescue equipment, that it will be able to help. Its solutions in safety and construction also cover civil construction, cranes, building, construction of other sorts, mining, defence, and utilities. Critically, each of these services carry a certain Australian pedigree that All About Lifting and Safety is happy to say that its solutions and services are well known for their reliability and dependability, from load restraints to load rollers and skates, as well as plate and terrier clamps that allow a client to work at any height, in any space, towards any construction goals, all without sacrificing safety. It also offers on-site testing and inspection services as a part of this, as well as lifting equipment repairs, engineering fabrication services, overhead gantry repair, and height safety equipment. Fundamentally, it looks forward to continuing to provide these services long into the future, plying its trade in suitable products and solutions that its clients have come to trust time and time again. Company: All About Lifting & Safety Contact: Scott Pennings Website: allaboutlifting.com.au Feb22006