Q2 2022

22 APAC / Issue Q2 2022 , With incredibly diligent, dedicated, and professional ship management, crew management, and logistics handling services for the maritime industry, Nautilus Shipping Services has made itself a cornerstone of modern shipping and fulfilment. Its experience, capabilities, and track record for excellence has made it a deeply trusted front-runner of its sector, boasting clients across a range of different verticals and 15 years of experience delivering crewing, ship agency, ship broking, vessel inspections, surveys, and commercial vessel management services. Nautilus Shipping Services, a company delivering excellence in technical and crew management both, powers ship management with the 4Ps in mind. Making up the tenants of the Nautilus promise, the first tenant of these is problem solving with agility. Fundamentally, this speaks to its ability to plan and prepare in order to prevent problems before they arise, curtailing any risk factors expertly in order to make working with it as smooth and steady as possible. Should any other extraneous variables rear their heads, Nautilus is also incredibly adept at adapting to changing circumstances and unforeseen problems, mitigating delays and losses in order to get the shipping back on track. Secondly, it offers performance based renumeration; this is a guaranteed, performance-focused model in which asset owners can deduct from its renumeration if it defaults on the mutually agreed availability of the asset or assets in question. This has ensured that Nautilus can develop a relationship of trust with its clients in a holistic sense, its technical and crew management excellence setting it apart from the rest of its peers at every turn in a way that makes it stand out in its industry. The third pillar, to move into profit margin discussion, focuses on the benefits that ship owners receive when working with it. Nominally, with its flexible pricing model that adapts to dynamic market conditions, and ability to balance running costs with unavoidable market demands, it keeps its work strictly honest and transparent, so that a client knows exactly what they are investing in. The fourth pillar speaks to its port state control adherence. In short, it has a track record of zero detentions thanks to its ability to comply with specific port regulations, strictly adhering to maritime law regarding specific cargo. With 200 ships manned, a seafarer database of over 51,000 people, 1,000 crew on active roll, and over 50 clients, its 15 years of experience have allowed it to grow into a truly trusted ship, crew, and logistics management expert. Its experience and capability spans a number of fleet sectors, and its excellent work has received it the endorsement of many industry heavyweights, allowing it to grow in a naturalistic manner made possible by showing its clients that they have put their faith in the right company. It will be using this penchant for excellence to further its growth and the growth of its industry in the future. Company: Nautilus Shipping Services Contact: Narayan Rajan Website: nautilusshipping.com Best Boutique Maritime Solutions Provider - India Nov21425